Perth 4WD Tracks

There are a massive number of 4WD’s in Perth, and many of them get used as often as possible. Whilst the best places are usually quite a drive away, there are plenty of great Perth 4WD Tracks, where you don’t have to drive more than a few hours away.

It’s vital that you are aware of where you are allowed to go though, as there is water catchment areas, national parks, shires that prevent 4WDing and private property which you want to avoid.

In saying this, Perth 4WD tracks ranges from rocks and mud right through to soft beaches, water crossings and more mud in the winter! 

If you’re looking for a complete list of WA 4WD tracks, we’ve got you covered there too.

Wilbinga Flat Rocks
Flat rocks, Wilbinga

I will just do a short post which introduces some of the 4WD Tracks and if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

I would kindly ask the Perth 4WD community to keep to tracks that you are actually allowed on; otherwise they will continue to be closed off, and this just makes it difficult for everyone to have fun.

I have already written a post on a large majority of these 4wd locations in Perth, and if not then I will do soon. For more information on each place, just click on the links and it will take you to a previous post I have already done on that topic.

Perth 4WD Tracks within an hours’ drive:

Mundaring Powerlines Track

The Mundaring Powerlines Track is probably the most well known 4×4 track in Perth. It incorporates a bit of sand, but the majority of the track is rocks and dust (and a lot of mud in the winter).

The track has gotten quite a bit harder in the last few years, but can still be done with a little experience. A number of 4×4 tours start off at the Mundaring Powerlines Track, as it’s a great place to learn.

In the wet, unless you have mud terrain tyres you will really struggle through much of the track. I would personally suggest that you need to be relatively confident to attempt the Powerlines track after heavy rain. It is however, one of the best tracks around Perth.

You can do it in about 5 hours, if you do the whole track (and providing nothing breaks and you don’t get stuck!).

Mud at the Mundaring Powerlines Track
Mud at the Mundaring Powerlines Track

White Hills

White Hills is a nice beach just south of Mandurah, where many cars drive up and down each day. There is some good fishing and snorkelling too, if you pick the right day. This is the main reason that people go to White Hills.

There are penalties if you don’t let your 4WD Tyres down, as it damages the beach. The sand is soft, and it’s hard going unless your tyres are at around 15 PSI. You are allowed to camp on the beach, but don’t go into the dunes or you will get in trouble.

To get there, just go over the Mandurah Cut Bridge and continue to drive along the road. White Hills has a big sign on the right hand side.

The road to White Hills is not very smooth; you are best to let your tyres down a little or find a speed where the bumps aren’t so noticeable. You can drive south from White Hills to Preston Beach, and then Myalup Beach but make sure the tide is low and the sand is in decent condition!

Driving up a beach north of Perth
Driving up a beach north of Perth

Tims Thicket

Tim’s Thicket is much like White Hills, in that it is a nice beach to drive on, with good snorkelling and fishing. Again, letting your tyres down will make the beach driving much easier, and doesn’t dig the beach up as much.

Tim’s Thicket is just a couple of km north of White Hills, and can occasionally be accessed along the beach at low tide.

A lot of the time though, the rocky headland prevents you from driving across the 2 beaches, unless you want to drench your 4WD in salt (which is really not a good idea!). Both of these places are well worth a visit if you are into fishing, or you just want to try some sand driving.

They are also the closest Perth Beach Driving options south of Perth.


Wilbinga is a great place to go four wheel driving, and it is only 40 minutes north of Perth. There are some great tracks along the beach, through the bush and up sand dunes. There are often a lot of motorbikes riding around this area however, so you need to watch out.

A lot of them will come around corners quickly without looking, so be prepared to stop quickly!

Again, you can camp at Wilbinga, as long as you aren’t doing any damage to the dunes or beach. Wilbinga has plenty of fish to catch as well, and is very popular on weekends and school holidays.

Beach driving at Preston
Nothing beats a bit of beach driving

Perth 4WD tracks over an hour away:


If you want some real dune driving, then Lancelin is the best bet. It has some epic sand dunes, and a lot of great beach to play on. You can drive to Wedge Island too, which is not too far away. The dunes are popular for all sorts of off-road vehicles, including a huge number of four wheel drives.

There are a number of people that have been seriously injured or killed in the Lancelin Sand Dunes, and this shows that it can be dangerous if you are not careful. Before you drive down a dune, check that it’s not too steep, and not angled the wrong way.

Many four wheel drives roll at Lancelin and its easy enough to do even if you have driven in dunes many times. They change regularly and many of the dunes can be dangerous with side angles.

Lancelin Sand Dunes 4x4
Enjoying Lancelin Sand Dunes

Wedge Island

Wedge Island is just a few kilometres north of Lancelin. You can drive there either along the inland track (which is sometimes closed as it goes through an army reserve area) or you can drive along the beach (or take Indian Ocean Drive, which is a bitumen road going right passed the island).

Driving along the beach is not always possible, depending on what the tide is doing.

Some days the beach is rock hard and wide, whilst other days it is soft and very hard to keep out of the water. If in doubt, just take the inland track.

The island itself is fun to spend a day at, but if you have motorbikes you can only use them in the Lancelin off-road area. The ranger will kick you out of Wedge Island if you are riding them along the beach.

Wedge Island beach recovery
Wedge Island beach recovery


Grey is another settlement of shacks, which is very similar to Wedge Island. You can drive onto the beach here, and head all the way north to Cervantes. The beach is often significantly impacted by seaweed, which you need to be cautious of!

Grey 4WDing
On the beach at Grey


Collie and Harvey have some very impressive tracks, but some are private property, and some are national parks, where you are not allowed to drive through. The mud down there tends to be very sticky, and makes for a time consuming and difficult recovery should you get stuck!

The ranger there will be sure to guide you in the right direction, but most of the tracks start in Harvey, and go through to Brunswick. See Brunswick 4×4 for more information. 

Harvey dam 4WD Tracks
Harvey bog holes


Logue Brook

Logue Brook is a popular dam in the south west for water skiing, fishing and swimming. There is a 4WD track that starts at Logue Brook Dam, heads past Hoffman Mill camp site and ends at Harvey Dam. The track itself is very basic, with minimal clearance required.

However, if you are looking for extreme four wheel driving, there are plenty of tracks off the main one that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Exploring Logue Brook
Exploring Logue Brook’s Tracks



Dwellingup has many tracks to test your car on, and they tend to be short. Many of the tracks are difficult, especially in the wet. The Hill Climb’s become especially difficult after a lot of rain, and the tracks tend to get more and more chopped up with lots of mud! Considering it’s only a 1.5 hour drive south of Perth, it’s a great place to check out.

There is also a great river to swim and canoe down, along with downhill mountain biking tracks and plenty of places to camp.

Fun at Dwellingup
Fun at Dwellingup


Cervantes has a number of beaches that are accessible, and you can drive north to Hill River, which has been a popular camping location in the past, but has since been banned.

This is well and truly worth a day trip; you can call into Lancelin, Wedge Island, Grey, Cervantes and then Hill River.

Cervantes Pinnacles
Checking out the Pinnacles

Hill River

As mentioned above, Hill River used to be a favourite camp grounds for many, but camping has recently been banned there. There are plenty of 4WD tracks around the area, along the beach, the river and inland.

I’d highly recommend not driving north of Hill River, as the sand is the softest I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen a number of four wheel drives give it a go (and tried twice myself) and haven’t been able to make it more than 500 metres down the beach!

Enjoying Hill River
Hill River in the fourbies

Sandy Cape

Just north of Jurien Bay lies Sandy Cape, a well known camp ground. You can access Sandy Cape off Indian Ocean Drive, or you can 4WD your way up from Jurien Bay.

The tracks around the area take you from beach to beach, but are often tight and will result in pin striping of your vehicle!

Sandy Cape Beach 4x4
Checking Sandy Cape Beach out

Captain Fawcett Track

The Captain Fawcett Track is a relatively straight forward track which starts just out of Dwellingup, and ends in Quindanning.

The first 35km meander along the river, and take the longest part of the trip. The rest of the track is mainly gravel and bitumen roads. In the wet, this track is a whole different story. Even bigger vehicles struggle to make it, and the track will get closed from time to time due to inclement weather.

Captain Fawcett Track
A few puddles on the track


Julimar is another great 4WD location not too far out of Perth. It starts on Julimar road, and heads into Julimar State Forest.

The tracks are a bit of a challenge in the dry, and very difficult in the wet. There are hill climbs, descents, mud runs and various rock/mud work.

Mud runs at Julimar
Mud runs in the dry

Preston Beach

Preston Beach is very similar to White Hills; its a lovely beach south of Perth which can be accessed off the new Forrest Hwy. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to get there. There is a petrol station/general store with accommodation options and a beach that you can drive on for a long time!

If you head north, you will get to White Hills (after about 30 minutes of beach driving). If you head south, you will eventually get to Myalup Beach.

Preston Beach, relaxing
A day at Preston

Myalup Beach

Myalup is another of Perth’s beaches that is accessible by 4WD. There is also a general store and accommodation options, although not as many as Preston. You will easily find a place to fish and relax at Myalup!

Waroona Dam

Not only is Waroona Dam (or Lake Navarino) an awesome place to camp for a few nights, but it has some great 4WD tracks, ranging from basic gravel tracks through to gnarly mud runs and decent hill climbs

Waroona 4WD Tracks
Exploring Waroona by 4WD

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  1. G’day Matt,

    I’ve never been there when it was problematic; we have crossed it a few times although it can be soft in some places. I’ve never managed to drive more than a few hundred metres north of the river though, its just too soft!

    Take care

  2. Matt Johnson says:

    My family own the tattoo shop in Jurien Bay and I lived there for 10 years, one piece of advice that an old timer that was there when it was just shacks gave me was:
    NEVER EVER ATTEMP TO CROSS THE HILL RIVER MOUTH. Plenty have tried and there’s a recovery once a month out there. Ive heard blokes day they’ve done it with ease but I won’t be trying it.

  3. G’day Dave,

    Sounds like a beast. I like White Hills to Myalup beach, but it depends on what you want to do. Dwellingup has some great tracks, which would be quite close. Otherwise, head down to Brunswick Junction and I bet you will find something that stops it!


  4. Gday great blog i just bought a 2009 h3 adventure should pack hummer and live in mandurah were should i christen the big girl. I love this truck its unstoppable.

  5. Hi Kessu,

    It sounds like you have a great vehicle. I believe this has a 3.4 litre engine? It will be fine on the beach, providing you let your tyres down properly. Take it for a spin on the beach; you will have a blast. Make sure you hose it off properly each time and you won’t do any damage to it at all


  6. Hi
    I just came across your blog. Like your advice and comments. I recently bought a 2003 Hilux SR5 dual cab 4×4 petrol auto. Has low mileage for its age(140 000 km)Have no experience in 4×4 driving so I plan to start with beach driving. What is your opinion on this vehicle and what advice can you give me on beach driving.

    I had the vehicle for about 4 months and don’t use it much. Even thought of selling it but because it is in such an excellent condition I thought maybe start enjoying it on the beach.

    Kind Regards


  7. Hi Karen,

    I am looking into setting up a dual battery system on my Hilux at the moment. It isn’t too hard to do, although there are a lot of different ways to go about it. I’d suggest having a look on the 4WD Forums, and if you are comfortable doing some of the work yourself why not give it a go? Unfortunately I don’t know any auto electricians, and they are all quite pricey!


  8. Hey Aaron,

    Awesome blog, was wondering if you know of how to set up a dual battery system or know of anyone who would do it cheaply even an auto electrician who is reasonable….. We are new to 4×4 wheel driving in the last month so need lots of help at this stage…. Thanks x

  9. G’day Shaun,

    Shop around, and have a read on the forums as to reviews. You can get some cheap ones off eBay that are copies of the more expensive brands (Safari is probably the most expensive) Some are good, some are not so good. I believe auto one can do a good deal, as well as the local four wheel drive stores. You can usually buy the holesaw (or find someone to borrow it off) and do the job for a lot less than paying someone to do it. However, you want to be sure it is well rust proofed and you measure at least twice before cutting the holes!


  10. Thanx champ will do that, also looking for a good place to buy a snorkle, and what’s the best,

  11. G’day Shaun,

    The 100 series Land Cruiser is an awesome vehicle. I’d suggest joining the Perth 4wd forum – there are trips almost every weekend. As for tyres, you have a whole range of options. The BFG all terrains will last a long time, but are a bit noisier. The Mickey Thompson Baja A/T’s have a good reputation as well.


  12. Hey guys,
    Well I’m in the process of buying my first 4wd, it’s a 2000 Toyota land cruiser wagon GXL, I will be looking at doing some small trips around the place, I have driven lots on the beach and a lil bit off road but would prefer to go on a trip with people with some knowledge of 4wdriving, I would love the power lines, it’s only got road tyres ATM but am looking at getting all terrain tyres, I will be using it a lot for work towing trailer so I’m not sure on what’s best, any input would be tops, thanx guys

  13. G’day Kristen,

    It’s great to hear you have bought a fourby – they are great fun. Have you done any four wheel driving? Perhaps give some beach driving a go before you hit the powerlines track. As far as I know (from within last week) the track is still open. It has some quite nasty sections, and I wouldn’t advise going without another vehicle, with a driver who knows how to four wheel drive!


  14. Love this blog, im 20 and just bought my first 4WD got me a lil Jeep Wrangler i love it.. i want to do the power lines but i have hurd they have now been closed? Is it ok for unrxperianced people like myself? 🙂

  15. G’day Peter,

    That’s great to hear – it is a very fun track. It’s well worth going with another car – you never know what can happen and a second vehicle is great security. Next time I do a trip I will let you know about it.


  16. gday.
    just did the powerline track at mundaring and i gotta say it was the most fun ive had in a long time. only got stuck once on a blind crest but all in all great day out. we went in one car butt want to go in a small convoy just dont know any one with a 4×4. would be interested to join you on your next trip there also. great blog and gonna try wilbinga next. pinjar powerstation was good. few soft sand sections make the trip more interesting.
    cheers, keep up the good work on the info

  17. Nice, sounds like a good buy.

    I’ll let you know when I am going to Mundaring again


  18. its only done 190000km, which aint really all that much, also has dual batt, n removable roof at the back. i kinda need the two sets of tyres cause i do alot of road driving to n from work, which chews the mud tyres.

  19. G’day Aaron,

    Nice work – they are great vehicles. How many kilometres has it done? I’ve thought about getting 2 sets of tyres, but the effort in changing them is too much for me. Dwellingup has some good tracks, and plenty to do.

    I will let you know next time I head to the Powerlines


  20. Gday Aaron, im not sure if u have heard of these but i have jus bought a 94 3.5L v6 SWB pajero. its a great little machine n i look forward to gettin out n about in it. hopefully wen and if you go out to the powerlines track again i can join youz. last time i was busy which sucked. this week i am getting the engine reconditioned, then after that will be lookking at a new set of tyres, at the moment i have 32″ pirilli scorpian mud tyres, they are decent jus wear down way to quick, im actually looking at gettin a set jus for off road n set for on road. im thinking of in the next 3-6 months going to dwellingyup n lancelin. kepp in touch n if u go out to the powerlines track be sure to let me know. cheers mate

  21. Hi Tintin,

    Thanks for the comment. Have fun out there!


  22. Hey mate
    Thanx for all rpthe info , I m just at the entry level I ve got a little rav4 and I wanna ake it on an adventure , your blog is very helpful I kind of have an idea about where to start .
    Thnx Aaron

  23. G’day Aaron,

    I haven’t ever been to the pines, but it is on my ‘to do list’! Unfortunately the rubbish dumping is getting worse everywhere, and it is truly disgusting. I wish the rangers were out and about more often fining people for there laziness.

    Have a good one

  24. hey the pines has a little mud pit of it own in it, can be good fun, i nearly rolled my car weekend jus gone there, i have a 91 jackeroo swb. but the way the rubbish is in there n shit dumped everywhere i woodnt be suprised it that gets closed to soon

  25. Hi Mike

    Thanks for the comment – I am glad you are enjoying Wilbinga. It is a favorite spot of mine too – not too far away from Perth but far enough to get some decent fish and have a play in the four wheel drives! You are right about the soft sand; it can be very deceiving!


  26. Hi Aaron,

    Great blog! I’ve been 4x4ing around Perth for about a year and just recently ‘discovered’ Wilbinga. Apart from Lancelin Dunes, it is my favorite location at the moment. It has a great variety of driving. I just thought I’d mention to your other readers that it gets rather soft as you get down onto the beach, so be careful. (It’s the only place so far that I have bogged the mighty Wrangler).

  27. Hi Mornay and Yvonne,

    Thanks for the comment. I am glad you have found them helpful 🙂


  28. Mornay & Yvonne Bauermeister says:

    We’re new on the 4×4 scene as well and enjoy your comments and tips. Keep them comming.

  29. Thanks 😉

  30. Harry Borella says:

    An excellent post with good points, We’ve been a lurker here for a short time but hope to become much more involved from now on.