Miallo Creek; unbelievable Queensland Camping

Keen on a quiet, spectacular camp site right on a beautiful Creek? Miallo Creek might be the place you’ve been dreaming of!

We’ve stayed at hundreds and hundreds of different campgrounds over the years. Some have been amazing, and some have been very, very average. Today though, I want to share a spectacular campground that we stumbled across in Far North Queensland, called Miallo Creek.

We spent two amazing nights here, and rated it as one of the best Queensland Camp Sites so far. If you want privacy, a spectacular creek to splash around in, and scenery that is up there with the best that we’ve seen, Miallo Creek might tickle your fancy.

Miallo Creek Stay
Looking down on one of the nicest campgrounds we’ve stayed at
Pristine Queensland Camping
Pristine camping next to a beautiful creek

Where is Miallo Creek?

You’ll find this place about 30 minutes north of Port Douglas, and not too far out of Mossman itself. We wanted to base ourselves here to stock up at the Mossman Woolworths, and have a couple of days relaxing and sorting things out before we headed north towards Cooktown and Cape York.

Mossman Hills area
Mossman is a short drive away

What’s there?

Miallo Creek is our sort of camp site. It’s at the bottom of a big, grassy paddock, overlooking a truly stunning creek, and that’s it. There’s no amenities, no neighbours a metre away from your camping setup and no road noise. 

Camping at Miallo Creek Stay
The camping locations are private, and super close to the water

Our kids had an absolute ball splashing and floating down the creek, which we were told is crocodile free. There’s one small section big enough for a proper swim, but even floating down the river is a lot of fun, and greatly appreciated when its warm.

Kids floating down the creek
Our kids loved floating down the creek

You might be in the same paddock as a quiet, and injured cow, but asides from this, its just an incredibly picturesque camping area that we absolutely adored.

There’s a number of horses that are nearby, plenty of interesting fish in the creek, and a whole lot of peace and quiet.

Great views at Miallo Creek Stay
It’s pretty hard to complain about the views here
Miallo Creek is spectacular
Lots of peace and tranquility

Watch our vlog

Want to see more of this place, on video? Here’s our vlog from the visit:

YouTube video

What does it cost?

It’s $30 a night to stay here through Hipcamp, plus their fee. I’d normally say this is overpriced, but I feel its probably on the money considering the location, and what you get, and I’d take this any day of the week than the Tropic Breeze Caravan Park (more so to do with the lack of neighbours, and peace and quiet than the actual caravan park!).

Limited camping room
We paid a lot more to camp at Tropic Breeze in Port Douglas

Do you need a 4WD?

I’m going to suggest that if there’s been any rain recently, you need a 4WD. We had a fair bit of rainfall on the night prior to departure, and that morning, and the paddock surface was as slippery as I’ve ever experienced before. We literally couldn’t take off on the flat with our camper behind, and ended up with a filthy car and camper to get out. The owner thought it was hilarious, and it was good fun, but it is incredibly slippery with a bit of rain!

Departing Miallo Creek
We had a hard time getting out of here, but it was pretty funny

Would we recommend Miallo Creek?

Yep, we loved this place. The creek is beyond beautiful, and our kids spent a massive number of hours floating down the creek, swimming, splashing and enjoying themselves. It was the perfect place to re-group after 3 weeks of being tourists in the Whitsundays, Cairns Cool Waters Caravan Park and then Tropic Breeze with family, and allowed us to sort our cars and campers our, and re-stock for a big trip to the top of Australia.

Relaxing at Miallo Creek
Kicking back along the creek

Bobbie (the owner) is incredibly friendly, and the kids come around offering to sell firewood if you need. There’s also some injured rescue animals that you might get to see, but overall, this is our sort of camp site, and if you’re looking for one of the most picturesque places you could ever camp at, Miallo Creek might be for you.

Views of the creek from camp
Views of the creek from camp

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