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Waroona and Dwellingup 4WD Tracks

After crossing off a number of jobs that needed to be done on the 80, I was itching to hit the dirt again. We picked Waroona Dam and Dwellingup to explore, and left Perth at 7:30AM.

Waroona Dam is only an hour and a half away from Perth, and is popular for 4WDing, freshwater fishing and skiing. We met at Waroona Bakery, and after a quick bite hit the dam and let the tyres down.

If you want to know more about the tracks around Waroona, check this out – 4WD tracks at Waroona Dam

Airing down

Airing the 4WD’s down at Waroona

Dual cab Defender

A very tidy defender launching a boat

After deflating the tyres, we headed off around the dam. It wasn’t long until we got to the first set of mud holes, and I idled into one that I thought would be fairly simple. The car sunk down instantly, and even with the lockers on had zero traction. A quick snatch out backwards and we were on the way again. Next, Ash gave another run a go, and managed to get through after giving it a second shot. Clayton was up, and sunk down very quickly

Claytons bogged 80

Thick, sloppy mud claims its second victim

Bogged as

Leaning up against the rear quarter panels

80 Series snatch recovery

A quick snatch out

Stopped at Waroona

Relaxing at the edge of the dam

What a view

You couldn’t ask for a nicer spot to stop!

Waroona 4WD Tracks

On to the 4WD hill climbs

Enjoying the dam

What a place!

Big flex on the 80

Stretching the coils

GQ Flex

Lots of wheels were lifted

Wheel up on the GQ

A very fun little section of track

My 80 flexing

Without the lockers I’d be in trouble!

80 series with no lift

Back down again

Jorges Patrol Flexing

Jorge flexing his Patrol

Waroona 4x4 Tracks

A tight bit of track

Exploring tracks around Waroona

Staying well away from the stumps

Straddling a rut

The perfect place to do an oil change

As the day was getting on, we headed towards Dwellingup, to find a place to stop for lunch and wet a line. You can cut right through to Nanga brook road, which is a fantastic shortcut.

River Road

A seriously deep hole

Dwellingup 4WD Tracks

Pretty well bonnet height, but at least it wasn’t full of water!

Big hole in the GQ
Dwellingup 4WDing

Some massive cut outs


Our 80 in the bush

The great WA bush!

Near Toms Crossing

Wetting a line near Tom’s crossing

Redfin at Dwellingup

The token redfin Clayton caught

Dwellingup river

Cracker place to sit and relax

Airing up

Pumping the tyres up at the end of the day

We had an awesome day exploring the tracks, and found a number of new places to visit. We are lucky to have so many amazing places close to Perth.

Have you been to Dwellingup or Waroona before? What did you think of it?

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