Camp oven cob loaf; quick, delicious and easy

There’s some pretty amazing meals out there, but this Camp Oven Cob Loaf will leave you wanting more, every single time you cook it. We’ve been doing it for years at home, but only recently tried it when camping, and its absolutely unreal.

The Camp Oven Cob Loaf recipe is simple, quick, tasty and is always a crowd pleaser, even when you aren’t camping. We really enjoy this particular recipe, but you can also change the ingredients to make a different flavour.

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Cob loaf on the fire
A cob loaf is one of the best camping meals you can do

Cob Loaf Ingredients

Cob loaf x 1

Philadelphia cream cheese x 1 packet

Grated cheese x 1 handful

Bacon x 3 rashers, chopped

A small onion x 1, chopped

Frozen spinach x 1 packet (drained

Mayonnaise x 1 cup

Cob Loaf method

Cut the top of the cob loaf off, and dig the contents of the cob loaf out. Tear them into small chunks, and put them in a bowl to be cooked later.

Cob loaf recipe
Cut the cob loaf and pull the chunks of bread out

Pre cook the onion and bacon

Cooking the filling
Pre-cooking the cob loaf filling

Add all of the ingredients except the bread together, and stir them up and mix

Add the ingredients into the cob loaf

Cob loaf filling
Filling the cob loaf with deliciousness

Install the lid of the cob loaf and cover it in alfoil

Put the cob loaf in the oven (or camp oven) for 20 – 30 minutes or until cooked.

Cob loaf on the fire
Cooking the cob loaf with some coals in our camp oven

The result is a truly delicious snack, or even meal if you so desire, and one that we absolutely love cooking!

If you can’t have a fire, or your don’t have a camp oven, you can do it in a Weber Q too, in much the same way.

Have you tried different recipes? What’s your favourites?

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