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If there’s one thing that makes a huge difference to how a 4WD performs off road, a good set of 4WD tyres is it. Choosing the right tyre size and tread pattern can be challenging, but get it right and your 4WD will behave in a very, very different way.

In this post we cover everything from tyre age to beach driving pressures, why fitting bigger tyres isn’t always a good idea, how to repair punctures and the list goes on.

Fitting Bigger Tyres to your 4WD

Tyre conditionOne of the most common modifications done to a 4WD is to fit bigger tyres to it. This is done for a number of reasons, but the primary one is to gain more clearance. You won’t get far with the bottom of your 4WD dragging on the ground.


Mud Terrain vs All Terrain Tyres

4WDing AustraliaQuality 4WD tyres are probably the easiest way to change how well a vehicle drives off road. A simple change of tread pattern will take a mildly capable 4WD to the next level, and have it going places you’d dream of taking it before. 


Toyo Open Country AT2 tyre review

Toyo AT 2 tyresI’ve long been a bit sceptical when reading tyre reviews. Most are sponsored, and if they aren’t the tyres haven’t done much work, and if they have, its on a vehicle that’s totally different to yours and not really relevant.


Tyre Repair Kit; an absolute must

Tyre Repair KitIf you don’t carry a Tyre Repair kit in the back of your 4WD, you are mad. They are incredibly cheap, and super useful for your 4WD and other vehicles in doing quick tyre repairs. Want to know how simple they are to use, and where you can get them from? Check this out


Bridgestone Dueler 697 review

Bridgestone 697 reviewAfter running our Bridgestone Dueler 697’s for about 40,000km its time to do a comprehensive, unbiased review. Wondering how they fare compared to the Toyo AT2 tyres, and if we’d get them again? Find out here.


A final good bye to our Bridgestone Dueler 697’s

Bridgestone Dueler 697We gave our Bridgestone Dueler 697’s a final farewell, doing 3 weeks through the Pilbara where we gave them a flogging. In this post, we cover what we’ve done with them, how many punctures we’ve had and whether they are actually worth buying.


What’s the minimum width wheel for your 4WD tyre?

What tyres match the terrain?Ever rung a tyre shop and asked for tyres to be fitted to a wheel, only to be told that the wheel is not wide enough? There’s a set of standards to tell you what the minimum width wheel is, and most tyre shops do a pretty good job of adhering to it.


4WD tyres; what should you get?

Tyre pressures and heatIf you are in the market for a new set of 4WD tyres, but aren’t sure where to start, this post looks at what you need to consider. Don’t be fooled by tyre reviews that really don’t mean much to your own situation.



Are 35 inch tyres legal?

Some of the tracks at Mundaring Powerlines are very difficultIf you are wondering whether you can legally run 35 inch tyres, this post looks at what you need to consider, and whether its a good idea. Bigger tyres offer some benefits, but aren’t without their downsides too.


Our camper trailer tyre blow out

One very dead tyreOn the way to Shark Bay, I felt a shake, and then saw the tread of our camper trailer tyre depart the wheel and head off down the road. It was our first camper trailer blow out, and went fairly smoothly overall, but was a bit of a pain.


What do tyre numbers mean?

Tyre numbersThere’s a heap of information on the side of your tyres, and in many cases its worth knowing what it all means. From cold pressures to load ratings, designation, age and more, here’s how to read it all



What’s the standard tyre size on your 4WD?

Tyre placard DmaxChanging tyre sizes on 4WD’s is relatively common practice, but there’s a few things you want to consider before doing it. Knowing what the standard tyre size is for your 4WD is imperative when making these choices. If you’ve bought a vehicle second hand, how do you know whether the tyres on it are the standard size?


4WD Tyre Weight; how do they compare?

Tyre weightsEver wondered how much a 4WD tyre weighs, and how much of a difference it can make? I looked into this as a matter of curiosity, and found quite a few interesting facts. If you want to hurt your payload and unsprung weight badly, fitting some tyres and wheels will do exactly that.


Inner tyre wear on our Isuzu Dmax

Tyre wearAfter having the inner tyres scrub out on our Isuzu Dmax (which is really common), I had to take it for an alignment, and wheel rotation. As it turns out, the main reason for the wear was our camper trailer tow ball weight!


Don’t let your 4WD Tyres down

4WDing AustraliaIf you’ve ever wanted proof that correct tyre deflation is necessary when travelling on gravel roads, have a read of this. I’ve never seen so much damage done in a short period of time!



How many km do 4WD tyres last?

Tyre wear on our Bridgestone 697Wondering how long you might get out of a set of 4WD tyres? There’s lots of variables, but in this post we cover what you should do to maximise the life, and how long you’re likely to get.



New tyre time for the Dmax

Toyo Open Country RT's on our CamperWe’re getting something different this time, and I’m keen to have a bit more traction. Want to know what we fitted? Check it out here.



Why 4WD Tyre comparisons and reviews are often inaccurate

Tyre comparisons4WD Tyres are one of the hardest things to compare accurately for a whole range of reasons. You’ll have heard some people rave about a particular brand, whilst others rubbish it and say another brand is the best. This is why finding the best 4WD tyres is almost impossible.


6 reasons tyre pressures are critical when 4WDing

Tyre pressures are importantWhen you take a 4WD off the bitumen, the single most important factor is your tyre pressure. I’ve lost count of the number of people who we’ve come across that are bogged to the chassis rails with tyre pressures that are not correct for the terrain they are driving on.


Tyre size; you can go 50mm above the biggest tyres in your model range

Tyre sizeThe question of ‘how much bigger tyres can I fit’ on your 4WD comes up regularly, and one of the most overlooked pieces of information is what the law is, and what the consequences are of running a vehicle that has tyres bigger than they are allowed to be.


Does tyre tread pattern affect fuel economy?

Tyre tread patternThere are many things that affect fuel economy in a 4WD with regards to tyres. One of the more common questions is whether changing tread pattern affects fuel economy.



4WD tyre pressures; do you check them hot or cold?

Tyre deflator4WD tyre pressures are probably the most critical factor you control when you get off the bitumen road. Whether its gravel roads that are full of corrugations, big mud holes or a soft beach you are travelling on, having your tyres at the right pressure for the terrain you are driving on is crucial. 


8 reasons why bigger tyres are not always better

Custom mud flapsBigger tyres can be beneficial in some ways, but like everything, they come at a cost. Do you know what that is? Here’s 8 reasons why you might regret fitting bigger tyres to your 4WD.




How to tell the age of your 4WD tyres

Tyre age stampWe spend a lot of time picking out the tyre size and tread pattern on our 4WD tyres. Have you ever thought about their age though?



Matching trailer wheels and tyres

Matching tyresWhere possible, its a good idea to have your trailer wheels and tyres the same as your tow vehicle. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but having them interchangeable is well and truly worth while. This applies to everything you’d take off the beaten track; camper trailers, boats and caravans.


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