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Camp Cooking

50 Easy Camping Meals

Kick back with a platterCamp cooking doesn’t have to be bland, time consuming or difficult. If you are looking for more options, here’s 50 easy camping meals that will make you smile!



15 great camping breakfast ideas

Delicious camping breakfasts

A good camping breakfast is about as good as it gets, providing you cook something that is simple, tasty and easy to do. In this post, we look at 15 great breakfast ideas when you are camping



Tasty Camping Potato Bake

Potato BakeI’ve always really enjoyed Potato, and when you add cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, onion and sour cream, how could you possibly go wrong. If you want a fast, tasty meal when camping check this potato bake out!


The Pineapple Mistake Cake

Pineapple Mistake CakeIf you want one of the easiest and tastiest camping desserts around, then the Pineapple Mistake Cake is for you.



Chocolate and Marshmallow Damper

Chocolate and Marshmallow DamperI laughed when Sarah came to me and suggested we should make Chocolate and Marshmallow Damper. What a combination! We’ve done the usual apple and cinnamon, varieties of fruit, several savoury options and plenty of plain dampers before, but never anything this exotic. 


Vacuum Sealing Food

Vacuum sealing for campingFood preparation and cooking at home is usually a fair bit easier than done while camping. What if I told you that food could be prepared and cooked at home, and then made ready in minutes when camping?!


Apple and Cinnamon Damper

Apple damperOur go to Damper is often with a bit of Apple and Cinnamon in it, and the result is always delicious. If you’ve wanted to make a nicer damper for some time, check this out.



Stuffed Pumpkin Camping Meal

Stuffed PumpkinWe are always on the lookout for unique camping meals, and when we read about a stuffed pumpkin we had to give it a whirl. The result is a delicious, healthy dinner for the whole family.



Camp Braai Review

Camp BraaiThere’s a lot of different ways to cook food when you are camping, and when we stumbled across the Camp Braai, we had to give it a whirl. If you like cooking on the fire, this might be something you fall in love with too.


Camping Kebabs

Camping kebabsNothing beats home made kebabs over the fire, or in a weber, or even frying pan. We love doing a heap of different recipes.


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