Grannys Flat Campground; magnificent High Country Camping

There are few words that can express how truly amazing the Victorian High Country is, but some of the places we visited certainly give you a good perspective. After spending 3 hours on the Jamieson-Licola Road, we were so excited and pleased to pull into Grannys Flat Campground, and to find that it is nothing short of sensational.

Our amazing camp site at Grannys Flat
We immediately fell in love with Grannys Flat Campground, and how could you not?

Where is Grannys Flat Campground?

Grannys Flat Campground is only 8km away from Jamieson, and 45km from Mansfield. It’s not too far off the Jamieson-Licola Road, and is easy enough to get to.

Driving from Licola
The drive from Licola is slow, but its super fast from Jamieson

What amenities are there?

Grannys Flat has a couple of toilets, and a number of fire pits around the place. There are also a number of picnic tables, and people have built their own rock based fire places in a number of locations as well.

Toilets at Grannys Flat
The usual, decent toilets in the Victorian High Country are found here.

What’s the campground like?

Our dream campground in the Victorian High Country was something quiet, near a beautiful creek, and 4WD access only. Grannys Flat Campground ticks a number of boxes, with truly awesome camping on green, grassy areas right near the beautiful Jamieson river.

Camped at Grannys Flat Campground
Grannys Flat Campground is certainly one of the better ones we’ve been to in the High Country

Whilst its fairly easy to get to, and does get very busy on the weekends and peak periods, its nice and quiet during the week, and we spent 3 amazing nights here.

This is certainly one of the more scenic campgrounds in the high country that we’ve been to, and we were super excited to pull up and see how good it is.

Great views at Grannys Flat
The views are pretty hard to complain about

What does it cost?

Once again, Victoria leads the way in free camping. This is a managed campground, but it won’t cost you a cent to camp here, and that is beyond amazing, considering how fantastic it is.

Epic camping at Grannys Flat
Spectacular camping, and its 100% free

See the vlog

Want to see this stunning part of the world on video? Here’s our vlog from the stay:

YouTube video

Is it 2WD and caravan accessible?

Technically, yes, you can take a 2WD vehicle here, and a caravan. However, I’m going to recommend that you do not. For starters, the track in is really narrow, and towing a big van in is going to be pushing the friendship, let alone what happens when you meet someone else.

We did bump into a vehicle coming out towing our Reconn R2, and had to reverse back a bit to allow them to swing around on the corner. You’d be in a world of trouble with a big van.

Steep entry and exit to the camp
There’s a couple of really steep hills to get in and out, and after rain you’d really struggle in a 2WD

In terms of 2WD access, there are a couple of really steep hills to drive down, and then back up again, and with a bit of rain you’d be in for a risky departure. We did see a Toyota Hiace come down, and when I walked past he asked if there was another way out, as it was sketchy. 

He was sensible, and realised that it was pushing the friendship, and when I suggested a lot more rain was coming they packed up and high tailed it out. 

I’m not sure why there are no signs out, or more comments on Wikicamps, but I wouldn’t be taking a 2WD vehicle down here unless it had great tyres (not normal road tyres) and traction!

Grannys Flat Campground is not 2WD accessible
Stick with 4WD’s to get to this campground

4WD Tracks nearby

Once again, Grannys Flat Campground is surrounded by endless amounts of great 4WD Tracks. The Gallows 4WD track leaves from the campground itself, and then you can cross the river and continue up another track, with the Jamieson Lookout Track, and a huge number of other alternatives nearby.

Gallows Track sign
The Gallows Track leaves from the middle of Grannys Flat Campground
Crossing at Grannys Flat
You can cross the river and head up Masters Track
Rocks at the crossing
There’s a few rocks to watch out for at the Grannys Flat side of the crossing
Grannys Flat Crossing
Pick a good line, check the water depth and its fairly straightforward

Fishing at Grannys Flat and Gallows

I’ve spent a lot less time fishing lately than I used to, but a mate said to me ‘you can’t go to the high country without catching a trout’, and I thought I’d give it a whirl. My first few attempts at different locations after buying a one month fishing license would have been funny to watch, with nothing but trees and snags getting caught.

I did however, manage to catch a teeny redfin at Grannys Flat near the 4WD crossing, and had another strike further along. There are fish around, but I’m pretty useless, and only do it to have a bit of fun. It’s certainly a magic place to flick around, and Gallows Campground has some ripper spots to fish from too.

My massive redfin at Grannys Flat
My massive redfin caught flicking lures at Grannys Flat
Gallows Campground is beautiful
Looking downstream at Gallows Campground
Beautiful river at Gallows Campground
More beautiful river at Gallows

How would we rate Grannys Flat Campground?

I’m sure if you went on the weekend you would have a different experience, but we had a huge grassy area to ourselves for 3 days, with no one camped within a hundred metres of us. We were right above the truly magical river, with views that were absolutely unreal, and we had easy access to the water down some steps that had been cut into the dirt.

Access to the water
We had easy, private river access and the kids loved it
Our kids loved riding around here
There’s a heap of flat space which our kids loved to use for riding and playing cricket
Spectacular rapids at Grannys Flat
This is a favourite campground of ours for sure

We got a lot of rain (and knew it was coming), and really enjoyed sitting under the awning and watching it fall. One day it rained fairly consistently for more than 6 hours, and the next we got hammered badly for about 30 minutes, which put our fire out and ended our dinner cooking, but it was epic to watch.

Rain pouring at Grannys Flat
We got absolutely hammered by rain at Grannys Flat, which was a great experience

So far, this is one of the better camp sites that we’ve been to in the Victorian High Country, and we’d be more than happy to come back and spend more time here. If you are chasing more amazing camp sites in Victoria, we’ve got plenty to keep you busy.

Camping at Grannys Flat
We’d come back to Grannys Flat in a heartbeat

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