3 Bears Track; Epic coastline from Dunsborough to Yallingup

If you’re looking for a truly fantastic 4WD track to tackle in the Dunsborough and Yallingup region, you won’t go past the 3 Bears Track. There’s quite a few other 4WD tracks that you can do further south, but in terms of views, ease and overall fun, the 3 Bears Track is the best.

This track is primarily used by locals and those on holidays to access the incredible surf break, known as 3 Bears.

If you are looking for more places to take your 4WD and see incredible coastline, check out 4WD Tracks Margaret River.

Asides from the 3 bears 4WD track there isn’t any other coastal Dunsborough 4WD tracks, which makes this one rather special. You quite literally have to head further south to find anything to drive your 4WD on.

Speaking of which, if you want more tracks, you can check our post out here – WA 4WD tracks.

3 bears track Dunsborough
Soaking up the stunning views
3 bears track
Heading towards Dunsborough in the Dmax on the 3 Bears Track

Where is the 3 bears track?

The Three Bears Track runs from Cape Naturalist down to Yallingup (or just off Caves road).

It can be done in reverse, depending on your preference, but finding the start from the southern end is not as easy, with lots of entries (or exits) blocked off.

Big waves at 3 bears
A surfers paradise

How long does the 3 bears track?

We most recently did the 3 bears track in January 2020, and with limited stops had it done and dusted from south to north in under two hours, and that was with a lot of detours due to parts of the southern section blocked and gated off.

It’s a fantastic track to do either before the sun is too reflective off the water, or late afternoon to enjoy the sunset.

Three Bears Track
There’s some great lookouts

How do you get to the 3 Bears track?

Most people start the track from the North and head south, but this is entirely up to you. If you are starting from the North, head out Cape Naturalist road, and turn left onto Sugarloaf Road. The track starts on your left about 500 metres down the road.  

There is a power pole, and a sign that says Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park. Follow the track south, and you’ll eventually pop out near Yallingup.

Expect to see a lot of gates though, as they keep blocking off parts that used to be open.

If you are coming from the south, we entered from Hemsley Road, and headed north. Each time we tried to get to the coast earlier on we hit gates, so you have to travel around half of the track inland now. 

Three Bears track to Dunsborough
The views are spectacular
3 Bears surfing spot
You can’t beat the coastline

How difficult the Three bears track?

The track itself is not too difficult at all. A large majority of it is compact sand, but there are a number of spots where it is rocky and the sand can be soft in places.

With reasonable wheel placement, even soft roaders (with minimal clearance) shouldn’t have any issues.

I’ve seen Foresters easily do the track, but just watch your tyre pressures and avoid any big rocks! The sand can be soft in sections, and it is worth lowering your tyres down a bit for the rocky sections. Take it slow, and enjoy the scenery!

For most vehicles, 20 PSI should be enough. Of course, you can go lower depending on how soft the sand is. I know a lot of people don’t let their tyres down, which is fine if the sand is hard. However, if it means you chew the track up then you are damaging it and making it harder for people in the future.

Let your tyres down
Let your tyres down accordingly

In Winter, the track can develop some reasonable sized puddles. They don’t usually get much taller than around 300mm, but it pays to go through them slowly!

Dunsborough 3 Bears Track
A bit of water after lots of rain
Stunning views west of Dunsborough
Take your camera!

Is it worth doing?

We highly recommend this track. I’ve done it a few times, and still love doing it. If you go when the weather is terrible, you can see how powerful the ocean can be. The waves come smashing in to the rocks and being on the west coast, there is zero protection.

On a day where the weather is good (and the waves are usually still decent sized!) you will love the colour of the water, the gorgeous beaches and plenty of incredible views. Half way through the track there are toilets, and some stairs that lead down onto the beach where the surfers hit the water.

Next time you are down at Dunsborough, Yallingup or Margaret River, be sure to check the 3 Bears 4WD Track out. This part of our coast is truly magnificent.

If you want something more challenging, check out Bobs Track.

4WD Tracks in Margaret River
There’s lots of other great 4WD tracks further south around Margaret River

If you want somewhere not too far away to camp at, I’d highly recommend Jarrahdene; brilliant bush camping in the south west.

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    There’s a few steep sections (up and down though, not side to side) , but no risk of tipping unless you did something very silly. You’ll be fine.

    All the best

  2. Daniel king says:

    thinking about doing this track we have a roof tent on will this be a problem as i know if its to steep we could tip but from the videos it looks fairly flat

  3. Hey Ben,

    Well done mate, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. The coastline in that part of the world is spectacular.

    All the best

  4. Hi Aaron
    We did the track today, from north to south. We had great fun with the kids in the back loving the bumps. A few sections had steep drop offs and there were some rocky hills which we navigated cautiously, but all very manageable in the Prado, lots of surfers enjoying 3 bears which was pumping. Great track.

  5. Hey Ben,

    I don’t have any recent feedback, but perhaps someone else will comment. I haven’t seen it ever in really bad condition – let your tyres down as needed and you’ll be fine

    All the best

  6. Has anyone used this track recently? Thinking of doing this week in a stock Prado, I’m relatively inexperienced but have max tracks and compressor

  7. Hey Jack,

    Yep, piece of cake mate. You have one of the best 4WD’s out there!


  8. Gonna go this weekend. Haveba stock 2020 jimny. Will she be okay.

  9. Did a part of the track yesterday in my 2005 Mitsubishi Triton, with my 2 toddlers who loved the bumpy ride. Started from Sugarloaf Rd and went as far as the loop.

    But look forward to doing it all the way North to South one weekend.

  10. Just did it in a disco sport with 20” rims. Scratches are just reminders of good times.

  11. Hey Darran,

    Great to hear. It’s a fantastic track, and lots of fun to be had

    All the best

  12. We drove this track last week (July 2020) in a stock Grand Cherokee. I was a bit nervous of some of the rocky secionshaving a low clearance but ultimately had no issues. One section in the middle was chewed up and I didn’t reckon I had enough clearance but luckily there was a go-around.
    Thanks for sharing the track with us!

  13. Hey mate,

    It all depends on your vehicle, skills and track condition. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s reasonably difficult. I wouldn’t go without a second vehicle.

    All the best

  14. Hi there
    You reckon it’s ok to do 3 bears track if it’s bit wet out there?


  15. Miki Szabo says:

    on average how long would you reacon the track would take to do?

  16. Skellibert says:

    Did the three bears track today following the directions from this page. North to south was easy, but a couple cars made hard work of an uphill sandy section. We stopped to let them have a free run up towards us – could see them from a good distance, and plenty of wider spots to stop and let people past. South of the carpark a couple of kms was a very rocky section – not at all difficult but looks menacing. We easily crawled up in 1st low, mostly to ensure no tyre damage. Fj62 cruiser 2″ lift, otherwise stock, very conservative pattern 31″ tyres.
    Views are fantastic. Thanks for the info.

  17. Hey Jen,

    It’s been a while since I was down there last, but they are pretty wide. You’ll be fine


  18. Hey guys, just wondering what the tracks are like ?? Nice and wide or will I be bush bashing with my 4×4 ?? Thanks in advance

  19. Hey mate,

    Yep, you’ll be fine. Let your tyres down if its sandy or the rocks are sharp. Your directions sound correct; have a ball. It’s an amazing track


  20. Hi, i’m thinking about doing the 3 bears in the next week or 2. I’m in a stock Ford Everest with a 225mm clearance, from what i’m reading it should do it easy. I think!!
    Looking on google maps i take the left off sugarloaf, right at the power pole (as described) then a sharp right about 600mtrs down the road. Does this sound right to you all??

  21. Hey Callum,

    Have a look on Google Earth mate – it comes out near the Caves entrance.


  22. Callum Watts says:

    Does anyone know where I can access the track from the south side ? Cheers

  23. Hey Barry,

    Cheers for the update. I haven’t done the track in a while either! It’s a fantastic track, isn’t it?!


  24. Barry Owen says:

    5 Jan 2018. Stock 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Just went through there today. The last time I was there was about ten years ago. I entered through the Sugar Loaf end. The entry ranged from quite hard to soft with a few rocks thrown in. Later it became quite rocky but nothing difficult. About two thirds the way to the Bears car park there is a keep left sign that wasn’t there last time. It lead to quite a steep decline that was chopped out in places. As long as you know some basics you shouldn’t have any problems going down, though as with any track this can change daily. the rest of the run through to the car park was quite easy with a range of soft and hard surfaces. Most of the exit through to Hemsley road was only slightly more difficult but there were a couple of spots that required more tact to get through the rocky outcrops. If you are careful and pick your lines without rushing you shouldn’t have any problems. About 3/4 the way out we came across a Mitsubishi Challenger hung up on a rocky outcrop. After helping them get unstuck we walked the rout as well as the side goat trail and both came to the conclusion that a stock 4×4 might make it but not worth the risk so we back tracked about 200 meters and bypassed the obstacle through another side track running parallel to just past it, I think we weren’t the first to make that decision. Even though this track had a few challenges it is a great track for the novices as there are regular vehicles through the area if you do happen to get stuck. Just try and be aware of how much ground clearance your vehicle has

  25. Hey Nick,

    I don’t believe you are meant to camp along there. The Cape to Cape track (hiking only) has a few camp sites though


  26. Nick Currie says:

    Looks amazing, Is there anywhere to camp along this track?

  27. Maybe the tracks been modified? Next time I am down that way I will do the track and have a better look around. I’ve heard the cape to cape walk is amazing too.

  28. I forgot to mention that going south just after 3 bears surf spot there was a fork; we took the right hand fork but turned around at an ‘authorised vehicles only’ barricade. If that hadn’t been there I think we would have ended up on the same track that the cape to cape walkers use. The views are great!

  29. Hey Leo, we had the same problem last time we did the track. I think you have to stick to the tracks closest to the coast; I’ve done it both ways in the past, but the last time we took the left track (as you would normally) but it took off inland and we popped out near the cave. Next time, take the right hand track and it will take you along the coast further. You won’t get all the way to Yallingup, but you come out pretty close. How good are the views?!

  30. Went down with a patrol, xtrail and forester with no issues. The xtrail let its tyres down a small bit at the start. However just after 3 bears surf spot we got turned inland for the second half the track. Is there a way to stay on the coast all the way to yallingup?

  31. There are some bigger steps to avoid, that’s for sure. The track you mention sounds fun! How good are the views on 3 bears though?!

  32. Just watch your line on the rock desent before the cliff section Igot a 120 prado 2″lift and some how managed to bang up my exhaust no holes just a lil on the flat side now but very nice and chilled out track and if your in the area there is a little “doodly” of a track on carters rd about 1.7km coming from caves rd on the right not much to see but Geez I had fun on a steep hill climb little hint on 2nd low locked and plant you’re foot down

  33. Hi Thomas,

    Great to hear you had a good time; it’s an awesome area down there.


  34. Thomas Ridden says:

    Great track, would highly recommend for beginners/those after an easy, fun drive.
    Went down it today with a Forester and an L series, never had a drama.
    Thanks for the writeup!