Ute Camping Setup; making life easy

Once you’ve had a Ute Camping Setup, you’ll never go back to a wagon. Its so much more practical, and I love seeing people push the boundaries with new designs and setups every single year. In this post, we check out some of the camping setups that we’ve seen or been involved with over the years. 

If you want more information on setting a canopy up for camping, check out the Buying a 4WD Ute Canopy; the ultimate guide. 

Alternatively, we have a post on Ute Canopy Storage Ideas that might be useful!

Land Cruiser canopy
A brilliant Ute Camping Setup

For both dual cab and single cab Utes, a gull wing canopy like the one above is our favourite option for camping. With the kitchen on one side and the other side set up for storage, you really can’t go wrong.

Many of these canopies are strong enough to hold a Roof Top tent, which is a popular way of travelling, and there’s more on the market today than you can poke a stick at.

However, not everyone wants the same setup, and there are some pretty amazing Ute camping setups in the below photos.

You should also know that it only has to suit your requirements, and you might not want a heavy canopy full of everything including the kitchen sink. I’ve got mates with a fridge, slide out burner, basic lights, an awning and a mainly empty canopy, and that suits them just fine.

You have to find what works for you; whether that’s a roof top tent, swag, stretcher or a 30 second tent.

Custom built aluminium canopy
An amazing, custom camping canopy
Aluminium Canopy
Your options are unlimited
Metal canopy styleside
A metal well body canopy on a Nissan Navara
Custom built jack off canopy
A custom built jack off canopy and massive tent
Ute mounted tent
An epic tent up at Barn Hill Station
Fold out camper
A unique looking fold out camper in well body ute
Dmax kitchen setup
Our old Dmax kitchen setup
Waeco Fridge
A simple camping setup that works well, with a slide out burner at the end
Upright fridge and drawers
Our new setup with an upright fridge
Drawers for 4WD's
There’s some incredible products on the market today
Swank 6x6 vehicle
How far do you want to go?
Dmax ute setup
Dual cab Ute camping setups can be hugely versatile and practical, like ours, above
FJ45 custom canopy
A DIY canopy on a full restored FJ45
Canopy sealing
A short canopy retains the use of your tray
Roof top tent and wind
Some roof top tents can be incorporated into your canopy design
RSI Canopy
A unique RSI canopy on an Amarok

My suggestion is simple; start off with the basics, and take it camping. You’ll soon work out what you like and dislike, and then you can make changes. When we had the Bull Motor Bodies canopy put on our Dmax, I literally tied in a battery and fridge, and then we did a few short trips to see how it went. 

It soon became obvious how it should be mounted, and with a bit of research into drawers we eventually came up with a kitchen side, an electrical box and built it all out of plywood, and its still being used about 5 years later with no real issues at all.

Remember to keep it light, functional and easy to use, and you’ll be onto a winner in no time. 

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