Jounama Creek Camping; the ultimate kids playground

New South Wales has some fantastic camp sites, and we’re on a mission to find the best ones, and share them with you. Jounama Creek is one of our latest stays, and we were quite impressed by the camp site, and what it has.

We only spent a night here (but virtually a full day) on our way north, but thought it was easily worth a stay for anyone coming through.

Camped at Jounama Creek
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Jounama Creek

Where is Jounama Creek?

This camp site is right out of Talbingo, on Jounama Creek. Its literally right off the Snowy Mountains Highway, at the bottom of a big hill. You turn in, and drive down a gravel road for a few hundred metres, before arriving at the start of the camp site, which goes on for quite a distance.

Jounama Creek Camping area
There’s plenty of room to camp

What does it cost to stay?

This camp site is the usual $6 booking fee, and that’s it. Stay for one night, and its $6, two would be $3, three nights would be $2 and so on. Not bad at all! You will get just enough reception to book using Telstra at the camp site in spots, but the phone reception is average and you’re better off booking before you arrive, or driving into Talbingo to do so.

Jounama Creek is great value
It’s a steal for just a $6 booking fee

Can you have dogs?

No, but that didn’t seem to stop quite a few people who had them. This is still part of the Kosciuszko National Park, and that means no dogs.

What’s the camping like?

There’s a lot of different camping options here. Some back right onto the beautiful creek, and others are on grassy sections further away. There’s a few corners and bends that you can camp at, and people were camping much further up the road as well.

We had a spectacular spot right next to the creek, with a bit of shade and the perfect amount of room for the kids to run around, rock hop and explore.

The running water was magic to go to sleep to, and we thought it was just a great place to stay. In many ways, it reminded us of some of the Victorian High Country camp sites, on pristine creeks.

Our spot at Jounama Creek
We had a nice, quiet spot with good creek access
Enjoying the creek
Our kids spent hours playing in the creek

What amenities are there?

You’ll find drop toilets, picnic tables and fire pits at Jounama Creek, and that’s it. You don’t need anything else anyway!

Jounama Creek with the kids
The creek is the best attraction for the kids!

Is it worth a stay?

I really liked Jounama Creek. We’ve stayed at far worse camp sites in NSW, and this ones cheap, picturesque, relatively quiet and just a beautiful place to be. Check it out if you’re in the area!

Jounama Creek is spectacular
It’s a ripper spot that is very easy to get to

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