Shark Bay Caravan Park Review; is it worth a stay?

Many months ago we booked a family holiday to Denham, with our extended family, split between the Shark Bay Caravan Park and a ‘fishing shack’ house not too far away.

As usual, I’ll say Caravan Parks are not normally our thing, and we prefer to free or low cost camp further away from town. That said, we make exceptions from time to time, and on this occasion we wanted to be close to other family in the area in peak season, and so the caravan park was a no brainer.

We had booked 9 nights initially, but when our oldest son had to isolate we had to delay the trip by a few days, and ended up staying 5 nights. Right off the bat, the staff were very helpful and accommodating when I rang up with the new saga, and it put us in good spirits.

After one very long day in the car (5AM to 3:30PM) with one flat tyre, we were very glad to pull into the Denham Caravan Park, and set up for a few days.

Shark Bay Caravan Park
We were very pleased to set up camp at Shark Bay Caravan Park
Blown tyre
Replacing a blown tyre on the side of the road a few hours into our drive

Where is Shark Bay/Denham Caravan Park?

Shark Bay Caravan Park is set back about 500 metres from the Shark Bay Foreshore, down a reasonably steep hill. You can easily walk to the beach, but expect a bit of a slog walking back up again!

In many ways, being set back from the coastline is great, as you don’t cop the wind as bad. The actual town itself is quite small, and you can easily walk, ride or drive around to get anything that you need.

Shark Bay region
The Shark Bay Caravan Park is set back 500 metres from the beach

What does it cost?

Powered sites are $49 per night, and unpowered are $42 per night. It’s not cheap, but its certainly not expensive either.

Camped at Shark Bay Caravan Park
The overflow area at the back of the caravan park

What’s good about Shark Bay Caravan Park?

The Denham Caravan park is quite small, has decent sized sites and the amenities are kept nothing short of spotless. The staff were always very helpful and friendly, and really I can’t complain about anything in particular.

The pool is a nice size, well maintained and the overflow has lots of room to spread out and relax, especially if you have younger kids. We didn’t spend a huge amount of time at the Caravan Park as there’s so many amazing places to see around Shark Bay, but it was a great base.

It’s well run, we enjoyed our stay and would have no issues coming back

Caravan park playground
We had a small playground just near camp, which was great

Other Shark Bay Caravan Parks

There are 3 caravan parks in Shark Bay itself; Shark Bay Caravan Park, Blue Dolphin Caravan Park and Denham Seaside Caravan Park. If you are prepared to stay in Monkey Mia (17 minutes away), then you can stay at the newly renovated Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. 

Sarah did the initial research and concluded that Shark Bay Caravan Park was the best for us, and we were very happy with it.

Seaside Caravan Park
Denham Seaside Caravan Park is much closer to the beach
Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort
The RAC Monkey Mia Resort is an impressive place

Nearby attractions

Denham has more incredible attractions than you could visit in a couple of weeks, even if you tried hard. There’s more beaches than you can poke a stick at, giant red sand dunes, a brilliant national park, an artesian hot spring, great fishing and Monkey Mia often rates high on peoples list too.

If you haven’t been out to Steep Point or Dirk Hartog, its worth the drive and expense too.

Francois Peron Beach
You won’t go wrong exploring the incredible Francois Peron National Park
Goulet Bluff
Exploring the incredible beaches South of Denham
Little Lagoon Creek and Shark Bay
We fell in love with Little Lagoon Creek, not far from Shark Bay

Shark Bay Caravan Park, and would we go back again?

I’d have no issues booking a stay at Shark Bay Caravan Park again. Our site in the overflow area was nothing special, but we had plenty of room, and we enjoyed our stay.

Its nice and central and being set back from the beach was no issue to us at all, as we spent very little time down at the main foreshore anyway.

In our experience, the Shark Bay Caravan Park is a great place to stay.

Enjoying Denham Caravan Park
We enjoyed our stay, and would comfortably return

Have you stayed at Shark Bay Caravan Park? What did you think of it?

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