Coorongooba Campground; spectacular NSW views

Not far away from the stunning Ganguddy Dunns Swamp Campground lies another one with a big reputation; Coorongooba Campground. We’d planned to stay here, but it was closed due to flooding earlier on. However, after staying at Dunns Swamp, a neighbour had twisted our arm and said you have to go back; its magic, so we booked it when we had reception, and headed in.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but its not long into the drive that you realise this is going to be a magic part of the world, and that it is. Perched at the bottom of some massive rock formations, with a stream trickling its way past the camp site, its hard not to be absolutely wowed as you pull in.

Magic camping at Coorongooba
It’s hard not to be taken aback by this stunning scenery
Coorongooba Campground drive in
The drive in makes it pretty clear you’re going somewhere special

Where is Coorongooba?

You’ll find this stunning location just past Glen Davies, North East of Lithgow. You can get there from two ways; either Capertee, or from Kandos or Rylstone.

Dunns Swamp is a magic place
We came down from Dunns Swamp near Rylstone and left via Capertee

Do you need a 4WD?

No, and we saw a lot of people come in without a 4WD. Both roads in are decent bitumen (although the one from Rylstone has a lot more pot holes and rough surfaces. The last part of the drive (whichever way you come in) in is gravel, but its exceptional condition and easily suitable for all 2WD vehicles. You do have to drive through a small stream, which I would imagine could flow quite strong and high at times, but when we visited it was barely 15cm deep.

The gravel road to Coorongooba
The gravel road in is pristine

What’s at the camp site?

When you arrive, you drive down a single lane gravel track in between the stunning gorge, and it opens up into a handful of massive grassy areas. You can camp along the fence near the creek, or back further up on the grass.

Camping at Coorongooba
There’s lots of choice for where to camp
Camped further back at Coorongooba
You can camp further back, with lots of grass around

The creek access is somewhat limited, with the best spot that we found right at the start, just down from the first set of toilets. The creek is beautiful though, with a sandy bottom, and plenty of room to walk upstream and explore.

It was just deep enough for the kids to splash around and get wet, but beware of the soft spots in the sand, as you’ll sink down in a hurry!

Coorongooba Creek
The creek is absolutely sensational for kids

Amenities at Coorongooba

You’ll find drop toilets here, fire pits and even a remote dump point, which was pretty handy!

Magic views of Coorongooba
The views here are the best gift!

History of Coorongooba

If you take a walk from the lookout, you’ll get to see the old shale factory, which is on private land but still mostly standing. This was a shale oil extraction plant that closed up shop in 1952. You can do guided tours here, that need to be organised from Glen Davis.

Bookings and costs

This is another one of the bookable NSW national park camp sites, and the cost is a one off $6 booking fee. You can only stay for 7 nights, but even if you did one night, it’s a steal at $6.

You need to book in advance online, as there is absolutely zero phone reception.

Coorongooba Campground
Make sure you book before you head in

Dogs and fires

Being in the Wollemi National Park, dogs are totally forbidden. Fires are permitted in season, although you aren’t supposed to take any firewood from the area, so bring your own in.

Did we like this camp site?

Coorongooba Campground is magnificent, and as grand as a camp site gets. The massive rock cliffs that surround you as you drive in only get better when you arrive at camp, and watching the light fade in the afternoon, and then light them back up again the next morning is surreal.

The camp sites are big, grassy, beautiful and a complete steal for what you pay. We’d absolutely recommend a few nights here.

Stay a few nights at Coorongooba
We thought this was a sensational spot

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