Camp Cooking; amazing meals, gear reviews and recipe ideas

Food cooked when camping is always tastier, and we’ve been spending a huge amount of time trying new recipes, and compiling our go to meals for camping. In this post, we link to all of the camp cooking posts that have been written, and we’ve got a lot more coming out!


50 Easy Camping Meals

Camp cooking doesn’t have to be bland, time consuming or difficult. If you are looking for more options, here’s 50 easy camping meals that will make you smile!

Kick back with a platter

How to catch and cook Marron

Up until recently we’d never really done much Marron fishing, but that’s changed, and we love it. Catching Marron is a heap of fun (and something very different) and they taste absolutely delicious. Keen to know how to catch these delicacies, and to cook them?

Marron cooking

How do we meal plan?

We’ve got a pretty good arrangement for meal planning when we head away, and generally use this for trips of any duration. It’s flexible, allows us to pick what we feel like and that suits the day, and we save a heap of money in doing this.

Camping dinner

Blue Swimmer Crab; How to catch and cook them

If you’ve never had the chance to catch and cook blue swimmer crabs, or blue manna crabs as we call them locally, you should put it on the list. They are easy to catch, a lot of fun and they taste great. Want to know how to get them, and how to cook them?

Blue Swimmer Crab


15 great camping breakfast ideas

A good camping breakfast is about as good as it gets, providing you cook something that is simple, tasty and easy to do. In this post, we look at 15 great breakfast ideas when you are camping

Delicious camping breakfasts

Overnight Oats for Camping

Anything that makes travelling with young kids easier is a huge hit, and Overnight Oats are a fantastic, simple way to make camping easier. We all love it, and whilst we don’t do it all the time, its a big hit that we try and do at least a few times a month.

Overnight Oats for Camping the next morning

Main Meals

Tasty Camping Potato Bake

I’ve always really enjoyed Potato, and when you add cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, onion and sour cream, how could you possibly go wrong. If you want a fast, tasty meal when camping check this potato bake out!

Potato Bake

Butterfly Chicken on the Ozbraai

We don’t normally like processed food, but there’s some fantastic butterfly chicken options on the market that you can get, and cook with huge ease that taste absolutely incredible. Here’s how we do our Butterfly Chicken on the Ozbraai.

Chicken at Running Waters

Stuffed Pumpkin Camping Meal

We are always on the lookout for unique camping meals, and when we read about a stuffed pumpkin we had to give it a whirl. The result is a delicious, healthy dinner for the whole family.

Stuffed Pumpkin

Camp Oven Stew

There’s not much better on a cold winters night than digging into a camp oven stew, and there’s a heap of ways you can go about it. This recipe is simple, easy and tasty, and always goes down well with some fresh bread or damper.

Camp oven stew

Camping Nachos

Fresh meals when camping aren’t always hard to come by, but we have Camping Nachos on a regular basis, with fresh guacamole and its nothing short of delicious.

Nachos at Chiefs Creek

Lunch options on the road

If you are tired of the same old lunch stops on the road, we’ve put together a post covering the food that we eat when we are travelling with our two kids. A lunch that you look forward to makes travelling days far easier!

Lunch on the go

Camping meals on the fire that we love

There’s a lot of camping meals that you can cook on the fire, but here’s the ones that we’ve completely fallen in love with, and do all the time.

Check the temperature of the roast

Camp oven roast

Nothing beats a roast done in a camp oven, with its smoky, crispy flavours that everyone always loves. Of course, you can get it very wrong, but we learnt as total novices and can now do a pretty mean roast. Here’s how.

Camp oven roasts make for a great meal

Camp Cooking Gear

Camp Braai Review

We’ve been using a couple of different camp cooking items over the last while, and have really fallen in love with the Camp Braai. They are light, versatile and can cook a seriously good feed over the fire. Keen to know more? Check this post out.

Camp Braai

Induction cooktop for camping vs gas

Some time ago we moved our primary cooking method when camping to an Induction Cooktop, and its had a lot of different benefits. The thing is though, its a terrible move for some people, and its certainly not a good way to save money. If you are considering going to an induction cooktop for camping, this post covers everything from costs, to charging requirements and a whole lot more.

Induction vs gas

Camping Induction Cooktop; our initial thoughts

After installing a giant lithium battery system in our camper trailer, we ran an induction cooktop through an inverter for a week, and here’s our initial thoughts.

Camping induction Cooktop

What fire cooking gear is worth buying?

There’s a lot of campfire cooking gear on the market today, and whilst it might all work, there’s only a couple of things that we keep going back to, time and time again. If you want to learn from our experiences, and see what we really like to cook with on the fire, check this out.

Ozbraai in use

Fish Smoking

One of the best ways you can eat fish is to smoke it, and we’ve been doing it for a number of years using a cheap methylated spirits burner and smoker that was picked up from a camping shop a couple of decades ago. If you’ve never tried it, you should; it comes with us on nearly every trip now.

Fish smoking

Vacuum Sealing Food

Food preparation and cooking at home is usually a fair bit easier than done while camping. What if I told you that food could be prepared and cooked at home, and then made ready in minutes when camping?!

Vacuum sealing for camping

Aeropress camping coffee review

If you’re looking for a portable coffee maker that suits camping to a tee, the Aeropress has a pretty big reputation. We’ve been using one for a long time both when camping and at home. They use no power, make good coffee and are pretty easy to use. Want to know more? Check this out.

Aeropress in use

Do you really need an induction cooktop?

Social media is always entertaining for us, and not long after installing the induction cooktop we had some rather funny comments left. Do you really need an induction cooktop? No, but should that stop you? Find out here!

Induction cooktop for camping

Weber Q; are they worth it for camping?

Despite paying a small fortune for a Weber Q, we’ve used it a huge amount over the years, and its time to do a thorough, unbiased review. Are Weber Q’s really worth taking camping? Find out here.

Weber being used

Smartspace Cookware Review

We’ve had our Smartspace Cookware set for some time now, with square pots and a rectangular pan, and now its time to do a full review. These work on induction stoves and gas, which works great for us.

Smartspace pots

Camping Desserts and snacks

Banana Dessert

Keen on a healthy, super easy Dessert that might surprise you a bit? A good mate of mine came up with this a few months back, and its pretty amazing!

Wrapping the banana

Camp Oven Scones

We’ve mastered the ability to cook camp oven scones, and they are absolutely delicious. If you want the recipe, how we do it and what to look for, check this out!

Scones with Jam

The Pineapple Mistake Cake

If you want one of the easiest and tastiest camping desserts around, then the Pineapple Mistake Cake is for you.

Pineapple Mistake Cake

Apple toasties when camping

After hearing the kids complain at bed time that they were hungry, we were on the hunt for camp cooking recipes that are easy, reasonably healthy and filling, and the Apple toasty is a cracker. You can make it with bread or pastry, and it still goes down well.

Cooked jaffle


Camp Oven Vegetables

If there was a more simple camping meal side, I’d like to see it. We often cook camp oven vegetables and have them as a side with a piece of meat cooked elsewhere (like Butterfly Chicken), and really rate how simple and easy it is.

Delicious roast vegetables at camp

Campfire Baked Potatoes

The quintessential way of cooking potatoes on the fire has to be tried by everyone, and we still find ourselves doing this fairly regularly. It’s super easy, tasty and really quick, and even our kids love them.

Campfire baked potatoes in the fire

Camp oven cob loaf

One of the best snacks you can make at home is the humble cob loaf, and we’ve got an amazing recipe that you can do in your camp oven, which is delicious and a huge crowd pleaser.

Cob loaf filling

Potato cubes; the perfect side

We’re always chasing simple, tasty and easy camping meals, and one of our favourite sides today is the Potato Cubes option, which we serve with meat or something else tasty.

Fried vegetables as a side

Camping Kebabs

Nothing beats home made kebabs over the fire, or in a weber, or even frying pan. We love doing a heap of different recipes.

Camping kebabs

How to cook toast when camping

Sick and tired of burnt toast, or toast that cooks slowly and awkwardly? We’ve got the ultimate solution, and it might just blow your mind. No, you don’t need to buy anything special; you’ll already have it!

Perfect toast each time


Chocolate and Marshmallow Damper

I laughed when Sarah came to me and suggested we should make Chocolate and Marshmallow Damper. What a combination! We’ve done the usual apple and cinnamon, varieties of fruit, several savoury options and plenty of plain dampers before, but never anything this exotic. 

Chocolate and Marshmallow Damper

Apple and Cinnamon Damper

Our go to Damper is often with a bit of Apple and Cinnamon in it, and the result is always delicious. If you’ve wanted to make a nicer damper for some time, check this out.

Apple damper

Camp Oven Damper; how to make it

If you’ve never cooked damper in a camp oven, make it happen. In this post, we cover what you need, and how to make delicious damper in a camp oven!

Damper when camping

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