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A day at Mundaring Powerlines in the Mud

The Mundaring Powerlines Track is one of the most well known 4WD tracks around Perth, and for good reason. It’s got everything; rocks, gravel, sand, mud, water crossings and a heap of hill climbs and descents. We headed out on Saturday with six 4WD’s, and had a great day.

Here’s the video, with plenty of photos beneath it:

Mundaring powerlines 4x4 track

Six 4WD’s at Mundaring with a wide range of modifications

Letting the tyres down for Mundaring

Airing down. 20 PSI was our choice in the 80 series Land Cruiser

Prado off road

Justin will give anything a crack

Mundaring Powerlines Track

Lots of fun in the rocks

Slippery 4WD hill at Mundaring

One of the more notorious hill climbs. 5 choices, with 4 of them reasonably challenging


Daniel in the GU picking one of the middle lines

GU Patrol 3L

The 3.0L Auto goes very well

GU Patrol in mud

Over the hard bit

4L prado

Justin up next, and without muddies things are a bit more challenging

Lifting a wheel in the prado

No matter; the right amount of momentum is priceless

80 series flex

Our 80 up on the side track, with both lockers on, and the Gturbo purring away

My 80

Up and down

80 Series at Mundaring

The last step, which was very steep

1HDT 80 series

Some photo shots through the puddles

1HDT 80 series water crossing

Lots of fun

A big cruiser

A big cruiser having fun

Big land cruiser

What a beast

Prado traction control

Justin pushing his all terrains to the max

Daniel in a sticky position

Watch the video and see how Daniel ended up like this

Jorges Patrol

Jorge taking a neat line through some offset ruts

Mundaring 4WDing

Not a bad flex test

GU patrol lift kit

Nicely tucked away

Triton at Mundaring

A walk in the park for the Triton

Pajero at Mundaring

Sanesh’s Pajero lifting a front wheel

Mint landcruiser

What a weapon

Winch recovery

We came across a major recovery. 2 vehicles winching, with 4 vehicles behind them as anchors

2 winches and 6 vehicles

A lot of force applied to the poor GU

GU recovery

Thankfully nothing broke, and the vehicle was still running

Mundaring Powerline track

The Triton idling up

Another Prado

This Prado surprised me, although he did scrape a few bits underneath!

GU at Mundaring

Jorge making it look easy

Enjoying the Powerlines

The Powerlines is an awesome 4WD track

Mud at Mundaring

Our 80 series soaking it up

Gturbo 1HDT

The last hill climb

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