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Camping Gear

Screw in tent pegs

Screw in tent pegsIf you are still banging traditional tent pegs into the ground, there’s a product on the market that will make your life so much easier; screw in tent pegs!



Snowy’s; the best place in Australia to buy your Camping Gear

Snowys OutdoorsThe outdoor lifestyle is hugely popular in Australia, and for good reason. We have some of the best places to camp, hike, 4WD and fish on the planet, and with today’s fantastic products you can do it in comfort.

Camping Kettle Upgrade

Campfire kettleFor years and years, we’ve had a basic stainless whistling kettle that we’ve taken camping. It works fine, except for one thing; you cannot avoid spilling hot water when pouring. Now, looking back, I have no idea why we put up with it for so long. Commence operation Camping Kettle Upgrade!


Is an Oztent worth it?

Oztent ReviewThe Oztent is one of the most popular tents in Australia, which is primarily known for its fast set up time. They come in various sizes (and now various models), and are built to last. They are all dark green and shaped the same. Numerous accessories can be purchased to add extra rooms, awnings etc (more on this below).

Ryobi 18V Chainsaw Review

Ryobi 18V Chainsaw testA good fire really makes camping. Nothing compares to sitting around the warmth and flickering light of a fire with friends and family at night.



Low Energy Developments Solar Panel Review

400W of panelsAfter having 3 panels from Low Energy Developments, I’m confident that they sell a quality product that is as advertised. To see our full review, check it out here.



Solar shower bags; do they actually work?

Solar shower bagHaving a shower when you are camping takes comfort to a totally new level. I’ll never forget the first time we boiled a big pot of water over the fire and used a cheap 12V shower pump to have a shower after a days motorbike riding in the freezing evening at Broome Hill.


Our cheap and simple camping shower

Stainless steel camping bucketThere are lots of ways that you can have a camping shower when off the grid, and we’ve tried a heap of them. These days, a lot of people run hot water on demand units, which essentially take a supply of water, and a supply of gas, and spits out water at what ever temperature you want. We have one, sitting at home that came with the camper trailer, and I’ve never bothered to use it.

Solar panels for camping aren’t really worth it, are they?

Camper trailer solarWhile camped at the Kununurra, a bloke arrived on the campsite next door, and we got chatting. He wandered over to our mammoth solar setup on the camper trailer boat loader, and asked me what I thought of solar panels, saying ‘Solar panels for camping aren’t really worth it, are they’.


Vacuum Sealing Food; our secret to easier camping

Vacuum sealing for campingFood preparation and cooking at home is usually a fair bit easier than done while camping. What if I told you that food could be prepared and cooked at home, and then made ready in minutes when camping?!


Camping with a tent isn’t always quick

Camping setup timesWe purchased an Oztent several years ago, and absolutely love it. You may know them as the ’30 second tent’, which is pretty well true, once you have the bag on the floor.



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