Riverview camping; the ultimate peace and quiet in Bodalla

Keen on the ultimate peace and quiet, even on the busiest long weekends? Riverview is a great private property Dairy farm that has opened its gates up to campers. Did I mention its green, and has the Tuross River flowing right past it, along with Bumbo Lake in its backyard?

Camped at Riverview
Our spot at Riverview was incredibly quiet

Where is Riverview?

You’ll find this place about 10 minutes out of Bodalla, or 20 minutes from Potato Creek, which is a stunning part of the coastline. It’s also only about 15 minutes from the well known (and expensive) Beachcomber Holiday Park.

Tuross River at Riverview
The property literally butts up against the Tuross River
The beautiful Potato Creek
We drove out to Potato Creek a few times, and loved it

What does it cost to camp?

We paid $47 a night to stay here as a family of 4, including the Hipcamp fee, which is a lot more than we’d have rather pay, but given the circumstances it was the best thing we could find in school holidays.

If you want to camp right on the Tuross River you’ll pay marginally more too, but you get a lot more space, peace and quiet than you’d ever get in a caravan park (or national park too!).

Riverview camps
It’s expensive, but still cheaper than alternatives

What amenities are there at Riverview?

There are no amenities here. You need to bring your own chemical toilet, and be completely self sufficient.

You need to be self sufficient
You’ve got to be completely self sufficient

What did we think of Bumbo on Riverview?

We camped at Bumbo, which is right next to the creek that flows to and from Bumbo Lake. This was the only spot available for the Australia Day Long weekend, and whilst we would have preferred to on the Tuross River the sites were more expensive, and not available anyway.

In terms of peace and quiet, views and room, this place was a 10/10. On one of the busiest weekends on the NSW coast, we only saw three other campers, and they were all at least 100 metres away.

The pricing is expensive, but its cheaper than virtually anything else around unless you manage to get into a national parks camp site (which you’d need to book months in advance for Australia Day!), or a free camp somewhere. We’d come from Shallow Crossing Campground, and would have happily stayed there longer too, but it was booked out!

Camping at Riverview
The privacy was great

The creek, river and property were stunning, but the creek access was pretty challenging at anything beyond high tide, with the edges being muddy and slippery. If you wanted to go out on the paddle board there was only one suitable place to launch, and if it wasn’t high tide you were getting mud up to the knees at times, which isn’t that pleasant.

On the stand up paddle board
At high tide river access was easy, and a lot of fun

There were also a lot of flies around, which I assume is just a by product of the dairy farm (although the cows were quite a while away from us).

Overall though, this is a magic property that we really enjoyed, and we chuckled at how quiet it was, compared to the rest of NSW!

Camped near Lake Bumbo
It’s a decent place, especially when everywhere else is very busy

We probably would not stay here again unless we had no other option, but that’s purely because its more than we like to pay. NSW is expensive, and this is a decent spot to stay, especially if you have a bigger group and want to be away from the crowds, but close enough to the amazing sights.

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