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Victoria; a state full of adventure

Our mission is to explore Australia one state and territory at a time, and to provide clear, useful information on places to go. We cover a heap of other information as well, but entering Victoria from South Australia brought a renewed sense of appreciation for this amazing country, and we want to share our highlights (and lowlights) with you.

In this post, I’ll add anything relevant to make navigating the site easier. If you haven’t seen our posts on Western Australia or South Australia yet, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect. We also have one on the Northern Territory that will be expanded upon in due course.

Grampians Ranges

Victoria is a state full of a beauty that we’ve not seen before

Camp sites in Victoria

McLennans Punt CampingWe were a bit unsure of what to expect in Victoria, but the camping has completely blown my mind, and we’re so grateful for the amazing camp sites in Victoria that we’ve found already. This section of the website is going to grow at a huge rate as we stay at new places, so stay tuned!


4WD tracks in Victoria

Goat Track in the GrampiansVictoria is hugely well known for 4WD tracks ranging in difficulty from gravel roads to competition truck style rock climbing and beyond. We’re doing our best to cover as many different 4WD tracks as we can whilst exploring this state, and you’ll find them here.

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