The Block on the Hill Camping

The Glasshouse Mountains region is truly stunning, and when we drove past one of the lumps, I turned and said to Sarah, we need to spend a few nights around here and check them out. There’s limited Glasshouse Mountains camping options around, but when we found The Block on the Hill, we rang and booked a couple of nights.

The Block on the Hill camping
Amazing, quiet private property camping not far from the Glasshouse Mountains

Where is The Block on the Hill?

The Block on the Hill is located south of Maleny, and West of Beerwah in the Peachester region with big, green rolling hills and amazing views of the Glasshouse Mountains.

The Glasshouse Mountains aren't too far away
The Glasshouse Mountains aren’t that far away

What’s there?

This private property is a beautiful, green grassy paddock that is surrounded by a creek on 3 sides. The water doesn’t always flow, but even in the middle of October, there was a trickle getting through in parts, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Creek at the Block
The Creek doesn’t always flow, but our kids loved it

The paddock is free for all, with your only neighbours the resident sheep and goats that wander around. You’ll find a number of fire pits spread around the area, and the most common places to camp are at least 50 – 100 metres away from other spots (and much further in many cases).

There is a toilet and shower in a shed, which we never looked at, but its generally considered self contained camping.

We camped at Block on the Hill
Our camp site in the distance, at The Block on the Hill

How much does it cost to stay?

Camping here is $15 per adult, per night, with kids free. That’s $30 a night for us, which is more than you’d pay at a national park campground, but still reasonable value when you compare it to other places.

For the privacy, views and area for the kids to run around, its reasonably priced, in our opinion.

The Block on the Hill views and room
There’s a heap of room here to spread out
Goats and sheep on the property
The goats and sheep are a nice touch

Is it worth a stay?

We really enjoyed our stay here. Theres enough shade around that you can set yourself up to avoid the hotter days (we had 36 degrees one day!), and plenty of room for the kids to explore and run around.

We did see a couple of snakes on the other side of the creek, which would be common when the weather warms up, but that’s the case everywhere.

Two snakes near the Glasshouse Mountains
We saw two snakes in the distance here

This property allowed us to explore the Glasshouse Mountains, along with Gardners Falls and a number of other beautiful places nearby with ease, and we thought it was worth a stay.

Swimming at Gardners Falls
We loved our visit to Gardners Falls; its amazing!

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