Shallow Crossing Campground; stunning riverfront camping

The NSW coastline is nothing short of stunning, but there are times of the year where finding a camp site anywhere near the coastline is nigh on impossible. Not all is lost though; you can head inland to amazing places like Shallow Creek Crossing Campground and then day trip out to the coast, if that’s your thing. Alternatively, just enjoy your time at the camp site; its absolute magic.

On our recent stay, we struggled more than ever before to find a reasonably priced camp site on the NSW coastline, and ended up staying 3 truly great nights at Shallow Creek Crossing.

I was thoroughly impressed when we first arrived, and it only got better from there. This is a truly epic place.

Shallow Crossing Campground
Shallow Crossing Campground is absolutely magic

Where is Shallow Crossing Campground?

You’ll find this property North West of Batemans Bay, right on the Clyde river.

Shallow Crossing Campground
This is the property, right against the Clyde River

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

Not necessarily, although the road in isn’t the best condition, and requires a bit of careful navigation with anything that is low clearance. The water crossing itself is shallow on low tide, but rises as the tide comes back in again, and then yep, you would.

Driving over Shallow Crossing
The crossing varies in depth, but easily gets too deep for most 2WD vehicles, so think carefully!

This water can be brackish too apparently, so if you like your 4WD rust free, its wise to consider when you might be arriving and departing (or come from the south where there is no crossing). That said, I did taste the water on a number of occasions (at high tide too) and couldn’t taste any evidence of it, and we did drive through it a couple of times, knowing it was probably perfectly OK.

Driving over Shallow Crossing in the Dmax
On our way out it was just over 400mm deep

Amenities at Shallow Crossing Campground

Shallow Creek Crossing has rubbish bins, a number of picnic tables and huts, fire pits, and a toilet and shower block half way up the hill. This is a bit of a walk up, but its in decent condition, and is very much appreciated after a day in the river!

Camped at Shallow Crossing
The amenities are a bit of a walk from camp, but very much appreciated!

Shallow Crossing Campground Cost

It’s $30 per night to camp here, which is pretty reasonable considering the alternatives, and what you actually get. We’ve certainly stayed at much worse camp grounds for the same, or more money!

Camping at Shallow Crossing
We’ve paid more for a lot worse camp sites!

What’s it like at Shallow Crossing Campground?

Shallow Creek Crossing Camp is a decent sized property that backs onto the Clyde river. A number of the camp sites have direct river access, although many of them are very steep and only suitable for big rope swings (of which there are a few!).

The ground isn’t all that level, but there are plenty of places you can pull into and stay, and its all green, lush grass. There’s some shade in spots (and the little shelters are a nice touch), but majority of the camping is out in the open.

Lots of room at Shallow Crossing
There’s a heap of room here, with limited river access at many sites

You can swim in the river if you can safely get down there, or you can walk down to the crossing itself where swimming is much easier, with quite a few options.

Cooper snorkelling at the crossing
The crossing is the perfect place to get in and swim around, and our kids learnt to snorkel here
Using the stand up paddle board
Our stand up paddle board got a work out here

All in all, this is a beautiful property, a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the coastline and a place we’d quite happily return to. I was a bit unsure when we arrived, but I shouldn’t have been; its a magic place and one that our kids thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re looking for a quieter, change of scenery around Bateman’s Bay then Shallow Creek Crossing is well and truly worth a look.

Our camp at Shallow Crossing
We had the camp closest to the crossing, which was great

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