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Power AGM Battery Review

There’s a lot of different 12V batteries out there, and when you see something that seems cheap its only human nature to be cautious of it. I was in exactly the same situation when it came to looking for new batteries for our camper trailer, and when I stumbled across the Power AGM brand I wondered if they were actually any good.

Power AGM batteries

Two Power AGM Batteries on our old Camper Trailer

I did a fair bit of reading, found out that they were sold by a number of different companies and couldn’t find any bad reviews about the batteries. On top of this, they actually weighed the correct amount to be a 135 amp hour battery, unlike some on the market. 

Unfortunately, you get a lot of people advertising items in an exagerated way, and the eBay solar panel saga is the perfect example of this. People are buying ‘300 watt’ solar panels that are actually only 200W, but falsely advertised.

I shopped around for some time, and eventually found a local company in Perth who was willing to match the best price I’d found online (at autoelec on eBay), and deliver them to my house the next day free of charge. I took the local service as I needed them ASAP for an upcoming trip, and we used them for a number of years after.

Now, you deserve to know that this is an unbiased review, and that I paid the normal retail price for both of my red, Power AGM batteries.

I installed them in parallel on the side of our soft floor camper trailer (giving us 270ah of capacity) and we used it extensively to run a 55L freezer, various lights and other small accessories. I used two 200W Low Energy Development Solar Panels to charge the batteries via a Victron MPPT charger, and it performed exceptionally well.

Victron MPPT case

The batteries and Victron MPPT worked flawlessly

Power AGM Battery Review

I had zero issues with my batteries, and they were still working when I sold the camper trailer. They held charge well, depleted correctly based on voltage and actual capacity, and did their job without any signs of impairment. If you look online for other reviews you’ll see that they seem to perform well overall, with very few people complaining about them.

If I was in the market for another 12V battery I’d certainly look at them again. I’ve read a huge number of positive reviews online regarding the Power AGM Batteries too, and can’t recall any negative reviews.

However, we’ll probably end up going down the lithium battery path as the batteries keep getting cheaper and the benefits are incredible, particularly surrounding weight. EDIT – We’ve just done that – Lithium Battery and Solar Upgrade.

That said, if you want a no fuss 12V battery the Power AGM units perform well with a no fuss, no frills arrangement.

Soft Floor Camper batteries

We worked these batteries pretty hard with no negative affects

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