Cabin Crew Organiser; an amazing storage improvement

Every now and again you fit something so simple, yet so amazing to your 4WD that makes you wonder why it took so long to do. Our most recent example of this, was the gear holder that attaches between the two front seats in a vehicle.

If you haven’t seen these before, they are basically an elastic net that attaches in 4 places to the seats at the front of a vehicle, and they allow you to put storage in by stretching it and dropping the items down. The most common name that they’re called is a Cabin Crew Organiser.

Seat storage holder
Our seat storage holder has been absolutely awesome

For so long, our primary camera used for this blog has been a pain in the backside. We often have it out to shoot different scenes, but Sarah soon (and understandably) gets frustrated with it sitting on her lap, whilst trying to balance kids lunch boxes, pass food over and relax herself.

This is especially an issue when we are off road, as who wants to see an expensive camera bounce off their lap and onto the floor?!

The solution has been so simple, and yet so amazing; a storage bag between our seats. Now, we turn the camera off, slide it into the soft case case, do it up and drop it into the storage bag where its accessible quickly and easily for both of us, secure and doesn’t get in the way of anyone.

We also use it for our PLB, which is accessible in a hurry if we needed it, but I’ve seen people use it for water bottles, and heaps of other gear that you need to access in a hurry.

If you haven’t got one, and need some extra storage up front I can’t recommend them any higher; we love ours, and it’s one of the most used 4WD accessories we’ve fitted so far.

Mud on a 4WD track in Victoria
Being able to stop and get the camera out quickly and safely has been hugely helpful

We purchased it from Supercheap for about $20, but you can get them online through Amazon and various other stores for a lot cheaper if you prefer. You can get tiered ones, with 3 or more pockets for different items, but we love the one big pocket for our camera.

Installation takes a couple of minutes at most, and its been a game changer for us. Maybe it won’t be as exciting for you if you don’t have a camera that’s always out and has no home, but they are still very useful for any other bits and pieces, and its been money very well spent.

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