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4WD Weights

What does your 4WD weigh?

4WD WeightI’m very curious to know how many of you know what your 4WD weighs with no gear in it, and when it is loaded up for a trip away. In Australia, all 4WD’s come out with a GVM, Pay load, GCM and Towing Capacity. If you exceed these, you risk damaging your vehicle, having an accident and voiding your 4WD insurance.


Towing Capacity; a simple guide to keep you legal

Towing with a PajeroEvery day there are arguments, questions and lengthy discussions about what is legal when it comes to towing with a 4WD, and every guide I’ve ever read has not made things overly simple or clear. There is a lot more to towing capacity than just the one rating, and lots of people don’t understand this.


Mobile weighing

Dmax being weighedNot too long ago we had our Isuzu Dmax and Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper weighed by a mobile weighing service, and the results were surprising. Even with a GVM upgrade and a light trailer, we were almost overweight. This just reinforces how many others would be well and truly overweight. Want to know more? Have a read of this post.


Isuzu Dmax touring 4WD build; a look into what it weighs

Dmax and soft floor camper trailerA few months ago, I was backed into a corner with the weight of my Isuzu Dmax. It was going to be over weight at the end of the build and no matter what I thought of the only real solution was to get a GVM Upgrade. This was done by ARB using an Old Man Emu suspension package.


4WD Ute or Wagon; which one is best?

Ute vs Wagon

Buying a 4WD is a pretty big decision, and once you start looking into it you’ll see its just the beginning of a myriad of choices you’ll need to make.

Petrol vs Diesel? Automatic vs Manual? Ute vs Wagon? New vs old? The list keeps going, and ultimately, you should be looking for a vehicle that is going to suit your requirements as best as possible.

GVM Upgrades; how much is too much?

Isuzu Dmax offroadWeights have become a major topic in the 4WD, Caravanning and Camping world today, and for good reason. It’s almost impossible to set a 4WD up for exploring this great country without it being over weight.


Is your 4WD really suitable, or do you need a truck?

Touring Australia with lots of gearIn my opinion, too many people today are using 4WD’s to do a job they were never really designed to do. When I say 4WD’s, I’m referring to anything from a Suzuki Sierra through to a full size wagon like a Y62 Nissan Patrol or 200 Series Land Cruiser.


The Dmax gets a GVM Upgrade

OME GVM UpgradeBefore buying the Dmax, I sat down and made a spreadsheet covering the accessories and modifications that I wanted to put on the 4WD, as part of building it into a comfortable, reliable and mildly capable tourer.

A GVM upgrade was never on the cards, but I’ve ended up with one.

Is your Dual Cabs chassis likely to bend?

Ute tray lengthDual cab utes are super popular, and for good reason. They are extremely versatile, and can do the job of two different cars fairly easily. However, as part of the package, you get a lot of tray or tub that sits behind the rear axle, and this can be very, very bad.


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