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Welcome to 4WDing Australia! We’re here to help you Travel, Camp and 4WD your way around Australia easily, cost effectively and to have a ball doing so.

You’ll find nearly 1500 comprehensive posts covering everything you need to know about Travel, Camping, 4WDing, Caravans, Campers, costs, product reviews and heaps more. 

We are not your typical travelling family, and are not here to sell you anything. Our blog is 15 years old and our blog posts, comments and reviews are honest, unbiased and based on our extensive and real life experience. We’re currently on a 2 year big lap of Australia too, looking for the best 4WD tracks, camp sites and attractions in this amazing country.

The blog is run by Aaron Schubert, and together with my wife Sarah, we have a 7 year old and 5 year old boy, and love heading off in the 4WD and hybrid camper trailer! We’ve had several setups over the years, and get a real kick out of assisting anyone with their travelling ambitions in any way that we can.

With over a thousand nights camping in Australia, along with hundreds of 4WD tracks all over, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help you out without pushing products.

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Comprehensive information on 4WD Tracks

Want to know more about 4WDing, touring or overlanding? This is the place for you! You’ll find everything from 4WD Accessories to Track locations, Towing tips, technical information, 4WD Recoveries, Tyres and heaps more.


Camping is a great way to escape

Want to get back to nature and enjoy some camping? From the best camping around Australia to gear reviews, camp cooking and information about camping with kids, you’ll find it all here.

Caravans, Hybrids and Camper Trailers

What camper or caravan should you get?

Trying to find the perfect Caravan, Hybrid or Camper Trailer? Not sure what to get, how all the weights work or how to set a 12V system up? Check this out.

Western Australia

Stunning beaches

WA has some of the best spots to see in the country, and we’ve lived here for a lifetime. Find out everything you need to know about travelling WA here; we’ve made it our mission to find the best places in WA and share them with you.

South Australia

Carrow wells accessibility

If you want incredible beaches, unbelievable 4WD tracks and camp sites that rival the best of Western Australia, South Australia is the place to go. In this post, we cover all of our best camp sites, 4WD tracks and lots more.


Devils Hollow Campground

From rugged coastlines to rainforests and stunning alpine regions, Victoria has more camping and 4WD tracks than you’d ever know in a really small area, and it completely blew us away. Want to experience magic camping and 4WDing in Victoria?

Northern Territory

Litchfield attractions

If you are after wild adventures you’ll find it in the Northern Territory. There are some truly world class destinations to visit and camp at; check them out here.


Incredible views of the Bloomfield River

If you’re chasing sunshine, waterfalls and warm winters up north, Queensland is the place for you, and we’re having a ball exploring it all.

New South Wales

Amazing camping at Behrs Flats

We flew through New South Wales, only catching up with family, but we’ll be back, to find the best 4WD tracks and camping around. Stay tuned!

Our Setup

Dmax in the Pilbara

We’ve spent a long time creating a setup that suits us to a tee, and if you’re keen to know what we travel in, and what we think of it, you’ll find it here.

The Lap of Australia

At the tip of Australia

Keen on heading off on the adventure of a lifetime, but want some tips on what to take, how much it costs, where to go, what to travel in and heaps more? This post covers everything you need to know about the big lap of Australia.

Camp Cooking

Damper on a stick over the fires

Whether you’re after tips for camp cooking, amazing recipes or different ways to prepare a great meal, we cover everything here.

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Where we’ve camped in Australia

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