Lancelin 4WD Muster; Guinness Book of Records broken

On Saturday 15th October, over four hundred 4WD’s headed to Lancelin, to beat the Guinness Book of Records ‘biggest convoy of 4WD vehicles’. With a show and shine in the morning, then everyone heading out to Lancelin Sand Dunes and a 10km circuit through the dunes, it was a memorable day.

The previous record (154 vehicles) was smashed, with a total of 449 vehicles counted one by one, through the dunes. The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed this is the new world record!

Enjoy the pics!

tough-looking-jeep very-clean-80-series p400-105-series duramax-gq-patrol comp-spec-bull-bar painted-to-look-rusty painted-a-rusty-look entering-the-lancelin-dunes what-a-queu tidy-orange-hilux jeep-cherokee stacks-of-4wds green-duramax-gq-patrol a-couple-of-hummers lots-of-cars lining-up-at-the-start-line waiting-patiently snaking-our-way-around big-jeep lots-of-4wds lancelin-dunes-guinnes-book-of-records ford-ranger 4wd-after-4wd tidy-76-series

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