Dangars Gorge on the Waterfall Way

Keen on exploring waterfalls in NSW? Dangars Gorge is a great place to start.

The waterfall way is a popular drive through Northern NSW, and after some recommendations of doing it came our way, we made tracks from Illaroo Campground. After grabbing supplies in Glen Innes, we headed through Armidale, and out to Dangars Gorge, for one night.

Dangars Gorge views
Looking out over Dangars Gorge

Where is Dangars Gorge?

You’ll find this place 25 minutes South East of Armidale, in NSW, on the Waterfall Way.

What’s the road like to Dangars Gorge?

The drive in ends with a 9km gravel track that is quite narrow in sections. It’s also reasonably corrugated with pot holes fairly evenly spread out. It’s certainly not a bad road, but its one that might make you consider letting some air out of your tyres on the way in! If you meet another vehicle in a number of places you might have to reverse to make room.

Costs to stay and booking requirements

The actual camping is free here, but you need to book a spot, and that’s a $6 booking fee.

Our camp at Dangars Gorge
The camping at Dangars Gorge is free, minus the admin fee

Amenities at Dangars Gorge

You’ll find the usual amenities at Dangars Gorge. There’s a drop toilet, decent day use area kitchen, fire pits in each site and some have picnic tables.

What’s the Gorge like?

The Gorge is only a short walk from camp, and its pretty spectacular. You can see a large chunk of it from the first lookout, but the other two lookouts are even better, and worth doing. One is 300m away, and the other is 800m away.

We opted to walk to the 800m lookout, and saw a big red belly black snake basking on the rocks. It took off when the kids ran past, and it was out again when we came back, doing its best to soak up the pretty abysmal rays of sun that were out and about!

Checking out Dangar Gorge
Our kids looking out over Dangars Gorge

Walks at Dangars Gorge

There’s quite a few walks to do at Dangars Gorge, and the one that is suppose to be the most fun was shut when we visited.

Walking at Dangar Gorge
We didn’t do all of the walks, but its worth doing at least a few

Is it worth a stay?

Yep. You can’t really go wrong with Dangars Gorge. It’s easy to get to, virtually free, picturesque and has great walks. We’d certainly go back!

Dangar Gorge
We’d recommend Dangars Gorge

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