Flaggy Rock Camping; pristine camping on the way to Airlie Beach

Looking for a campground with a beautiful pool, acres of manicured lawn, and fantastic views? Flaggy Rock Community Centre meets all this, and more, and we really appreciated a night spent here on our way up to Airlie Beach before hopping on our Whitsunday Cruise

We love open camp sites with a heap of room for the kids to run around, and when it has a pool, amazing caretaker, great views and its economical, its as good as it gets for us.

Tropical camping at Flaggy Rock
Camped with my folks on a great site at Flaggy Rock

Where is the Flaggy Rock Campground?

You’ll find this place just off the Bruce Highway, roughly half way between Rockhampton and Mackay, making it very well located to break the drive up along the Queensland coast.

What amenities do they have?

Flaggy Rock has drinking water (and lots of bore water outlets), a nice pool that is mostly shaded, toilets and showers, and rubbish bins. They’ve also got a small stall that sells art and jams or relishes, and they’ve got a ripper caretaker, which we go into below.

Amenities at Flaggy Rock
This place has all the usual amenities, and a nice pool
Enjoying the pool at Flaggy Rock
We spent a number of hours in the pool at Flaggy Rock

What does it cost to camp?

Camping here is $20 per night, and that’s been increased slowly over the years. It’s still fantastic value, and absolutely worth the cost.

Camped at Flaggy Rock
$20 a night is well justified

The caretaker is a legend

People can make or break a place, and the caretaker here is nothing short of amazing. We love meeting people who are incredibly friendly and helpful, and you get that by the bucket load. He works super hard maintaining the grounds too, and he made our stay substantially better than it could have been with a number of kind gestures and nice conversations.

Bananas at Flaggy Rock
We were really impressed with the caretaker, who went out of his way to help us on a number of occasions (and gave us some bananas!)

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We really rate this place

The Flaggy Rock Camping area is much like camping in someone’s amazing backyard, and getting access to their pool. There’s more room for the kids to run around than you’ll ever need, and combined with the amazing caretaker, we had a brilliant stay here.

We didn’t get to look around the coast or anything else, but would 110% stay here again if we were coming past, and you should too! It’s one of the nicer Queensland Camp Sites that we’ve found.

Flaggy Rock Camping
You can’t ask for much better than this

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