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Off to Cape Leveque

Welcome to part two of our photo posts, going through the highlights of our 5 weeks in the Kimberley. If you missed part one, you can find it here – Broome, and the trip up.

If you want all the information needed to travel the Kimberley including where to stay, what to see, park passes required, costs and where to get fuel, check out the ultimate Kimberley guide.

After a couple of days in Broome, we brimmed the fuel tanks and headed north, to Cape Leveque. We stayed at Middle Lagoon and Kooljaman, and fell in love with this amazing coastline. It’s certainly a place I’d recommend you visit! After Cape Leveque, we continued on to the Gibb River road. I’ve posted those photos here – Gibb River Road part 1.

Cape Leveque Road

The start of Cape Leveque road. Letting the tyres down a bit

Driving to Quandong Point

A short detour to Quandong Point

Friendly Lizards at Cape Leveque

A friendly lizard that I rescued from under our tent

Middle Lagoon camping

The view from our camp site at Middle Lagoon

4WDing Australia campsite at Middle Lagoon

An awesome place to spend a few days

4WDing Australia at Middle Lagoon

Parked at the ridge. You can camp right where our 4WD is!

Middle Lagoon beach

The view from the other way

More lizards at Cape Leveque

Lots of little creatures to keep you entertained

Kooljaman sunsets

One of many beautiful sunsets

Middle Lagoon Fishing

Feeding the fish; none of them wanted to be caught!

Fishing at Middle Lagoon

Even Sarah’s touch wasn’t enough to catch anything worth mentioning!

Broome Dolphin

We were told the Dolphins often turn up around sunset

Jumping fish

But we weren’t expecting flying fish

Jumping fish at Middle Lagoon

These were big fish too; perhaps mullet?

Loving the Broome sunsets

The best way to end a day; watching the sun dip away over a perfect beach you have to yourselves!

Sunsets at Middle Lagoon

There’s nothing like it

Snorkelling at Middle Lagoon

Snorkelling in the warm water

Hundreds of bait fish at Middle Lagoon

Stacks of bait fish

Middle Lagoon snorkelling

Without a wetsuit the water was still lovely

Middle Lagoon Stingray

A stingray with a huge tail

Middle Lagoon lizard

We saw plenty of these lizards, and loved watching them

Middle Lagoon 4WD exploration

Exploring Middle Lagoon

Sand formations in Broome

The tides make some pretty sand formations

The biggest insect Ive seen

The biggest insect I’ve ever seen

Two Oztents at Kooljaman

Camped next to another Oztent

Kooljaman restaurant view

Breakfast at Kooljaman Resort

Kooljaman fishing beach

Loving the beach access

Snorkeling at Cape Leveque

Lots of mullet around the rocks

Soldier crabs at Cape Leveque

Soldier crabs literally everywhere

Kooljaman west beach

Driving down to the western beach

Frogs at Kooljaman

Some awesome frogs

Green Tree frog at Kooljaman

What a beautiful tree frog!

Brian Lees 4WD

Brian Lee’s tour at Hunter Creek

Brian Lee getting a mud crab

Straight into the mud crab holes

Brian Lee Mud crabs

Not a bad first crab

Brian Lee at Kooljaman

A much bigger one

Hunter Creek tour

Loving life at Hunter Creek

Fishing at Hunter Creek

Lots of great fishing

Brian Lee cooking mud crabs

Freshly cooked mud crabs on a fire

Fresh mud crabs by the fire

Great food, and a view to die for

The 4WD tag-a-long tour with Brian Lee was one of the highlights of our 5 weeks in the Kimberley. He’s a hilarious bloke, with a heap of good stories. You can find out more information about the tours he runs here – Brian Lee 4WD tagalong tours.

Kooljaman sunset

Not a bad way to end the day

Driving around Kooljaman

Kooljaman view heading east

Cape Leveque

Nothing beats a good walk along the beaches

Cape Leveque beach

Towering red cliffs, beautiful beaches and warm water. Could you ask for more?

Broome crabs

Loving the crab life

Cygnet Bay pearl farm

Cygnet Bay Pearl farm

Cygnet Bay pool

An amazing infinity pool

Broken camper trailer

Broken leaf spring on a camper trailer, just south of Kooljaman.

Amazing lizards

Look at those eyes!

4WDing Australia at Kooljaman

Kooljaman; awesome camping and an even better location

If you are chasing more information on Kooljaman, located right at the top of Cape Leveque, have a look at this post – Kooljaman at Cape Leveque Review.

4WDing along Hunter Creek

In the 4WD, heading along Hunter Creek

Donkeys fighting

Two Donkey’s fighting on our way back down to Broome

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  • Tommo June 23, 2015, 1:07 PM

    Dude! Im jealous as…definitely on the bucket list

  • Aaron at 4WDing Australia June 26, 2015, 10:01 AM

    Thanks mate. So it should be – some brilliant coastline!

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