Copperfield Gorge; another great Inland Queensland attraction

Queensland has a huge number of lesser known attractions that are really stunning, and a visit to Copperfield Gorge in Einasleigh reminded me of this once again.

We’d mapped out a stay at Jardine Station (which is truly magic), but didn’t realised that meant we’d be within 20km of Copperfield Gorge, which was a really picturesque place to walk around for an hour or so.

Copperfield Gorge is beautiful
Copperfield Gorge is a pretty unique, and spectacular part of the world

Where is Copperfield Gorge?

This beautiful Gorge is located right in Einasleigh, and is literally walking distance from the hotel, which is really the centre of town.

Camped at Einasleigh
It’s not far away from some fantastic free camping too

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

No, you don’t, although the roads can be quite corrugated depending on which way you come from. If you come from the north past Jardine Station, the road is pretty good, and whilst it had a bit of water in places it was relatively smooth and easy.

Heading out south though, the road was quite a bit worse, and I felt grateful that we were in a 4WD, with lowered tyre pressures to take some of the nasty shock away.

Jardine Station Road
The gravel road south of Einasleigh was much rougher

What does it cost?

This gorge is completely free, and you can spend as much time here as you’d like.

What’s the gorge like?

Every single gorge that we’ve been to in Queensland is different, and Copperfield is no exception. This is a massive rock array that you can walk along the top of, right next to the drop off into the gorge. There’s a small waterfall up one end, with a beach at the other.

Copperfield Gorge walk
You can walk for a long time on top of the gorge

You’ll see a number of freshwater crocodiles, fish and birds in the area, and its got a dark green glow that is quite unique.

Fish in Copperfield Gorge
We saw quite a few fish here

We had a lot of fun walking up and down the top, and could have spent a lot longer if we’d gone down to the beaches and messed around.

Amazing water colour
The water colour at Copperfield Gorge is something else
Copperfield Gorge is beautiful
It’s another unique, and interesting place

See the vlog

Want a different perspective? Have a look at our vlog on YouTube

YouTube video

Can you swim at Copperfield Gorge?

This place looks absolutely magic to swim, and I’m told that the locals do exactly that. There’s a number of places you can get down to the water, and I’m sure plenty of people would enter via the rocks as well, at a bit more speed.

There are fresh water crocodiles here, but they will leave you alone if you do the same.

As always, swim at your own risk, but its a magic place!

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