Adjustable Backrest for our Hybrid Camper

Overall, we are pretty happy with our Reconn R2 Hybrid. However, there’s a few things that can be improved upon, and one of them was finding a suitable backrest.

Once the kids go to bed, we usually make our way inside as well, and being such a small camper trailer there isn’t much option as to where you sit, or lay. You can sit on the lounge inside (which is pretty small), or lay on the bed. Both of those options are fine, but not comfortable for long periods of time and we were chasing the ability to kick back in bed in a more comfortable way.

At home, you’d just chuck a few pillows against the backrest and sit up more, but with the pop top arrangement on our hybrid you can’t do that, as you’d end up leaning against the PVC sock and scissor arms, which aren’t designed for that sort of force.

I was pretty confident that we could find something that would take the pressure against the solid wall just above the mattress, and after a fair bit of unsuccessful searching, I finally came across a product that would work.

Adjustable backrest in use
The adjustable backrest in use, in our hybrid camper

Adjustable backrest purchase

What I came across was an adjustable backrest, which would apply all of the force against the bottom of the backrest, where we have a solid wall. Perfect.

Solid wall backrest
We only have a tiny section of solid wall above the mattress

Now, you can buy these for anywhere from $15 on alibaba through to $150 from some stores. As we were leaving in a couple of weeks, I decided to visit a local shop who had them in stock. We had a quick look, and I tested it on the floor against the shop counter, and was quite happy with it.

We paid $99, and walked out wondering if it would be a worth while choice. 

Adjustable backrest
The adjustable backrest, all folded up

Using the adjustable backrest

This device is pretty nifty, and makes sitting in bed comfortable reading a book, or even sitting on a laptop. I will say that after an hour or so of your legs being out in the same location they can feel dead, but it works really well. 

You can sit it right down if you prefer, and slouch in bed with just your head up, or a small part of your back.

Backrest all the way up
The backrest in its most vertical position
Lowered back rest
You can lower it right down too

They aren’t small

One gripe that I have with this setup is its just another piece of gear that you need to store somewhere, and move around. It seems to always be in the way when we don’t need it, and its not exactly small or light weight. 

You are looking at 550mm wide, 600 deep and weighing 3kg.

Adjustable options
You can set it at various different heights

Final thoughts

Overall, we really like it, and will continue to use it, but it’d be ideal if we didn’t need it.

I’m also not sure that I’d pay $99 for one. I’d probably take a punt and buy one off Alibaba for much less to see if they are any good. Even our ‘good’ unit is showing some stretch signs at the sewing, which is a bit annoying.

Backrest tearing
Some stretching and tearing despite minimal use

If you are looking for a backrest for your hybrid, or pop top camper trailer these are a great solution. We purchased ours from Medihire and Sales.

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