Lifestyle Reconn R2; an owners perspective after 5 years

We’ve been proud owners of a 2018 Lifestyle Reconn R2 for over 4 years now, and have written a huge number of posts covering a whole array of topics on the Hybrid Camper. This post links to everything we’ve done, to make it easier for you.

Reconn R2 off road
We’ve had our Reconn R2 for the better part of 4 years now

Before we start though, know that this is our unit, and was fully paid for (second hand, at a year old) with our own funds, and we’re not interested in sponsored deals, or promotions under the table. These are our thoughts, and we’re completely transparent in our posts below.

The ultimate guide to buying a Hybrid Camper

Hybrid Camper TrailerAfter hundreds of hours of research, years of real life use and a comprehensive understanding of Hybrid Caravans and Campers, we’ve written what we think is the ultimate guide to buying a Hybrid Camper. They fit a very niche group of people, and we cover everything you need to look at, and think about before laying your hard earned down.


Our new Reconn R2

Lifestyle Reconn R2This was our first post that we wrote on the Reconn R2, explaining a bit about the unit, why we upgraded, and our initial thoughts.



Lifestyle Reconn R2 review after 3 years

Our Reconn R2 at Hall BayAfter 3 years of use, and hundreds of nights away, we wrote an independent, honest and transparent review about what we love, hate and dislike on our Lifestyle Reconn R2. 



Extra long Reconn R2 review

Hard to beat the viewsWe’ve had our Reconn R2 for 4 years now, and have done somewhere around 500 nights, and I couldn’t help but write an extra long review, for those who really want to know how they perform in long term use.




We love our Reconn R2

Sarah feeling overwhelmed at packing everything inWe’re still travelling full time in our Reconn R2, and wouldn’t be if it wasn’t something that we really loved. It certainly has its compromises, but to date we cannot find an alternative that would be a better option for us, and here’s why.



Weighing our Dmax and Reconn R2

Tow ball weightIf you are towing anything heavy, I cannot stress the importance of getting someone out to weigh your setup with mobile scales. We had ours done when we were fully loaded for a 6 week trip up north, and the results were super fascinating. Even with a Dmax GVM upgrade, and only towing a 2300kg camper, we were only just legal, and there would be a LOT of people who are way overweight.


Reconn R2 Rope Edge Awning review

Reconn AwningI don’t really like our Reconn R2 Rope Edge Awning, and we avoid setting it up as much as we can. Here’s why.



Evakool Fridge Failure

Evakool Fridge failureAfter 5 years of use, our Evakool Fridge (that we run as a freezer only) died to a level that was no longer usable, and we had to get it repaired. Here’s what happened, and how it was fixed.



Truma Hot Water System Review

Truma Hot Water System ReviewThankfully, our Truma Hot Water System is working fairly well at the moment, but initially I couldn’t hate this unit any further. It would blow out all the time, and I used to get very cranky with it!



Fitting Caravan Solar Panels

Installing solar on our Reconn R2After doing a major upgrade to our campers electrical system, we installed 600W of Renogy Solar Panels onto the roof, simply using Sikaflex, and aluminium angle. This was done with extreme attention, after a panel mounted by someone else came off on our way home a number of months prior. If you want to know how to fit Caravan solar panels properly, this will help you out.


Fixing a sagging Camec Door

Caravan doors often leak badlyI don’t really like our Camec door, and its caused a few problems over the years. The latest one was that it had started to sag, and I had to do a bit of a bush mechanic fix to get it working properly.



Replacing a Camec Door Handle

Broken Camec Door HandleI knew our Camec door handle would break at some stage, and it did not too long into our Lap of Australia. We replaced it, and show you how, along with the advice of carrying a spare, at all times!



Do we regret not getting a Caravan for a Lap of Australia?

300 Series and Zone CaravanThere’s a lot of people doing a Lap of Australia, and one of the most preferred methods is in a Caravan. Not too many people travel full time in a Hybrid Camper, and here’s our thoughts on whether we regret not getting a Caravan for the Lap.



Renogy Lithium Battery Review

Renogy batteriesAfter 9 months of full time use, with an induction cooktop, toaster, freezer and other normal appliances, here’s our review of the 170aH Renogy Lithium batteries that we’ve been using.



Lithium battery and solar upgrade on our Reconn R2

Renogy upgradeBefore our Big Lap of Australia, we decided to upgrade our electrics in the Reconn R2 in a big way. We fitted 340aH of lithium batteries, a 3000W inverter, 600W of solar panels and a 60 amp MPPT solar regulator, all tucked away in the storage hatch.



Induction cooktop for camping vs gas

Induction vs gasIf you are considering an induction cooktop for camping, then this post covers the finances, benefits and downsides of using one. We love ours, and use it all the time, but it uses a bucket load of power and we are very glad to have gas as a backup.


Renogy solar panel review

Solar farm on our Dmax and CamperWe’ve got three 200W Renogy solar panels on top of our Reconn R2, and I’ve been fairly happy with them overall. They feed into a 60 amp Renogy MPPT, and we still have a 120W panel feeding into a separate Enerdrive DCDC.



Portable Diesel Heater Review

Portable Diesel HeaterWhen we first got our Reconn R2, we plumbed a portable diesel heater in for warmth, and it worked a treat. Here’s what we did, and how it worked.



Caravan diesel heater installation

Diesel heater in placeAfter much to and fro, I finally comitted to installing our portable diesel heater into the Reconn R2 as a permanent installation, and I’m really glad we did it. It took quite a bit of time, but its been well worth the investment of time.



Caravan wheel nut torque

Damaged wheel from loose nutsIf you don’t take the time to torque your wheel nuts regularly, you might end up in tears. As it turns out though, the exact torque setting is somewhat vague, and you need to do a bit of digging to get the right information.



Daily water consumption when travelling

Truma hot water systemWondering how much water you might use when travelling around Australia? In this post, we take a look at our consumption, and how long we can go without filling up with water.



Single axle vs dual axle caravans

Dual axle caravan with ATX suspensionWith the Reconn R4 out now that can come in dual axle, its worth while thinking about what is best for you, and what you really want. We never looked at the dual axle options (they weren’t out back then), but there’s pro’s and con’s to both setups.


Smartspace Cookware Bundle Review

Smartspace potsWe’ve been running a Smartspace Cookware Bundle for a long time now, with square pots and a rectangular pan. These have been fantastic, and are compatible with gas and induction, which was important for us. They also stack well, and as the name suggests, are quite smart with space!


Cruisemaster Suspension Review

Cruise master suspensionOne of the most well known Caravan suspension companies in Australia is Cruisemaster, and I was keen to see how their product would go on our Reconn R2 after doing a huge number of rough roads, 4WD tracks and everything else we could throw at it.


Check your tow ball weight with empty water tanks

Tow ball weight of our Reconn R2A lot of people overlook tow ball weight, and its hugely important. So much so, that you should check your ball weight with empty water tanks to see what its sitting at, as this will happen from time to time, and you don’t want a crazy high tow ball weight.



Topargee Water Tank Gauge Review

Topargee water tank flow meterThe standard caravan water tank gauges are a very vague indication at best, and that’s without bad installation practices. We have two Topargee water tank gauges on our Reconn R2, and here’s our thoughts on how well they work.



Quick Pitch Shower Tent Review

Quickpitch shower tentThe previous owner installed a Quick Pitch Shower Tent on our Reconn R2, and we’ve been using it full time for the portable toilet, and for showers. Here’s our thoughts.



Caravan and Camper Wheel Alignments

Cruisemaster suspensionIf you have a caravan or camper trailer and notice any strange wear patterns on your tyres, you might have considered a wheel alignment. Turns out its a good idea regardless, to ensure your fuel consumption is as good as it can be. Here’s our experiences.


Fitting a baby bunk cot

Access to the Caravan CotAfter buying our Reconn R2 rather unexpectedly, we had to work out how we’d make it safe for our youngest to sleep, and with the help of a local canvas company we came up with a nice baby bunk cot.



Fitting curtains to our Reconn R2

Bunk bed curtainsOne of the best modifications we’ve made to our Reconn R2 was to install curtains for each of our boys. This has helped us keep lights on, have some privacy and feel somewhat human until later on in the night (rather than just turning the lights off at 7PM!).

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