4WD Tracks; a free guide to great drives all over Australia

There’s more incredible 4WD tracks in Australia than you can poke a stick at, and we are on a mission to explore them all. We’ve covered a heap of these in WA and the Northern Territory, and will be exploring more in the future.

Whether you are looking for amazing beach driving, pristine Pilbara water holes with remote 4WD tracks or a technical track in winter, you’ll find them here.

4WD Tracks in WA

4WD tracks near PerthFor a complete guide to the 4WD Tracks in WA, including a map showing where they are, this post covers every single place we’ve been to.



4WD Tracks in South Australia

Amazing 4WD tracks in SAWe’ve been nothing short of shocked at some of the 4WD tracks in South Australia. From stunning coastlines through to the most amazing scenes in the Flinders Ranges, the 4WD tracks in South Australia take things to a whole new level. If you want to see some incredible places by 4WD, check this out.


4WD Tracks in Victoria

Mud at Halls Ridge 4WD TrackSome states have a huge number of 4WD tracks in a small area, and Victoria ticks the box for this. From amazing 4WD tracks over big ranges through to the Victorian High country, or mud in the Great Otways National Park there is something for everyone, with incredible scenery to back it up. Here’s our list of 4WD tracks in Victoria, that is growing every day.


4WD Tracks in Queensland

The entrance to Palm CreekQueensland is well known for having gnarly 4WD tracks, and when you couple them with some of the most scenic areas in Australia, you know its going to be a winner. Here’s some truly amazing QLD 4WD Tracks



4WD Parks in Australia

White Gum Farm 4WD ParkThere’s a huge number of dedicated 4WD Parks in Australia, which are set up for the use of 4WDing on private property. Many allow camping and are in some of the most scenic parts of Australia too, which is always a bonus.




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