Nannup Caravan Park; the perfect weekender from Perth

If you want a quiet, scenic and laid back caravan park to head to for a few days, you won’t go too wrong with Nannup Caravan Park.

We aren’t really Caravan Park people, but there are a couple of parks that we’ve stayed at that we really rate, and Nannup Caravan Park is one of them. It’s got a lot going for it, and its the perfect weekend away from Perth especially in the middle of winter.

We have very fond memories of kicking back around a nice fire with good company at Nannup Caravan Park, and would happily go back any time.

It falls within our 60 of the best camp sites near Perth, in case you are looking for more places to check out!

Nannup caravan park
Nannup Caravan Park is a stunning location

Where is Nannup?

You’ll find this beautiful town inland, south of Perth and roughly 3 hours drive away. 

Nannup walks
In the beautiful south west

What’s Nannup Caravan Park like?

I mentioned above that we really like Nannup Caravan Park. It’s quiet, has nice sites, is right near the river, has plenty of great walks nearby and the amenities are decent. It’s also well priced, with plenty of room to kick back and enjoy yourself.

Nannup Caravan Park is right on the edge of town too, making it very easy to go for a quick stroll and grab anything that you might want (including a nice meal out!). 

Nannup Caravan Park
The caravan park is right next to the river and town

The Caravan Park is home to a huge number of big trees which look absolutely spectacular year round, including in Autumn when the leaves change colour and fall off.

Nannup Caravan Park
The entry to Nannup Caravan Park

The sites aren’t the largest, and when its busy it can be a bit cramped, but if you go on an average winter weekend you can often spread out considerably. On our last stay we camped with another family with one site in between us, as no one else was nearby and there was heaps of room to spread out.

Nannup Caravan Park
One of our stays at Nannup Caravan Park

How much does it cost?

You’ll pay $32 per night for two people for an unpowered camping site at Nannup Caravan Park. Powered sites are $42 per night for two people, with discounts for seniors. There are peak rates too, but overall its pretty reasonably priced.

Nannup Caravan Park Cost
The pricing isn’t too bad at Nannup Caravan Park

Can you have fires at Nannup Caravan Park?

Yes, and in the middle of winter this is one of the best things to do in the area. You need to use a fire pit that is off the ground, and they’ll happily lend you one for your stay, free of charge. You can buy timber at the check in, or bring it with you.

Camping with kids
Enjoying a nice (and much needed) fire in the Caravan Park

What’s worth doing nearby?

The scenery around Nannup is spectacular. In late winter and spring its some of the best in WA. There are a number of fantastic walks along the river, and a walk through town is worth while too. 

Nannup Bridge
You can walk along the river and under the main bridge
Great scenery in Nannup
The whole area is beautiful

You can drive out to the two river camps, go into Pemberton, Donnelly river or just enjoy the local area.

One of our favourite places to go is the Golden Tree Farm in Balingup, which will take you along the Nannup Balingup Road and you’ll see some absolutely spectacular scenery.

Balingup tree farm
The Golden Valley Tree Farm is magnificent any time of year

They have a couple of more popular events including the Tulip displays and dinghy weekends too, which bring a good chunk of tourism into the area.

Camping breakfast
Kick back and have an amazing breakfast with a view
Nannup Bridge
There’s a lot of great places to walk and enjoy

What amenities do they have there?

All of the normal amenities are at the Nannup Caravan Park, including hot showers, flushing toilets, washing machines, a camp kitchen and so forth. You get a key to access these when you check in, and they are well maintained.

Nannup Caravan Park entry
You check in here

It gets cold

If you are camping in Nannup in Autumn, Spring or Winter you need to have the right gear as it gets seriously cold. We’ve woken to ice on our camping gear in the morning, and spent a couple of very cold nights there with the two kids snuggled into our bed as they couldn’t get warm enough. 

Freezing nights
It can get really cold in Nannup
Autumn colours
Cold, bright mornings at Nannup

Nannup Caravan Park in our old soft floor camper trailer was the reason we purchased a Diesel heater!

Take the right gear and you’ll be just fine. Don’t, and you’ll probably shiver through the night!

Overall, we love Nannup Caravan Park and will certainly be back

Camping in Nannup
We really rate Nannup Caravan Park

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