70 4WD Tracks in WA; a giant list and map

If you’re chasing the most comprehensive list of 4WD tracks in WA, this is it. We’ve spent the better part of two decades exploring every single 4WD track around, and today we’re sharing some absolutely unbelievable locations.

Whether you’re chasing turquoise beaches away from the crowds, or gnarly rock climbing, there’s something for everyone here.

The 4WD tracks in WA below are listed below our map, with the distance and direction from Perth. Please share this page with your mates, and look after the awesome country that we have in our backyards.

To start off with, here’s some Perth 4WD Tracks and 33 epic 4WD tracks in WA.

If you are just looking for beaches close to Perth, check out 4WD Beaches near Perth.

Below is our 4WD Tracks WA Maps. Click on each item for more information. You are sure to find some 4WD tracks near me!

Perth 4WD tracks

4WD Beach Fishing around Perth

If you want to take your 4WD onto a beach legally around Perth, and wet a line, this post covers all of the closest places to head.

Wilbinga Flat Rocks

1) Mundaring Powerlines Track 37 E

The Mundaring Powerlines Track is quite likely the most popular serious 4WDing close to Perth. As the name suggests, it follows a powerline, and has a lot of difficult sections in it.

There are plenty of ‘chicken’ tracks which allow you to drive around the obstacles, but even some of these aren’t always straight forward. After a lot of rain, this track becomes considerably more difficult to do. I’d suggest going to Mundaring with a secondary vehicle! 

Mundaring Powerlines Track in the wet
Having a splash
Enjoying Mundaring Powerlines Track
A hill climb at Mundaring

2) Jarrahdale and Albany Hwy 4WD tracks 58km SE

If you want something else close to Perth, there are some fun little tracks near Jarrahdale, and also Albany Highway off Jarrahdale road.

A small 4WD Track at Jarrahdale
Jarrahdale 4WD track
4WD Tracks around Albany Hwy
Exploring Albany Highway 4WD Tracks

3) Wilbinga 65km NNW

Wilbinga is the closest beach and dune driving you can legally do to Perth. It is extremely popular, and is a decent sized area to explore.

A lot of people camp at Wilbinga too (although its technically illegal), but please clean up after yourselves!

Wilbinga Sunset
Watching the sun go down at Wilbinga
Wilbinga hill climbs in a 4WD
Hill climbs at Wilbinga

4) Julimar, 83km NE

If you are after a range of 4WD tracks through the WA bush, Julimar is the place to go. A lot of the tracks are easy gravel ones, but there are some very technical hill climbs and nasty bog holes.

In winter, its pretty full on 4WDing

Mud runs at Julimar
Mud runs in the dry
Julimar 4WD Tracks
Having fun at Julimar

5) Dwellingup 106 SSE

Dwellingup is one of my favorite destinations, with a huge number of things to do.

You can swim, fish, hike, downhill mountain bike, white water raft, canoe, photograph, enjoy nature and just have a good time away from the city! Dwellingup has a heap of camp sites; check with DEC and book yourself one!

Dwellingup River
Enjoying the river at Dwellingup
Enjoying the 4WD Tracks at Dwellingup
Dwellingup 4WD Tracks

6) Captain Fawcett Track 108 SSE

The Captain Fawcett Track is located within Dwellingup, and is accessed by going past the old township.

It is a moderate 4WD track (very easy when it’s not wet) with a couple of camp sites right next to the river. After a bit of rain, this track becomes very difficult, and is regularly closed.

Camped along the Captain Fawcett Track
What a camp site!
Captain Fawcett Track
A few puddles on the track

7) Waroona Dam, 119KM S

Just over an hour away from Perth lies an awesome fresh water dam that is fantastic for swimming, fishing, 4WDing and water skiing. The tracks range from mild to wild, and the scenery is unreal.

Waroona 4WD Tracks
Exploring Waroona by 4WD
Waroona Dam from on high
Waroona Dam from the top of a hill climb

8) Ledge Point 119 NE

Ledge Point is a quite little town south of Lancelin. You can drive on the beach here, heading south and that’s about it!

Ledge Point Beach
Broken down on the beach
The beach at Ledge Point
Ledge Point Beach

9) Preston Beach 125 S

Preston Beach is another popular place to go 4WDing close to Perth. You can enter at White Hills, and drive through to Preston, and then down to Myalup.

The beach changes a huge amount depending on the seasons and weather, but is always good for a drive and fish.

Preston Beach, WA
Enjoying a day at Preston
Beach driving near Perth
Driving on Preston

10) Lancelin Sand Dunes 127 NE

Lancelin Sand Dunes are extremely popular for 4WDing. However, they are also used by motorbikes and buggies, so make sure you are careful when driving through the dunes.

These are plenty big enough to have a good time looking around!

Lancelin 4WDing
4WDing in the dunes
Lancelin Sand Dunes 4WD
Coming down one of the dunes

11) Logue Brook to Harvey 135 S

This is a track that is relatively simple, with heaps ofc more challenging (to insane) 4WDing on the sides of it. Well worth a look!

Gravel road roll over
Gravel roads can be dangerous!
Harvey Dam 4WDing
Harvey Dam

12) Belvidere 155 S

Belvidere is a great beach just north of Bunbury, with camping facilities near Leschenaulta inlet. You can drive on the beach north all the way to Binningup if the tides are right.

Belvidere Beach 4x4
Relaxing on Belvidere Beach
Belvidere dunes and beach
In the dunes at Belvidere

13) Wedge Island 161 N

Wedge Island in the past was only accessible via the beach or inland track. My understanding is that the inland track is virtually closed, with access only along the beach (which is not for beginner 4WDers!). Take care, and watch the tide.

There have been plenty of vehicles lost to waves, and just as many rolled over on the beach that has been chopped away by waves.

Salt water bath on the way to Wedge Island
Stay away from the water
Wedge Island from the beach
What a place!

14) Brunswick Junction 4WD Tracks 164 S

Brunswick Junction is very similar to the Mundaring Powerlines track, except the area is spread out and you can camp too. It has a great river running through the area, and a lot of tracks that will have even the seriously set up 4WD’s grasping for traction!

Mud hole at Brunswick
Trying to get out of a mud hole
Patrol flex at Brunswick Junction
Flexing the Patrol

15) Grey 182 NW

Grey is a little shack town just north of Wedge Island. You can get on the beach here, and drive right the way up to Cervantes.

Grey boat launching
Launching the boat from Grey
Grey is an interesting town
Driving through Grey

16) Wellington Dam, 195 SSE

Collie has a lot of great 4WD tracks, and one of the better known places is Wellington Dam. There are tracks taking you around the dam itself, along with lots of technical driving and difficult sections further out from the water.

Perfect quietness
Enjoying the peace and quiet
4WD tracks at Wellington
Enjoying the 4WD tracks

17) Cervantes 200 NW

Cervantes has a lot of beach driving available, and you can drive through to Hill River.

Cervantes lake
Checking out the lake at Cervantes
Cervantes seaweed beach
Driving through seaweed near Cervantes

18) Lennard Track 200 SSE

If you’re after a scenic, fairly easy 4WD track that goes near some stunning parts of the river, the Lennard 4WD track is fantastic. It is closed seasonally, and varies in condition, but is a great, popular Perth 4WD Track.

On the Lennard 4WD Track
A day out on the Lennard 4WD Track
Lennard 4WD Track scenery
Stunning views off the Lennard 4WD Track

4WD tracks more than 2 hours from Perth

19) Hill River 213 NW

Hill River is a stunning river that flows into the Indian Ocean, in between Cervantes and Jurien Bay.

I’ve never seen anyone drive north of the river for more than a few hundred meters, as the sand is just too soft!

Hill River from behind
Enjoying Hill River
Hill River beach soft
One very soft beach

20) Sandy Cape 236 NE

Sandy Cape is accessible by 2WD vehicles, but there are plenty of 4WD tracks running up and down the coast for you to explore. Just expect a bit of pinstriping on your vehicles as the tracks are tight!

Sandy Cape on the beach
Sandy Cape with the Hilux
Seaweed on Sandy Cape Beach
Sandy Cape Beach

21) Dunsborough 247 SW

The 4WDing opportunities around Dunsborough are fairly limited, with only a few beaches accessible towards Busselton. Sugarloaf Rocks has a good 4WD track (see 3 Bears Track) and Bob’s Track, near Hamelin Bay.

Dunsborough 4WD Tracks
Exploring Dunsborough tracks
WA Coastlines
What a coastline!

22) Margaret River 4WD Tracks, 269km SW

There’s a heap of 4WD tracks around Margaret River that go to various beaches and through amazing forests. If you put some time in, you’ll find some truly unbelievable locations.

North Point day trip
Explore the stunning beaches
Karri forests in Margaret River
Enjoying the beautiful Karri forests

23) 3 Bears Track 297 SSW

The 3 Bears Track comes highly recommended by me. It’s a short 4WD track that is suitable for moderately experienced 4WDer’s with a little bit of clearance. The track runs along some of the most incredible coastline WA has to offer, and goes right past one of the most popular surf breaks in the area.

3 Bears Track Dunsborough
Worth the drive
Dunsborough 3 Bears Track
A bit of water!

24) Bobs Track 305 SSW

Just north of Hamelin Bay lies a great 4WD track that takes you to a beautiful, pristine beach. After a bit of rain this track has a number of puddles, but the track is solid and easily done with a bit of clearance.

Bobs Track Beach
On the beach from Bob’s Track
Bobs Track puddles
One of the puddles after a heap of rain

25) Fish Creek 4WD Tracks

I’ve wanted to explore the Fish Creek region by 4WD for so long, and we finally got a chance after a magic long weekend down in Pemberton. Want to know where you can head? Check this out.

D'Entrecasteaux National Park

26) Lake Jasper 317 S

Lake Jasper is a well known destination for camping, and has a number of 4WD tracks in the area that lead to the coast (and Black Point)

Lake Jasper sunset
Sunset over the lake
Lake Jasper 4WD tracks
Driving through water at Lake Jasper

27) Scott River National Park, and Nannup, 300km SSW

There are some truly awesome 4WD tracks around Scott River National Park, and Nannup. Some of the tracks are easy, and others require some seriously modified 4WD’s, and that’s in the dry!

Navara water crossing
Exploring the Scott River National Park
Nannup 4WD Tracks
Exploring the 4WD tracks in between Balingup and Nannup

28) Yeagarup 350 S

Yeagarup is my favourite beach driving destination that isn’t too far from Perth. Head down to Pemberton, and towards the coast and you will have a blast.

It also has Calcup Hill, which is a huge sand dune and will really test your 4WD!

Enjoying Yeagarup
Easter at Yeagarup with mates
Yeagarup, Pemberton
Yeagarup coastline

29) The Holland Track 370 E

The Holland Track is very well known, and popular for 4WD’s and motorbikes.

The 4WD section starts just out of Hyden, and winds its way through to just south of Coolgardie. It’s a great track, but go prepared in winter as it gets very boggy.

Holland Track 4x4
Enjoying the Holland Track with a few mates
Muddy hole on the Holland Track
One of the first mud holes

30) Walpole 414 SE

Walpole is another great location south of Perth. You can drive right out to the river mouth, and there is plenty of 4WD tracks around the inlets.

The Water at Walpole is incredible!
Incredible coloured water
Walpole Inlet
Nornalup Inlet

31) Albany 4WD Tracks 419km SE

There’s more amazing 4WD Tracks on the south coast than you can explore in a week. From pristine beaches to hardcore tracks you’ll find something to suit here.

Albany 4WD Tracks

32) Peaceful Bay 447 SE

Peaceful Bay is a quiet coastal town that has great beach access. You can drive along the beach for many kilometres, and check out the inlet too.

Peaceful Bay in WA
The old Pajero at Peaceful Bay
Peaceful Bay
Peaceful Bay inlet

33) Waychinicup National Park, 465km SE

Cheynes Beach and Waychinicup National Park have some great 4WDing with spectacular views. You can comfortably spend a day exploring this magic coastline.

Cheynes Beach lookout
The view onto Cheynes Beach is incredible
Waychinicup National Park
Huge rocks in Waychinicup National Park

34) Little Bay Horrocks 489 N

Horrocks is a magic part of the world, but when you can do a short 4WD track to a pristine beach north of it, you’re onto a winner. This needs lower tyre pressures, but covers a great section of coastline

Horrocks Beach
You’ll find Little Bay roughly 5km north of Horrocks town
Little Bay, Horrocks
Camping right on the beach at Little Bay in Horrocks is as good as it gets

35) Bremer Bay 498km SE

If beautiful beaches, epic 4WD tracks and untouched fishing is your thing, Bremer Bay is for you. There’s more 4WD tracks on both the east and western side of town than you could explore in weeks.

Bremer Bay Beaches
Bremer Bay by 4WD
Amazing beaches in WA
Camping at Bremer Bay

36) Lynton Station, 506km NNW

Lynton station, or Linga Longa is an awesome private camp ground not far from Port Gregory and the Hutt River.

There are lots of 4WD tracks around Hutt River and Port Gregory, and its a great place to spend some time exploring.

You'd never stop beach driving
Amazing views over the Hutt River
Hutt River pink sand
On the beach with pink sand at Hutt River

37) Fitzgerald River National Park 518 SE

Some national parks in Australia are so under rated its almost comical. The Fitzgerald River National Park is absolutely incredible, and has some magic 4WD tracks on either side.

Fitzgerald National Park
The Fitzgerald River National Park is huge, and full of amazing 4WD tracks
Point Ann on high
At Point Ann on the beach with the 4WD

38) Lucky Bay 550 NNW

Lucky Bay is an incredible place; just south of Wagoe and Kalbarri. You can camp in the dunes, and drive for miles along the gorgeous beach, or have  a bit of fun in the dunes.

It is very popular over holidays and long weekends, but there is plenty of room.

Lucky Bay is very popular over the long weekend
Popular over the long weekends
Lucky Bay, Western Australia
What a place!

39) Wagoe 565 NNW

Wagoe is just a few km north of Lucky Bay, and is a running station. You can camp here, or stay in a chalet. It has private access to the beach, with some of the best fishing in WA.

Enjoying Wagoe
Wagoe Coastline from the top
Wagoe Dunes
Dune climbing at Wagoe

40) Murchison House Station, 574km NNW

Imagine a piece of private property, more than twice the size of Singapore that backs onto the Murchison River and the ocean which allows you to explore anywhere on the property (asides from where the commercial activities happen).

Murchison House Station has so much variety and lots to see.

Murchison House coast
60km of coastline to explore
Murchison House Station 4x4
Onto some great 4WD Tracks on Murchison House Station along the river

41) Munglinup Beach 606 SE

The South coast of Western Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, and Munglinup Beach is up there with the better ones. You can camp at a couple of places nearby, or cruise down a beach with incredible reef systems and great views.

Munglinup Camp
Munglinup Beach is a ripper spot
Stunning water at Munglinup Beach
How’s the water?!

42) Kalbarri 586 NNW

Kalbarri has a couple of spots you can go 4WDing – Wittecarra creek and along the Murchison River. Both are worth a look!

Murchison River, Kalbarri
Along the Murchison River
Kalbarri Beach Driving
On the beach at Kalbarri

43) Orleans Bay Esperance 812 SE

Orleans Bay in Esperance is one of those places you could stay at for weeks on end. There are a staggering number of little beaches and coves, with brilliant fishing, snorkeling, relaxing and plenty of 4WD Tracks!

4WD tracks around Orleans
Some great 4WD tracks
Orleans bay has some awesome beaches
One of the beaches near Orleans Bay

44) Shark Bay 4WD Tracks (823 NW)

I was actually shocked at how many amazing 4WD tracks there are in the Monkey Mia/Denham region. We spent a solid week exploring a heap of them, and writing about those that are most enjoyable!

Shark Bay 4WD tracks

45) Fisheries Road in Esperance 830 SE

Fisheries Road is a great 4WD track that leads to Israelite Bay. The 4WD section starts about 100km east of Esperance, and ends at Israelite Bay, some 200km east of Esperance. It is remote, and is closed after heavy rain. This is a track you want to be very prepared for, especially if its rained a lot.

Fisheries Road Esperance
The first bad section
Fisheries Road corrugations
Sand and corrugations on Fisheries Road

46) Francois Peron National Park 832 NNW

If you’ve never seen red sand by the tonnes before, Francois Peron National Park is the place to go. It’s got lots of 4WD tracks, great fishing and some brilliant places to camp.

Camping at Francois Peron
Camped about 15 metres from the waters edge
Sunset at Francois Peron
Stunning sunsets on the orange dunes

47) Thomas River Esperance 845 SE

Thomas River was by far one of my favourite places on our trip down south. You can drive for 30km along the beach, and hop from one beautiful beach to another.

There are two sites you can camp at, and the area surrounding Thomas River is spectacular

Thomas River sunset
An incredible sunset at Thomas River
Thomas River Mouth, Esperance
Parked at Thomas River mouth

48) Steep Point 869km NNW

The Western most point of Australian mainland is an achievement in itself, but the beaches, cliffs and fishing are out of this world at Steep Point.

The 4WD track in can be a bit of fun too, but the location takes the cake for this place!

Shelter Bay Camping
Steep Point camping at Shelter Bay
Steep Point 4WD track
Steep Point – one of WA’s most amazing places

49) Dirk Hartog Island 875km NNW

Just across Shelter Bay lies Dirk Hartog Island; the ultimate place for adventure in WA. Think restricted visitor numbers, untouched fishing locations and some of the best beaches in the country. 

Dirk Hartog Island Barge
The barge taking a 4WD across to Dirk Hartog Island
Cape Inscription at DHI
4WD Tracks taking us to Cape Inscription

50) Israelite Bay, Esperance 917 ESE

Israelite Bay is an extremely remote destination that is popular for those keen on fishing. It is accessed either from Fisheries Road, or from the north via Balledonia.

Rock 4x4 at Israelite Bay
4WDing on the rocks
Israelite Bay beach
On the beach near Israelite Bay

4WD tracks in Northern WA

51) Warroora Station 1002 NNE

Warroora Station is another farm located right on the water, and has been set up for camping. It is located along the Ningaloo Reef, and is truly a magical place.

They have a number of tracks, and beach access (with responsibility) is available. Please note, it does cost to enter this  station.

Warroora Station beaches
Your own slice of heaven
Warroora Station, near Coral Bay
Wetting a line as the sun goes down

52) Gnaraloo Station 1017 NNW

Gnaraloo Station is a working station that backs onto the Ningaloo Reef. There are a few 4WD tracks around the property, but they are very strict as to where you can drive. The location is truly stunning though!

Gnaraloo Station cliffs
One of the cliffs at Gnaraloo
Gnaraloo Station sign
Driving into Gnaraloo

53) Coral Bay 1137 N

Coral Bay is one of my favourite destinations. It truly is magic. If you head north, you can drive onto the beach, and explore a number of hill climbs.

You can also drive from Coral Bay to Yardie Creek (near Exmouth) along the coast, and for a quick trip 5 Finger Reef is stunning.

Coral Bay Reefs
Five Finger Reef, Coral Bay
Coral Bay dunes
Driving through the dunes

54) Ningaloo Station 1179 N

If you’re chasing a massive property with some of the most amazing coastline in WA, the Ningaloo Station is it. You need to book camp sites in advance, but there’s hundreds of them all over the coastline, managed by DBCA. The 4WD tracks are nothing extreme, providing you let your tyres down!

Ningaloo Station rocks
It’s a rough drive into Ningaloo Station
Our boat at Ningaloo Station
The reward is well and truly worth it

55) Exmouth 4WD Tracks (1248km NW)

There’s some fantastic 4WD tracks around Esperance, starting on both the East and West side of the range. These tracks range from slow going limestone rocks along the coast to beach driving, hill climbs and everything in between.

Afternoons on the beach

56) Pilbara 4WD tracks

If you want to find out about a heap of incredible 4WD tracks in the Pilbara, we’ve got a post that covers just that, in detail. From Kalgans Pool through to Skull Springs Road and plenty more, they are all amazing tracks that are so worth doing.

3 weeks exploring the Pilbara

57) Kalgan’s Pool 1247 NE

If there was a better free camp in WA, I’d be hard pressed to find it. With awesome views, a fantastic 4WD track on the way in and some of the most amazing scenery you’ll see in the Pilbara, Kalgan’s Pool is certainly worth a visit.

Kalgans Pool 4WD Track
Driving to Kalgans Pool through lots of water
Kalgans Pool Breakfast
A cold morning at Kalgans Pool

58) Skull Springs Road (1362km NE)

If you want a fantastic 4WD track that takes you past some incredible scenery and magic, free camp grounds including Running Waters, Skull Springs Road from Nullagine is up there with the best that we’ve done. This takes some time to do, but is completely worth while doing.

4WD necessary

59) Mt Nameless 1470 NE

Mt Nameless is a short 4WD track to the top of the mountain, just out of Tom Price. It has incredible views over a mine and the town itself, and is one of the few mountains you can drive up.

Mt Nameless has an incredible view
The view from the top
Mt Nameless 4x4 Track
At the top of Mt Nameless

60) Cleaverville 1569 N

Cleaverville is to date my favourite beach camping destination. It is truly amazing, and you can 4WD into a few of the surrounding areas.

Cleaverville camping
Could you ask for more?
Cleaverville Beach is incredible
The beach at Cleaverville

61) Pardoo Station 1612 N

There’s very little better than a massive private property on the coastline of Northern WA, which you have virtually full access to. From creeks through to beaches and rocky headlands, Pardoo Station is a 4WD owners delight.

Fishing at Pardoo
Exploring Pardoo Station by 4WD
Pardoo Station Beaches
There’s a heap of diversity here too

62) George River Gorge 1632 N

There are few places more beautiful than George River Gorge, and the camping here is free too. The 4WD track in is a heap of fun, and can be impassable depending on the water levels.

Millstream mornings
A stunning morning at George River Gorge
Dmax and Reconn R2
The 4WD Track in is a heap of fun

63) Cable Beach Broome 2184 NW

Cable Beach is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, and despite the hordes of people that are there every single afternoon, its well and truly worth a look. You won’t find too many places that are as easy to get to, and as scenic as Cable Beach!

Cable Beach 4WD
The sunsets at Cable Beach in Broome are another level
Iconic Cable Beach Camels
The iconic Cable Beach Camels

64) Barred Creek 2241 N

It’s hard to explain how beautiful Barred Creek is, north of Broome. I guess you’ll have to take the 4WD track out there to find out for yourself!

Barred Creek Broome
The epic Barred Creek
Walking along Barred Creek
What a place

65) James Price Point 2260 N

There are places in Australia with big reputations that don’t deserve them. James Price Point though, is a place of such beauty its hard to justify. Whilst you can get here with a 4WD, there’s some beach driving and exploring that you absolutely need one for.

James Price Point
James Price Point is absolutely insane
On the beach at James Price
Exploring the beach at James Price Point

66) Middle Lagoon 2380km NE

North of Broome lies Cape Leveque, a brilliant piece of country. Mid way up is Middle Lagoon, which has two amazing beaches, and a few 4WD tracks to explore around the place.

It’s a great spot to relax for a few days!

Middle Lagoon Camp
The view from our camp site at Middle Lagoon
Road conditions Cape Leveque
The road out of Middle Lagoon; not too bad

67) Kooljaman 2413km NE

Right at the top of Cape Leveque is Kooljaman, a popular destination for relaxing, sight seeing, fishing and 4WDing. You can camp, or stay in a variety of other accommodation options.

Cape Leveque Road
On the way to Kooljaman
Kooljaman red cliff
Brilliant red cliffs at Kooljaman

68) The Gibb River Road

Perhaps one of the most iconic 4WD tracks in Australia, the Gibb River Road is an adventure of a lifetime. Yes, you can do it in a 2WD if you don’t care too much about your vehicle, but there’s so many 4WD only places along the Gibb that its a different trip.

Pentecost River Crossing
The Pentecost River Crossing on the Gibb River Road
Gibb River Road gorges
The amazing Galvans Gorge, just off the Gibb

69) El Questro Station 3226km NE

The Kimberley is a truly special place, and El Questro station manages to give you a perfect taste. There are lots of El Questro 4WD tracks around the place to amazing gorges, along with plenty of beautiful places to explore.

Drive your 4WD carefully
Having a ball at El Questro in the Dmax
Chamberlain gorge El Questro
Sunset on the Chamberlain gorge boat tour

70) Mitchell Falls, 3648km NE

The Mitchell Falls are located in the northern part of WA known as the Kimberley. They are spectacular, but require undertaking a badly corrugated 4WD track and then hiking a few hours in, or going by helicopter. They are beautiful, but go prepared!

Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley
The Mitchell Falls in all their glory

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