Lancelin Dunes to Wedge Island

With some more of Perth’s perfect weather forecast, we booked a trip to Lancelin and Wedge Island on the calendar, and headed up on Saturday morning. After a feed at the bakery, we pulled into the off road area and aired down.

Getting tyre pressures right for sand dune driving and also the soft beach driving section between Lancelin and Wedge Island is critical, or you’ll end up in a very, very bad situation.

Airing down


Airing down at lancelin


Bogged at Lancelin


Stuck in the dunes


Lancelin dunes bogged


Sand boarding at Lancelin


Lancelin sand boarding


Head first


Fun on the boards at lancelin


Face first


Lancelin boarding


Enjoying the lancelin dunes


Sand Boarding stack


Coming off the sand board


Lancelin dune buggy


Lancelin 4x4 Recovery


Hilux on the beach


Hilux in the dunes


Lancelin Sand Dunes in the 80


Lancelin Sand Dunes


Lancelin Sandboarding


Exploring the Lancelin dunes


Enjoying the dunes


Aftermarket turbo hilux


2010 D40 Navara


2.8 turbo diesel hilux


1HDT in the dunes


80 Series in the dunes


Lancelin Island from the dunes


Lancelin Sand dunes in the 80 series


Ute on the beach


Tough 80 series


Mitsubish outback Maxtrax recovery




Bellied out


D40 Navara


D40 Navara on the beach


Bull dozing the dune


Bull dozing some sand


Bogged on the beach


Lifting a wheel80 series on the beach


Airing up at Wedge Island


Custom 80 series


Wedge Island with the fourbiesMy 80


A great evening at Wedge Island


Parked at Wedge Island

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