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Warm weather, sugar cane and some of the most amazing camping in the country means you’re in Queensland! In this post, we’re sharing all of our favourite Queensland Camp Sites, and expect it to become a truly massive guide, like our other camping posts.

We initially high tailed it into Queensland to make it on a Whitsunday Yacht cruise from Airlie Beach, and then after a couple of weeks around Cairns we slowed the trip down heading north, and then all the way back down again towards NSW.

Waterloo Plains Environmental Park

Camping at Waterloo PlainsIts rare to come across a free camp on your way through that is as good as Waterloo Plains, and its not hard to say we really loved this spot. Located around a big, man made lake with stunning views, this was a fantastic overnighter.



Rockhampton Ski Club Camping

Amazing views of the Fitzroy RiverCamping metres from the Fitzroy River with stunning views was a fantastic way to unwind after 1800km from Wagga Wagga. This campground was a bit left field, but is really good.



Flaggy Rock

Flaggy Rock CampingIf you like grass, with a great amenities and a lovely pool, you won’t go wrong with Flaggy Rock. It’s well priced, has great views and made for a really good overnighter on our way up towards Airlie Beach.



Rowallan Park out of Mackay

Rowallan Park CampingWe like low cost, open campgrounds and whilst calling through Mackay, had a fantastic couple of nights at Rowallan Park. This is home to some truly epic mountain bike tracks, and we really enjoyed the property here.



Bluewater Rest Area

Bluewater Rest AreaWhilst heading north, we needed a camp site near Townsville, and Bluewater Park and Rest Area ticked a heap of boxes. It’s free, easy to get to, and had a playground, nice grass and was a perfect overnighter. We were very grateful for this rest area, and would highly recommend it if you want free camping near Townsville.


Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park

Beautiful camping at Cairns Cool WatersWe normally don’t like Caravan Parks and big cities, but we’d organised to meet up with a heap of family in Cairns, and this caravan park is truly exceptional. We had an amazing week camped here, and did a heap of the tourist attractions in Cairns.



Tropic Breeze Caravan Park in Port Douglas

Our camp site at Tropic BreezeThere’s not too many camping options in Port Douglas, and we spend another week at Tropic Breeze Caravan Park with family, before they all headed back to Perth. This was a step down from Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park, but it was still reasonable, albeit not our primary choice for style of camping!



Miallo Creek

Relaxing at Miallo CreekWe’d been dreaming of camping near a pristine creek with no one else around, and Miallo Creek Stay is up there with the best camping we’ve done in Queensland. This is a private property with stunning views, peace and tranquillity and we had a truly magic couple of days parked up.



Cooktown Campout

Room at Cooktown CampoutAfter not meeting the grey and black water requirements of the Cooktown RV area, we headed out to Cooktown Campout, which was a great decision. This is a private property run by a young family who do animal feeding, and have some huge sites for their campers.



Bloomfield Cabins and Camping

Camping at Bloomfield Cabins and CampingThe Bloomfield Track was high on our agenda in far north Queensland, and we stayed a couple of nights at the Bloomfield Cabins and Camping property, which is truly beautiful, and really well set up. This is our sort of caravan park, and we’d highly recommend it.




Trevathan Creek Farm Stay

Camped at Trevathan Creek Farm StayIf you’re chasing a less well known waterfall in Far North Queensland, Trevathan is truly beautiful, and now there’s a private property that you can camp on not too far away, called Trevathan Creek Farm Stay. This has only recently been opened, and its a ripper.


Peninsula Caravan Park in Cooktown

Nice camping at the Cooktown Caravan ParkCaravan parks aren’t normally our thing, but some do it just right. The Peninsula Caravan Park in Cooktown is big, spacey, beautiful, well priced and has good shade. We spent a couple of nights here exploring the beautiful Cooktown area, and though it was just right.


Elim Beach

Camped at Elim BeachIt’s a reasonable detour to get to Elim Beach from Cooktown, and we debated over whether it was worth the effort or not. We headed out anyway, and spent two magic nights here, in a place that is extraordinary. If you want some protection from the wind, and coastal camping in FNQ, you won’t go wrong with Elim Beach!


Coen Free Camping

Ripper camping in Cape YorkA lot of the free camping on the way to and from Cape York is nothing to rave about (like gravel pits), but Coen has some ripper spots, and we spent two amazing nights enjoying one of them on the way up, and a different one on the way back down. Want to know more? Check this out.



Moreton Telegraph Station

Camped at Moreton Telegraph StationThere’s quite a few places you can stop at on the way to and from Cape York, and Moreton Telegraph Station is right on the edge of the road. It’s picturesque, peaceful, has a few walks and is a great place to camp. It is however, awfully expensive, but if you can get past that its certainly worth a stop.


Elliot Falls

Elliot Falls CampgroundCape York is well known for its beauty, and Elliot Falls, Twin Falls and the Saucepan contribute hugely to that. If you want to camp nearby, you can stay at Elliot Falls Campground, which needs to be pre-booked. It’s fairly standard bush camping, but you are within walking distance of three amazing waterholes.



Alau Beach

Incredible beach front camping at Alau BeachAfter a very long drive to the tip of Cape York, the first views I got of Alau beach left me shell shocked, and it gets better as you get closer. This place is one of the most beautiful that we’ve camped at, and we had 3 great nights here. It was disturbed by some external influences, but its still a ripper spot.

Bramwell Junction Roadhouse

Camped at Bramwell JunctionIf you want a great place to call in for a rest, or stop for a night or two, the Bramwell Junction Roadhouse is it. Located right on the edge of the road, and where the Old Telegraph Track starts, with great staff, decent pricing and a really decent camping ground, its a popular place, and for good reason.

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