Most Western Point of Australia

Australia is a massive continent, and has a number of well known, and distinct locations that are hugely popular to visit. One is the most western point of Australia, and in this post we check out what it is, how you get there and a point that’s technically even further West.

Sharks at steep point
Both places are well known for sharks

Most Western Point of Australia

There are actually two most western points in Australia, depending on whether you are referring to main land, or everything including Islands.

Steep Point is the most western point of Australian mainland, but Dirk Hartog Island (roughly 1km away by boat) is even further West (although not directly attached to Australia itself.

Steep Point photo
Steep Point is the most western point of Australian Mainland (pic taken on the beach there!)

How do you get to Steep Point?

Steep Point is most commonly accessed by 4WD, along a corrugated, then sandy and then limestone track all the way into Shelter Bay, and then Steep Point. The closest supplies are from Shark Bay or Geraldton, but you can get fuel from the Overlander.

It’s a decent trek out to Steep Point, and if you just want to visit for the day from Denham expect it to be a full on day of driving.

Once you are at Shelter Bay, its only a short drive along a sandy and rocky track to Steep Point, where the Oven camp ground is, and where most people fish from. This is the most western point of Australia.

The only other way you can get to Steep Point is by boat, with some people coming over in larger boats when the tides and weather are right, from Shark Bay.

Tow vehicle matching wheels
Heading out to Steep Point with family and friends

Getting to Dirk Hartog Island

Dirk Hartog Island is a stunning island right off the coast of Steep Point, which can be accessed by 4WD and then barge, by boat from Denham or you can fly in on a tour and land on the island itself.

This island is surprisingly big, with a drive around it by 4WD taking a solid day. You can camp on the island at the National Park camp sites, or at the homestead, but both need to be booked well in advance along with a barge cruise from Steep Point to the Island itself.

If you want accommodation on the island you can book at the homestead where they have a couple of different options.

Dirk Hartog Island Barge
On the barge to Dirk Hartog Island with a 4WD

It’s a beautiful part of the world

Both locations are nothing short of stunning, and completely worth going to. We did Carrarang Station (now closed), which was stunning, and then we went to Steep Point and I thought that was so much better. Not long after I went to Dirk Hartog Island and that just raised the bar even further; if you can get to either of these most western points of Australia you’ll have an absolute ball.

Shelter Bay Camping
The Steep Point region is some of WA’s best camping

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