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There’s a heap of Electrical 4WD accessories that can be installed, and having a basic understanding of how they work, and whether you really need one is the best place to start. 12V electronics have come in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and electrical systems can be far more complicated today than they’ve ever been.

On this hub page, we cover a huge range of electrical topics, and try to explain things in a simple and easy to understand way.

What’s a DCDC Charger, and do you need one?

DCDC chargerIf you’ve heard the term DCDC Charger and don’t know what it means, or aren’t sure if you really need one, in this post we cut through the marketing rubbish and explain it plainly and simply. They are a fantastic bit of kit, but you don’t always need one.


Ultra Gauge

Ultra Gauge Isuzu

On our most recent build, we fitted an Ultra Gauge. At the time they weren’t very popular, but they are now, and for good reason. If you don’t have a way of clearing codes, and monitoring your 4WD, you should seriously consider it. 


Camping Air Conditioner

Van and airconWant to run a caravan air conditioner from your battery system, off grid? You actually can, and lots of people are doing it today. If you want a camping air conditioner, see what your options are here.



How to install a permanent solar panel on your 4WD

200W solar on the DmaxOne of the best things you can do to a 4WD set up for camping is to mount a permanent solar panel that keeps up with your demand without you having to lift a finger. Find out everything you need to know here.


Cut your cigarette plugs off

Cigarette plugsIf you buy an electrical appliance and it comes with a cigarette lighter plug, seriously consider cutting it off. They are garbage, and here’s why.



Stedi ST4K Light Bar

LED light bar off road

4WD Light technology has come in leaps and bounds, and there are now some products on the market that are not only great quality, but cheap enough for everyone to be able to afford. On our newest build, we fitted a 40 inch Stedi ST4K LED light bar. Find out our thoughts here.


How to run 240V appliances when you are camping

Projecta inverterBelieve it or not, but you can actually run a number of 240V appliances off a 12V system when you are camping. What you can run, and for how long depends on a huge number of factors, but if you are wanting to run some 240V gear off grid this post will explain everything you need to know, in detail.


Solar panels vs blankets

Solar Blanket vs Panel

The age old question; are solar blankets better than solar panels? Well, it really depends! If you want to know what is most suitable for you, check this out.



Are you damaging your 12V batteries?

Deep cycle battery state of charge

Just because your fridge is still running in the morning doesn’t mean you are doing the right thing by your batteries. Regular, deep discharging significantly reduces the lifespan of your batteries, and you have to find a balance that suits your requirements.




Enerdrive DC2DC

Enerdrive DC2DCWe’ve been running an Enerdrive DC2DC 40 amp charger in our Reconn R2 for a couple of years now, and have done a full review of the product, and what we think about it.



Projecta Inverter Review

Inverter reviewBeing able to run 240V appliances when you are camping and miles from the nearest power point is fantastic. We’ve been using our Projecta Inverter for a number of years now to charge camera batteries, laptops and a heap of other gear. 


eBay Solar Panels; how to avoid getting ripped off

Portable solar panels

Not much really upsets me, but seeing most of the solar panels being sold on eBay false advertised really makes the blood boil. Don’t buy a single solar panel off eBay unless you’ve read this, or you will get ripped off!


Projecta IDC25 DCDC review

Projecta IDC25 in our Dmax

Our latest build included a Projecta IDC25 DCDC battery charger. We’ve had it for a couple of years now, and it hasn’t been a perfectly smooth run. Find out what we think of it here.



Victron MPPT Review

Victron 100/30 MPPT

Victron make premium gear, and they are well known for it. We ran the 100 | 30 MPPT unit on our old camper trailer for several years, and had a brilliant run with it. See the full review here.




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