Running water from your 4WD; the best mod you can do

After bleeding the first fish caught at Lorella Station, and looking at my hands which were covered in fish slime and blood, I looked thankfully to the water tap on the back of the Dmax.

Running water that is permanently set up on your 4WD is quite possibly the best 4WD Accessories you can fit, and when you can access it without having to open or undo anything, its even better!

4WD water tank
50L of water from a tank to a tap under our Dmax tray

If there is a modification that’s going to get used over and over again, its having running water available. If its potable, and you can drink it safely, that’s even better, but even water that you won’t drink is super handy. Just flick the 4WD water tap on and away you go!

Lorella Springs fishing
Fishing from a cliff with no water around makes you glad of a water tank on board!

You can use it for everything from washing your hands and feet to doing dishes, rinsing food away, warming water over the fire for a bath, washing fish slime off your hands or drinking, if its safe to do so.

Our Isuzu Dmax is running a Bull Motor Bodies Canopy, which was purchased new by the previous owner with a 50L water tank in built, under the tray. It’s got the ability to gravity feed, which we use most of the time, or an electric water pump that does 4.3 litres of water a minute.

We fill it up wherever possible using a drinking water rated hose, and use it all the time when out and about.

50L lasts a seriously long time, and with our Reconn R2 in tow, we can have 320L of water with us, without even touching a Jerry Can. Water is the one thing that will have you going back to town, and there’s nothing better than having a nice, hot shower when you are away with the knowledge that you still have plenty of water to spare after.

Dmax and Reconn
We carry 50L of water in the Dmax, and 270L in the Reconn R2

How can you carry water in your 4WD?

There are lots of ways you can carry water. Jerry cans (and you can plumb these up permanently in the back of your car), water bladders, plastic water tanks, PVC pipe water tanks (a length of 100 – 200mm PVC pipe will hold a fair bit of non potable water) or metal water tanks. For more information, you can check out the comprehensive post we wrote on 4WD Water Tanks.

What ever it is, having the ability to get water out quickly and easily when you are camping, fishing, 4WDing or just having a day at the beach is super useful.

You don’t have to install a pump either; we have one and very rarely use it. Gravity fed water works just fine for having a drink, rinsing your feet off or washing your hands. The only time we use the pump is to transfer water from our 4WD into our camper (or someone else’s!).

Watch your weight

Water is heavy, and you need to watch the 4WD weight added in terms of GVM, and where you put it. Whilst a big water tank is amazing, if its at the back of your vehicle, or mounted up high you are asking for problems down the line with regards to chassis, roof rack or roof damage. 

Get some water on board

If you use your 4WD often, get some water on board. It will be one of the best modifications you do, and it makes life so much easier!

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