Walyunga National Park; a magic spot near Perth

Walyunga National Park is located only a short drive out of Perth and is a great place for a picnic, BBQ, weekend away or for those who feel like doing a bit of hiking. This is one of the closest places you can camp to Perth, and probably the closest national park.

In my mind, Walyunga National Park is a bit like a cross between Serpentine and Dwellingup. If you are looking for other incredible places to stay not too far away, check out 60 amazing camp sites near Perth.\

Alternatively, here’s all of our camp sites in Western Australia!

Walyunga National Park is where the Avon River meets the Brockman River to form the Swan River. It has a few sections where you can watch the Avon Descent each year.  Canoeing down the river is very popular!

Walyunga National Park entry
Walyunga National Park

Walyunga Facilities

There are numerous free gas BBQ’s, plenty of grass and picnic tables to make use of, all overlooking the gorgeous river. You can watch the birds, splash in the water, go for a paddle, and wet a line or all of the above. In my opinion it is one of the better set up National Parks around Perth.

Walyunga National Park has numerous facilities
BBQ’s, tables and a gorgeous view

Walyunga National Park Costs

The entry fee per vehicle is $15 to get into Walyunga National Park. If you are camping, this is paid once only, for the duration of your stay. To camp it is $11 per adult, per night. These costs go towards maintaining the National Park (toilets, BBQ’s, walk trails etc).

Sure, it’s a shame to have to pay to camp in our own country, but it is a lot better than being locked out of it. There are discounts for other concessions, motorbikes and buses.

Walyunga Camping

There are 3 campsites at Walyunga National Park. As soon as you drive through the gate to the park, take your left (literally about 10 metres in). The campsites need to be booked, but they are large enough to set your camper trailer or caravan up and all have fire rings.

There is a drop toilet (which is one of the best smelling that I have ever come across!) and the gate into the camp ground is locked each night at 5PM. To book your campsite at Walyunga National park, you do it online, at the DBCA website.

Enjoying a night at Walyunga
Nothing beats getting away from it all

The campsites are located away from the river (and two recreational areas). In a way this is a shame, but it is still great to be able to stay in the National Park.

Day Trips to Walyunga

If you just want to visit for the day, there are two places that you can stop at. The first is Walyunga Pool and has majority of the picnic tables and BBQ’s. The area is grassed, and it overlooks the river. It is well set up and on a busy day would easily cater for many families.

The second area is known as Boongarup Pool, and is also beautiful and worth a stop.

Galahs in WA
Plenty of bird life around

Hiking options

There are several hiking options, ranging from a small 45 minute walk (above) to a 5 hour loop (around 10km). Pick something within your fitness and skill level, and away you go.

You can walk a number of trails including Syds Rapids Loop, Echidna Trail, Kangaroo Trail, Wooroloo Brook Loop and Kingfisher trail.

Canoeing in the river

As mentioned above, the Avon Descent goes right through this part of the river. Recreational canoers love the river as well though, but you want to pick the seasons depending on how much water is in the river.

Walyunga National park is a great place for a relaxing day, picnic or camping trip. Being so Close to Perth as well makes it a perfect getaway.

Enjoying the river
Enjoying a quiet paddle

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  1. Hey Sharon,

    Thank you! I’ll update it.

    Hope you are well

  2. Hey Aaron, this one needs an update luv.
    Costs are now $11 / adult / night ($7 concession) and booking is through ParkStay 🙂

  3. Hi Shareen,

    I can’t advise of any specific spots, sorry.

    All the best

  4. Shareen Nah says:

    Hi Can i know is there any specific spot that allow us to do fishing in Walyunga?

  5. Hey Brendan,

    They classify it as 16 +. Not sure on the supervision, but you could call the ranger and confirm

    All the best

  6. Hi, for camping what age classifies you as an adult because im soon to be sixteen and was thinking of having a birthday with at most five other mates (all non drinkers). What would fees be like for 6 sixteen year old and would we be required to have adult supervision?

  7. Hi Tracy,

    Interesting question. I would imagine you might catch black bream there, but not really sure. The fishing license says fresh water fish south of Greenough. I’d say you wouldn’t need one, but it would pay to check with the fisheries


  8. Tracy Allan says:

    Hi can you fish at wylunga and what can you catch do you need a fishing licence?

  9. Hey is it 2wd accessable

  10. Hugh Mungus says:

    Hey Aaron,
    I was just enquiring if I would be permitted to bring my Pet rock so long as I kept it on a leash at all times?
    Kind Regards,

  11. Hugh Mungus says:

    Hi There Aaron,
    I was wondering if i could bring my triceratops, so long as I keep her on a leash?
    Many thanks,

  12. I realise you are a National park, but if you camp are you aloud dogs on a lead?