Spare Wheel Bag; the ultimate place to put your rubbish or dirty gear

If you don’t have a spare wheel rubbish bag, it should be next on your 4WD gear purchase list.

Dealing with rubbish when you are out in your 4WD, or camping can be a bit of a pain. You should absolutely take it home with you, but having it sitting in the back of your car in a plastic bag is a recipe for disaster, and it stinks.

The ultimate solution is a spare wheel bag that mounts off your tyre, is secure, out of the way and it won’t smell your vehicle out!

4WD spare wheel rubbish bin
A Bushranger Wheelie Bin

These clip around your spare tyre (on the rear of your 4WD or camper trailer/caravan) and are large enough to carry several weeks worth of camping waste.

They aren’t very expensive, and provide a bit of protection for your spare wheel against the sun. You can use them for rubbish, used recovery gear, dirty clothes, wetsuits, towels and anything else that you don’t want in your vehicle!

Hilux rubbish bag on spare tyre
The rear wheel bag on my Hilux

I fitted one a few months ago, and absolutely love it. Most of the time your vehicle is near where you are camping, and it provides a perfect height bin that is easily accessible and easy to empty. No more smelly plastic bags that blow around, or get torn. No more carrying smelly rubbish inside your vehicle either – you can keep it outside.

These are adjustable so they fit a number of different sized tyres, and are quite big so you won’t be running out of space any time soon. When you get home, simply unclip it and tip the stinky rubbish into the bin.

Reconn R2 rubbish bag
The spare wheel bag comes everywhere with us

There are a number of different manufacturers offering these, but the ‘Bushranger Wheel Bin’ seems to be the very popular. They are made out of heavy duty canvas, have a zip and drain holes, and are built to last.

UPDATE September 2022

I am extremely pleased with the Bushranger 4WD rubbish bag. It is over 12 years old, and has been on my Hilux, then 80 Series Land Cruiser, then soft floor camper trailer (where it sat out in the rain and sun for a couple of years) and now is on the back of our Reconn R2 Hypercamper.

It’s still in amazing condition, and works brilliantly. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone looking for a place to keep their dirty gear or rubbish.

I know a number of people who’ve bought the Kings dirty gear bag and had them fail within a few months. The quality difference is astounding. I’d rate this as one of the best spare wheel bags on the market. Alternatively, take a look at the Blacksmith Camping Bags range, as they are epic too.

Camping rubbish bag
The Bushranger rubbish bag now on the back of our Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper

Make rubbish the least of your worries

If you have issues with rubbish, these are a brilliant addition to your camping arrangement. We just fill normal garbage bags up, tie them off and put them in the rear wheel bag. We then empty it whenever we go past a public rubbish bin!

Camping rubbish bins in WA
Take your rubbish out, and bin it responsibly

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  1. Hey Michael,

    I’m not familiar with the position of the Prado’s reverse camera, but they are meant to sit in the middle. You probably could offset it a bit, but not much.

    All the best

  2. Can this bag be moved out of the center position, so that the reversing camera (on Prado) is not blocked?