Mandurah Christmas Lights by boat on the canals

There are some pretty epic Perth Christmas Lights around each year. However, what if I told you that you can head an hour south, and take the usual Christmas Light experience to a whole new level?

Down in Mandurah, instead of decorating the front of homes, the owners do the rear and you can cruise around in a boat at night, and see some of the best Christmas Lights around.

We were there about a week ago, and had an absolute ball with our two young boys. The last time we did the Mandurah Canal Christmas Lights was some 10 years ago, and the tradition keeps on rolling.

To keep it relevant, maybe stay at one of the 60 best camp sites near Perth, to reduce your driving time and make a weekend of it!

Mandurah Christmas Lights
Get down to Mandurah and enjoy the amazing Canal Christmas Lights

BYO boat

If you have your own boat, or you can borrow one, or jump on with friends or family, its the easiest way to do it. 

Make sure that you have a red, and green light, and an all round white light so others can see you. There are a heap of boat ramps to launch at, with the main canal going right under Old Coast Road, so launch as close as possible. We used the Perth Boat School – Mandurah Boat Ramp. 

There can be a fairly significant number of people doing this, so arrive early, be patient and respectful. On the water, follow the normal boat rules, and check out the Mandurah Canal Navigation pdf. This tells you which way to turn, and ensures you have the right safety setup.

Heading into the Canals
Heading into the main Canal
Amazing lights
There’s some incredible houses

Hire a boat

Mandurah boat hire options are endless, with a huge number of pontoon/BBQ style boats perfect for larger groups and families. Cruise through the canals with your friends and family, and make it a night to remember. Again, follow the rules (check out the canal navigation document above) and be patient.

You can hire the boats from the below places:

Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire

Blue Manna Boat Hire

Eco BBQ Boats

Lots of hard work
It’s a huge credit to the owners

Jump on a cruise

If you’d rather less fuss and mucking around, jump on a cruise. There are a huge number of companies doing the Mandurah Christmas Light tours, including:

Mandurah Cruises

Pirate Ship Mandurah

Mandurah Houseboats

Giant Santa
Instead of driving from suburb to suburb, just tick along in the boat!

Is it worth doing?

We’ve driven around Perth almost every year, looking for amazing Christmas Lights. There are some truly stunning ones around, but you have to put the effort in and drive a decent distance, often between suburbs.

The Mandurah Christmas Light Experience is unique in that you can cruise around on the water, and see a huge number of incredible houses in a very short time, then jump back in your car and head home, or for a nice meal somewhere.

If you have young kids especially, this is a magic experience, and one that they will remember for a long time.

Huge lights
Cruising around is a heap of fun

Have you done the Mandurah Canal lights? What did you think of it?

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