Blackiron Camping; another great private property

We love nothing more than quiet, beautiful private properties that are out of the way, and economical, and this ones a ripper.

On our way down to Mackay, we thought we’d try a number of different camping spots. Blackiron is a private property on Hipcamps that was well priced, and looked good, so we booked a night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, we tried to extend another night, but the bush camping that we were in was taken so we left early.

Views from camp at Blackiron
We had a ripper spot at Blackiron and would have loved to spend another night

Where is Blackiron?

This small private property is located along a narrow farm access road about half an hours drive South West of Proserpine, and it backs onto a beautiful creek. You can comfortably get caravans in here, but only to the paddock camping (which is beautiful, but not right next to the creek).

Paddock camping at Blackiron
The paddock camping is really good too, and a short walk to the creek

What does it cost to camp?

Camping is $20, plus the Hipcamp fee for a site (about $4), which is pretty reasonable for a nice, private property.

What amenities are there?

There are no amenities here, so you need to be self sufficient. That means your own toilet, water, cooking facilities and so forth. Grey water is fine to be disposed of with common sense, and respect.

What are the camping options?

There’s three places you can camp at Blackiron. The first is on the paddock, which is nice and green year round, has a decent amount of room and is a good place to pull up. There is limited shade here though.

The next camping area is 4WD access only, and is at the top of the creek bank, down a short but narrow track. We camped here, with great views of the creek, and it was easy enough to get to with our Dmax and Reconn R2. You’d struggle to get a caravan here though.

The last place you can camp is right in the creek bed, which is absolutely 4WD only, and really only suitable for those with light trailers, and very low tyre pressures. Taking a caravan down here would be a recipe for disaster (as many people have found), and you are looking at 15 PSI to even drive along the soft sand.

Blackiron Creek
You can camp down near the water, but you better be in 4WD with very low tyre pressures, or be prepared to dig!

If you had a tent, rooftop tent or light weight trailer and suitable 4WD though, you could find some amazing places to camp.

Tiny home rental

Blackiron also has a beautiful tiny home that you can stay in, for a price. We love the idea of these, and would love a weekend away in one at some stage, but its harder with two kids!

Watch the vlog

Want to see this property from a different perspective? We’ve got a small YouTube channel where you can watch our vlog:

YouTube video

How does it compare to other properties nearby?

From Blackiron, we went down to Hold it Flats, and then Creek and Antiques. Blackiron is the cheapest (just), and its pretty good. The creek is beautiful, and we couldn’t complain about our camping spot.

Hold it Flats is much prettier, with full amenities and is much more expensive, and Creek and Antiques is somewhere in the middle, and we really liked that too. You won’t go too wrong staying at Blackiron, and we’d have happily stayed another night if there was room!

Hold it Flats Camping
Hold it Flats is beautiful, but you pay for it
Camped at Creek and Antique
We really enjoyed our stay at Creek and Antique too

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