Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Mattress

There’s a lot of different camping mattresses on the market, and we went through a few before settling on one that was an absolute pleasure to climb onto; the Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Mattress.

Comfortable Camping

One of the most common reasons people avoid camping is because ‘it’s uncomfortable’. This is true, unless you have some decent quality camping gear. I started off with a cheap, foam mattress and dodgy sleeping bag. Sleeping was certainly not a pleasure, and I often came home with a sore back.

Over the years I have tried a number of different alternatives, including a Spinifex 75mm self inflating mattress. For my weight, it simply wasn’t enough; I found my hip would always hit the ground.

Enjoying the beach in comfort
Camping in comfort!

Air mattresses

A lot of people purchase air mattresses, which aren’t bad, but they have a few flaws:

When you move, so does the air. This means if you get a double, and your partner moves, you do too. There is truly nothing more annoying than air going up where you don’t want it to.

Air changes temperature rapidly. When you sleep on a freezing cold ground, it doesn’t take long for the air to get freezing inside the mattress and then you start to get very cold. The only way to overcome this is to sleep off the ground, or put a blanket down over the mattress

Once they get a hole in them, they are useless!

Self inflating mattresses are a combination of air and foam. They can be rolled up to a reasonable size, but are significantly more comfortable than their pure air counterparts. Whilst they are not as compact, they can still be used with a hole in them (although not brilliantly!), they protect you from the cold and are considerably more supportive. A good quality self inflating mattress is similar to a proper bed mattress.

About the Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Mattress

While walking through BCF one day I spotted a Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Mattress that looked like it would be incredibly comfortable.

I lay on it quickly, checked the quality and decided that would be the new test. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a price tag. At a whopping $285 at BCF ($225 online at Snowy’s) it sure wasn’t cheap.

After much deliberation, I committed to getting one. Snowy’s were great, and had the mattress delivered quite quickly.

I’ve used this mattress a number of times since getting it, and have decided that it is well worth the money. They’ve since come out with a new model, which you can see here – Snowys Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Mattress.

Mega Deluxe mattress
Mega Deluxe!
  • Self inflating once rolled out, and valves opened
  • 198x77cm (and around 100mm thick)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Non slip micro stretch surface
  • 2 heavy duty spring valves
  • R value of 9.5
  • Includes a repair kit and carry back
  • Rolls up to around 25cm diameter (if you roll it up properly)
  • 3.18kg
  • Velcro on both sides to join multiple mattresses together

If you are sick and tired of having a bad sleep, get yourself one of these; they truly are worth the money. Snowy’s is the place to go too, unless you can find it for cheaper with delivery (Snowy’s is free). I’ve since purchased one for my wife, and she loves it too. Camping is a totally different experience when you get a good nights sleep!

Nothing beats quality camping gear
Quality valves

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