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Little Lagoon, Denham

Just a couple of minutes out of Denham lies Little Lagoon; a spectacular place that is hugely popular for a nice swim, stand up paddle board, flicking a lure or just enjoying some time by the pristine water.

Little Lagoon is a creek fed lagoon that has a stunning blue colour to it, and can be seen from a long way away. If you visit the creek too, its a small taste of what is on offer in the Francois Peron National Park just further north, including Big Lagoon.

Little Lagoon Shark Bay

Little Lagoon is a spectacular attraction just around the corner from Shark Bay

Do you need a 4WD?

No, you can visit Little Lagoon without a 4WD. The main entrance is gravel, and you can park and walk down a short distance to the water. Alternatively, we saw a lot of non 4WD vehicles take the ‘4WD only’ track to the left, which takes you onto the beach of the lagoon.

For the first part of it the Lagoon is like concrete, and most 2WD and AWD vehicles with clearance would have no issue. I take no responsibility for you taking a non 4WD down a 4WD Track though!

A 4WD also allows you to enter from two other places, including Little Lagoon Creek, which is a magic, but short 4WD track that takes you out to the edge of Little Lagoon.

Where can you go at Little Lagoon?

Despite its name, the lagoon is actually pretty big, and you can access the entire surrounds with a 4WD, including a huge amount of Little Lagoon Creek. All parts are roughly the same, until you get to the creek; so just find somewhere that is out of the wind enough and kick back and relax

There’s some nice spots towards the creek, on the Denham side, where we spent a number of hours just enjoying the shallow water, using a stand up paddle board and just having fun. We came out a couple of times from Shark Bay Caravan Park to relax, and soak it all up.

Little Lagoon Creek

The creek feeding Little Lagoon is magnificent

Looking at the lagoon

Looking back to Little Lagoon

Little Lagoon seemed to be quite protected with the winds we had around Easter time, and even if it was pumping in at the foreshore you could head here and get a huge amount of reprieve from the wind.

Fishing at Little Lagoon

Sarah fishing Little Lagoon, with only tiny fish as a bit of fun

Relaxing next to Little Lagoon

The ultimate place to kick back and relax

Little Lagoon Creek

Take the time to appreciate the creek too; its incredible

Little Lagoon amenities 

Asides from the car park that you drive through at the main entrance, there’s a BBQ, picnic area and public toilet, making it easy for those of you with young ones!

Minutes from Denham

The Creek and Lagoon is literally 5 minutes from Denham

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