Westinghouse portable induction cooktop review

After deciding to do a lithium battery upgrade on our camper trailer, I realised we’d be mad to not get a big inverter and an induction cooktop, for when the sun was shining, and we had energy to burn. The question soon became what induction cooktop should we get?

We’ve ended up with a Westinghouse WHIC01K portable, single induction cooktop that we’ve been using for several months now, in our Hybrid Caravan.

Induction cooktop for camping
Our Westinghouse Portable Induction Cooktop

Yes, it runs off our 12V lithium batteries, and really doesn’t have much of an issue doing so. If we have cloudy days, we can run out of charge, and then we just revert back to the normal gas cooker, which is still fully functioning and ready to go at a moments notice.

To date, this has hardly ever happened and we have plenty of power and solar.

What have we used the induction cooktop for?

In order to give you a decent review, you need to know how its been used. We’ve had the induction cooktop now for about 16 months, and its probably done around 300 days of full time use so far.

An average day is boiling hot water in the morning for 4 hot drinks, then warming water for dishes, then it gets put away and used sometime in the afternoon for lunch and hot drinks again, and then we’ll use it at dinner time too for cooking on, and for hot water, unless we have the Weber out.

On an average day, it probably gets used about 6 times, for anywhere from 2 – 25 minutes, depending on what we are doing. 

The Westinghouse unit gets carried around in our toddlers bed, tucked under the blankets and zipped up so it can’t bounce around or get damaged in transit.

During the day, it sits on our outdoor kitchen bench, and is subject to the elements, and plenty of fine sand blowing around. If its really raining or windy we will shut the hatch, but it spends a lot of time sitting in the open.

Induction cooking
Our induction cooktop being used on the camper kitchen

How does it perform?

We’re blown away by the Westinghouse Portable Induction unit. It has full adjustability in 200W segments from 200W all the way to 2000W. It’s insanely fast, easily controllable, and easy to use.

It’s also fairly light, small and easy to use. It works well, and we’re really happy with it. Cleaning it is an absolute breeze, and its so much nicer than using the factory Reconn R2 gas cooker.

Boiling water on our induction cooktop
Boiling water on the Westinghouse Induction Cooktop

What don’t we like about the Westinghouse Induction Cooktop?

I don’t like the beeping noise that it makes when you change settings, or turn it on, but its a small niggle in the scheme of things.

Early on I noticed the unit smelt a bit, a bit like you’ve let the electrical smoke out when its running at 2000W, but we did have it in the outdoor kitchen that copped a fair amount of fine dust from the wind at Shark Bay, and maybe it was just that getting hot.

I don’t know, but its stopped and has been fine for several months since.

Induction cooktop wattage
Fully adjustable wattage, but it does beep a bit when you adjust things

Are they any good?

Yep, and we’d happily get one again. To be fair, I’ve not used anything else, but I have no need to; this does exactly what we need it to, and its been flawless so far.

If anything changes, we’ll update this, but know that we are travelling Australia with this as our primary cooker, and loving every minute of it!

Induction cooktop on the Dmax
We really rate the Westinghouse induction cooktop

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  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    Yep, it pulses. This isn’t abnormal for some appliances, but I’ve wondered if it’s good too.

    That said, we have been using our one for nearly a year full time and it’s been fine on the 3000w inverter.

    It’s something I’ll have to do some more digging on.

    All the best

  2. Elizabeth Blakeman says:

    Does the induction stove use a pulsing current at settings below 800watts?
    We bought a Westinghouse portable induction cooktop with two rings, and find that on settings below 1000watts it pulses from 0 to 1200 watts, rather than just drawing a steady wattage. We question whether that is good for our inverter.
    any thoughts?
    I can monitor our system with an app and see it pulsing…..ie the numbers flicking up and down.

  3. Hey Malcolm,

    It’s performing flawlessly, and has been hammered over the last 9 months full time. It would work, providing your battery can handle the discharge rate. You should know that it pulls a minimum of around 88 amps, and just adjusts the on and off time based on the settings, and goes to a maximum of around 150 amps on full power.

    On the lowest setting (200W), it will pull 88 amps for as split second, then cycle off for a few seconds, and then keep repeating.

    All the best

  4. Malcolm Draycott says:

    Hiya, after an update on the Westinghouse induction. looking to get one for my car when camping. Have a 170ah lithium and 1500w inverter. It sounds like the adjustable power on this unit would make it suitable?

  5. Hey Ern,

    Yep, it makes a huge amount of difference, and probably wastes a heap of gas in the process. The best thing you can do is use a wind shield, but having 100% of the energy going into the pan via induction makes a world of difference. That said, upgrading isn’t necessarily a good idea; they use an insane amount of power

    All the best

  6. Thanks. I’d been wondering.
    When there’s a stiff breeze our gas burner is useless.

  7. Hey Peter,

    Unreal, and no, I didn’t know that. Convenient storage spot, as long as you don’t forget about it!

    All the best

  8. We have one, did you know that it fits perfectly in the grill section of the swift cook oven cooker.