Bramwell Junction Roadhouse; an Iconic Cape York stay

The Bramwell Junction Roadhouse is a very well known destination on your way up and down to Cape York, for good reason. It’s got great service, but also happens to be located on the Junction of the infamous Old Telegraph Track, and the road that goes to Bamaga (Telegraph Road).

On the way up to the top of Cape York we spent a night at Moreton Telegraph Station, and we decided on the way back we’d stay at Bramwell Junction Roadhouse instead.

Camped at Bramwell Junction
We spent a night at Bramwell Junction on the way back from Cape York, and thought it was great

This is not the Bramwell Station Tourist Park

Now, I want to start off with clarifying that there are actually two places you can camp at with similar names. Bramwell Junction Roadhouse is on the junction of the main road to Bamaga and the Old Telegraph Track, and you drive right past it.

The Bramwell Tourist Park is 5km further south, and off the main road. This is well known for live music, and you will not see it unless you make the turn off, and head in!

Where is Bramwell Junction Roadhouse?

You’ll find this place around 212km from Bamaga, across the Jardine Ferry. If you’re coming from the north, its around 232 km to Coen, and 38km to Moreton Telegraph Station.

Distances from Moreton Telegraph Station
Moreton Telegraph Station and Bramwell Junction Roadhouse are very close together

Bramwell Junction Camping

Asides from the food, and general supplies Bramwell Junction is very popular to camp at. This might be whilst you do the southern part of the old telegraph track, or it could be on your way up or down.

You won’t miss the big camping area as you literally drive right past it, and its pretty well set up. There’s a heap of green grass, and lots of shelters that you can pull up right next to, which is greatly appreciated.

The amenities are donga style and are pretty decent.

Bramwell Junction camped by the shelter
The camping area at Bramwell is really good

Watch the vlog

YouTube video

What does it cost?

Camping at Bramwell Junction is $30 per night, for two adults, and kids are completely free all the way up to 16. I make a big point of this, because on our stay at Moreton Telegraph Station we paid $40 for two adults, and then they sting you for kids over 3 years old. Our unpowered site ended up being $50 for the night, which hurt.

Value for money, Bramwell wins every day of the week. The camping might be a little less private, and there is a small amount of road noise until it gets dark, but we found it a far nicer place to stop overall.

You also get free access to WIFI, which is pretty handy. It’s nothing amazing, but its nice to catch up with messages etc.

I will mention that the showers weren’t exactly warm when we went (not that it really mattered with the weather), and there was a bit of a sewage smell at times near the toilets, but we really liked this place, and would absolutely go back again.

Bramwell Junction Fuel
Out the front of Bramwell Junction Roadhouse

The Old Telegraph Track

If you have a 4WD, a substantial amount of 4WDing experience, winch and suitable recovery gear, this track is raved about amongst 4WD owners.

At nearly 200km long, a lot of the track is relatively straight forward, but there are some obstacles that are nothing short of insane.

Old Telegraph Track
The old telegraph track starts at Bramwell Junction

You can bypass a number of them, but you will be driving through water, and in some cases a lot of it, so think very carefully about your vehicle, and the chances of damage.

Every year a significant number of 4WD’s are drowned or badly damaged on this track, but there are a heap of others who make it through unscathed, or with very minimal damage.

Telegraph track water crossings
There’s some pretty crazy water crossings on the old telegraph track
Palm Creek chicken track
Even the easier tracks on the Old Telegraph Track aren’t challenge free

This track is not suitable for towing anything but the most capable, and off road small trailers (like a patriot camper trailer for example), and ideally, you don’t tow anything (and most people don’t).

If you don’t want to do the OTT, just take the PDR all the way to the top, which is nothing more than a rough gravel road at times.

What does Bramwell Roadhouse sell?

You can get fuel, basic supplies, burgers and WIFI here. When we called through in early June 2023, the diesel was $2.70 a litre, and unleaded was the same price.

Would we stay at Bramwell Roadhouse again?

Yep, in a heartbeat. The staff are awesome, its super convenient, the camping is really good with its shelters, lots of space and green grass, and overall its just a nice, good value place to be.

Bramwell Junction camping
We really enjoyed our overnight stay here, and would absolutely go here again

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