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Welcome to the 4WDing page, where you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing lifestyle. If you are keen on finding amazing 4WD tracks, learning about what accessories are needed, towing tips, how to safely recover a vehicle and lots more, check the links out below!

4WD Accessories

4WD Accessories

Looking to add some accessories to your 4WD? From roof racks to bull bars, OBD2 readers, catch cans and everything in between you’ll find it here.



4WD Tracks

Duke of Orleans 4WD Tracks

 Australia has some of the best 4WD tracks in the world. Whether you want to explore the magic beaches of the south west, or tackle endless corrugations in search of the ultimate water hole, this is where you’ll find them.



Tow ball weight

If you are towing anything, or looking to get yourself a camper trailer, caravan, boat or different type of trailer, everything you need to know about it is here.



4WD Legalities

4WD legalities

There’s a lot of illegal 4WD’s out there, and the risks are significant. If you want to know what is legal, and what the risks are you’ll find it all here.



Caravans and Camper Trailers

Caravan camping

There’s some so satisfying about arriving at a magic camp site and hopping into your caravan or camper trailer. If you want more information on these, including Hybrid Campers, this is where you’ll find it. 



4WD Recoveries

Snatch straps

Possibly the riskiest part of 4WDing is the recoveries, and I’m sad to say more than a handful of people in Australia have been killed doing it. To find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing in a 4WD recovery along with what to carry in your recovery kit, where to attach a recovery to and lots more, check this out.



Dmax electrical box

There’s a lot of electronics going on in 4WD’s today that are set up for touring and exploring this great country. Whether you are chasing DCDC reviews, how to buy a good solar panel, light reviews or OBD2 reader information, you’ll find it here.



Entry angle

The tyres on your 4WD will make or break a trip, literally. To find out how old your tyres are, what tread pattern is best, what happens when you fit bigger tyres and how to stay legal, check this out.



4WD Weights

Bogged in the 80

The weight of your 4WD is very important today, more than ever. To find out about the various weight’s you need to comply with, along with why it matters, and what you can do to increase it (think GVM upgrades), check this out.



Under the bonnet

Amaron starting motor

If you are thinking aftermarket transmission coolers, catch cans, secondary fuel filters, HID or LED light conversions or anything else under the bonnet, you’ll find it here.



4WDing skills and techniques

FJ45 off road

Regardless of what 4WD and gear you have, there is a significant amount of skill and technique required to safely navigate this great country. To find out 42 things you must know, how to work out fuel economy, why tyre pressures are important and a heap of other information, look here.


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