Wagga Wagga Camping; what are your options?

After leaving the truly amazing Victorian High Country, we spent some time around Wagga Wagga Camping, and in today’s post we take a look at the different options, and what we thought of them.

Keen on more NSW camping options? We’ve got heaps covered for you.

Camped at Wagga Wagga
We found a number of different Wagga Wagga camping options

Oura Beach

About 20 minutes out of Wagga Wagga itself is Oura Beach, a popular camping destination that is fairly well known. We headed out here first, and planned to spend two nights prior to moving to a Hipcamp property that we’d booked in over Easter, to guarantee that we had somewhere to stay.

Oura Beach is a pretty picturesque location along the Murrumbidgee River that is looked after by the council.

It’s a big, grassy area with a heap of big trees, and a day use area. There’s provisions for launching your boat in the river, and the camp sites are basically fit in where you can.

We spent a fair bit of time trying to find somewhere with views of the river that wasn’t under a big gum tree, as they have a reputation for dropping big limbs that will comfortably crush your vehicle or camper, let alone anyone under them!

We managed to get a great spot overlooking the river, with a tiny bit of river noise that was perfect for drowning out the generator that someone who’s been staying here for a long time runs most hours of the day.

Views from our camp site at Oura Beach
We managed to get a pretty nice camp site at Oura Beach
Oura Beach Camping
We even had fantastic river views

There’s a toilet here, and a number of places suitable for fires, and yet a sign as you enter that says no fires, so go figure.

This is relatively quiet during the week, but it gets busier on the weekends and over periods like Easter, expect it to be quite full. When we left on Easter Friday there was still room for more, but it had filled up quite a bit.

Oura Beach main campground
The main campground area, back from the water

For the most part people were relatively quiet and respectful, which was awesome to see.

Exploring Oura Beach
Our kids loved exploring the beach here
Amazing sunset at Oura Beach
The sunsets are next level over the water


We love staying on private properties, and whilst we generally don’t like the fee’s associated with using Hipcamp, they provide a good service and when you find a grassy camp site just 7km out of Wagga Wagga for $20 a night (plus the service fees), it’s a good deal.

We specifically locked this in (as we’d normally wing it), because we had family flying in that we were catching up with, and wanted the security of a designated place to stay over Easter. You can wing it, but I know how busy places get, and there’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze yourself into a camp site!

The views here are beautiful, with a small amount of noise from passing traffic and the trains, but it’s a fantastic place. Unfortunately the sites are not very level, and despite stacking a heap of timber up on one side and ending with our camper step about a metre in the air, I wasn’t happy with it, so we managed to move a rock, and drive the camper wheel into the hole, and up a ramp on the other side.

To put it into perspective, you need to lift an average caravan about 30cm on one side to get it level, which is extensive!

You need your own camping toilet to stay here, but grey water is fine to be dropped onto the ground.

Great Camping at Bundaleer
We really liked this place, but expect to need to level your setup extensively

This place was awesome though; the owner that we met was really friendly, the views and location are great and it’s a really nice place to stay, after coming from a busy Oura beach.

Amazing sunset at Bundaleer
The sunsets and views here are magic, but you are quite exposed to the wind
Bundaleer Camping and levelling our van
We really liked this place, and the security of a guaranteed spot was priceless

See our vlog

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Wagga Wagga Free Camp

Driving through Wagga Wagga, I was quite surprised to cross the bridge and see a significant number of caravans camped on a big grassy area. This is the Wagga Wagga Free Camp, and you couldn’t ask for a closer location for camping.

Its completely free here, with a lot of room, but it does get busy and you are camped fairly close to the main road. Some sites are 50 odd metres away, but there were a few camped within 15 metres of the main road, which isn’t for us.

Still, its a great option, and any town that makes low cost, or free camping easy (especially so close to town), should be congratulated.

Wagga Wagga free camp
Free camping just outside Wagga Wagga at Wilks Park
Wagga Wagga Free Camping at Wilks Park
This is a big area, with lots of room that is used by a heap of people

There are a number of other camp sites on the other side of Wagga Wagga, and we didn’t get to check them out, but you shouldn’t have any issues finding Wagga Wagga Camping spots.

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