Long Plains Hut; another great Kosciuszko National Park Camp

If you’re looking for a stunning alpine campground with a good chance of seeing wild brumbies, Long Plain Hut Campground is a great choice in the Kosciusko National Park. We recently spend a couple of nights here, and thought it was a pretty decent place to be, with several attractions nearby that are really worth a look.

Long Plains Hut Campground
Long Plains Hut is a small, popular and pretty great campground near Yarrangobilly

Where is Long Plain Hut?

You’ll find this place just off the Snowy Mountains Highway, roughly 143km from Jindabyne and 41km from Talbingo. It’s also just 20 minutes to the Yarrangobilly Caves and Thermal Pools, and not much more to Blue Holes.

Yarrangobilly Thermal Pools
Long Plains is fairly close to Yarrangobilly Caves and Thermal Pool, and Blue Water Holes

What amenities are there?

There’s a drop toilet here, and that’s it. You’ll have to bring your own toilet paper too, as it doesn’t even have a holder for toilet paper, but it’s a decent camp site set up for those who are mostly self contained.

There are a number of fire pits around for people to use too.

Fire pits at Long Plains Hut
There’s a toilet and fire pits here, and that’s it

Bookings and costs

This campground falls under the $6 management fee, which is all you pay. That can be for one night, two nights or up to 7 nights, making it pretty good value. Book online and in advance as there is no reception here, except a tiny bit at the turn off, and some further along the road at one of the huts.

Fires and dogs

Being inside the Kosciusko National Park dogs are an absolute no, along with chainsaws. Fires are permitted in season, with the fire pits being pretty well set up.

What’s worth doing nearby?

The Yarrangobilly Caves and Thermal Pool are worth a look (but you have to pay entry fees to the caves, whether they’re guided or self guided). We did South Glory cave, and thought it was pretty good. The thermal pool is interesting and quite pretty, but its not that warm, and you’ll share it with ducks. It’s worth a look, but its not mind blowing like some people portray it to be on social media.

Swimming in the Yarrangobilly thermal pool
Having a dip in the Yarrangobilly Thermal Pool is nice, but not insanely amazing
Yarrangobilly River walk
We walked back along the river and through South Glory Cave
South Glory Cave is massive
South Glory Cave was pretty impressive, and easily the biggest we’ve been into

Blue Holes is absolutely sensational, and I’d highly recommend you check this out, with spectacular scenery and walks that just blew my mind.

Blue Waterholes is absolutely stunning
Blue Waterholes are absolutely magnificent
Clarkes Gorge at Blue Waterholes
The walks here are staggeringly beautiful

On the way, stop at the Coolamine Homestead hut too, and soak up some history. These are pretty stunning huts, and we really enjoyed a short stop.

Coolamine Homestead is worth a look
We really enjoyed walking around Coolamine Homestead too
Coolamine Huts are worth a look
The history here is fascinating

It gets cold

This should come without saying, but it gets really cold here. Temperature wise its not uncommon to see single digits overnight, but if its windy, that cold is a whole new level. Our diesel heater got a bit of a workout here, and the sun was greatly appreciated, which comes over the hill pretty early in the day and puts the camp in mostly full sun for the day.

Exhaust and fresh air
I’m so glad we fitted our Diesel heater; its been unreal

Brumbies at Long Plains Hut

Initially, we’d booked this camp site for its close proximity to the caves, thermal pool and Blue Holes, but we were keen to see some wild brumbies too. We were lucky enough to see about 10 at Three Mile Dam, which was fantastic, and we saw more at Long Plains too.

Mostly they were in the distance, but one evening at about 8PM I stepped out of the camper to see them just 20 metres away from camp, which was pretty cool.

Wild Brumbies in the distance
We saw wild brumbies in the distance a few times, and they walked through camp at night

Long Plains Hut

The actual hut itself, is not what I was expecting. It’s quite large, with multiple rooms, and painted in a colour that is unusual. It’s certainly worth a look, and only about 100 metres away from the main camping ground. Some people call in during the day to check it out, but its not that popular.

The Long Plains Horse Camp

Roughly 400 metres away from the main campground is another one, set up for horse owners. I’m told that non horse owners use it too, but understandably it makes people upset. We met some lovely people here who showed us their horses, and even let the kids sit on one, which was really appreciated.

Is it worth a stay at Long Plains Hut?

This is a well kept, beautiful camp site with great views, and great access to different attractions. At $6 for as many nights as you please, its pretty hard to beat. We’d certainly recommend Long Plains Hut.

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