DIY camper trailer fold out table

When you buy a 4WD, Caravan or Camper Trailer, there’s usually things you can do to make it better, or more suited to your requirements. For us, bench space has been an ongoing challenge in our Reconn R2 Hyper Camper, and we finally came up with a decent solution that has worked well so far.

The kitchen in the R2 is pretty amazing, but it doesn’t leave you with much bench space to prepare food, especially if you don’t keep it ultra clean and your camera gear always seems to find its way onto the bench.

Some time ago we installed a new cutlery drawer that has hugely helped the situation, and we have a little folding shelf that gives us even more option on top.

However, we still needed more bench space, and the idea of pulling out a plastic table and setting it up each time was losing its appeal very quickly. That, and with a Weber we really needed somewhere it could sit safely, without falling off, being able to be played with by the kids and annoying everyone around us.

I looked at a number of different options, and finally settled on making something that would fold down from our existing firewood/generator box.

I used a piece of old aluminium cladding, with a piece of left over boat winch rope, and bought a couple of stainless steel hinges and bolted it all on. With an over the centre latch it drops down in a matter of seconds, and you have extra bench space that weighs next to nothing, and has become quite useful.

Fold down table
Our new fold down table
Hinges on the table
Hinged at the bottom
R clip to secure it
An over the centre latch and R clip holds it up

I love it because its up high, and outside of the kitchen door which is really a little too small for me, at 6″6! It’s also the perfect size to fit our Baby Weber Q on, which means when that is out (which it is quite a bit) we don’t lose any bench space. 

Total cost was only a few bucks the the hinges and over the centre latch!

Weber on our R2
The Weber sits on it just perfectly

If we need more bench space, we have a portable table that generally comes with us too, and the fold down table on our Isuzu Dmax.

The table on our R2
Our Reconn R2 kitchen and new table

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