Dampier Caravan Park Review; is it worth a stay?

Having seen photos of the Burrup Peninsula, one place we were super excited to stay at was Dampier, which is a small, busy and fairly noisy town near the mining activity. Its right on the coastline, and is responsible for exporting millions of tonnes of iron ore every year.

The only place you can really stay is the Damper Caravan Park, which is shire run, and looked after by volunteer caretakers.

Where is Dampier Caravan Park?

If you take the main road into Dampier, you’ll go past the foreshore playground (which is excellent) and end up with the caravan park on the right hand side.

Its not very large, but is located on a fairly quiet road which is fantastic. The caravan park overlooks the water, and is a short walk across the road, down a small 4WD access track and onto the sandy and rocky beach.

Dampier Caravan Park
Dampier Caravan Park at night

When is it open?

This caravan park is only open in tourist season, between April and October. It’s looked after by a volunteer who has to do a fair chunk of work to keep it operating smoothly.

Dampier Caravan Park
The sign at the entrance

Maximum 3 day stay

Its worth knowing you can only stay here for 3 nights at a maximum, so the turn over is quite fast. A lot of people only stay one or two nights, and there really isn’t much else you’d miss out on in doing this.

Dampier Caravan Park
The Caravan Park is small, but decent and well run

Accessing the beaches nearby

I mentioned above that you can easily walk across the road, and down a short track to the beach. Its sandy for the most part, with bigger rocks closer to the water.

Fishing is popular here, and we saw a number of people flicking lures around. We fished one night and managed to get a couple of undersize emperor, but nothing else (except losing a number of rigs to the rocks!).

Beach in front of Dampier Caravan Park
The beach across the road is fantastic
Great sunsets at Dampier
We enjoyed a few sunsets down there

What else can you do in Dampier?

The foreshore playground is brilliant if you have kids, and there are some amazing beaches around the place. Beyond that, you have lots of 4WD Tracks, fishing opportunities and you can quickly drive into Karratha to find more things to do.

Dampier Foreshore
The foreshore playground is fantastic
Dampier fishing
Flicking a lure around in Dampier

Burrup Pensinula access

The main attraction for the area is the Burrup Pensinsular, which is a very fascinating place. On one hand you have some of the best beaches around, with incredible creeks and mangroves, and on the other you have more man made operations than you can poke a stick at.

There are a lot of roads that are ‘private’ and essentially off limits to anyone who doesn’t directly work there.

The southern end of the Burrup is easily accessed by any type of vehicle, with Hearson Cove being a huge hit for those looking for a nice beach to walk and swim at. Once you go much further north of this though, you need a 4WD, and the tracks deteriorate pretty quickly.

It starts off as rocky sections, and you’ll quickly end up at the Jump Up, which is a famous 4WD obstacle that only those with decent experience/bar work/confidence should attempt. Even the bypass is not much easier, with huge holes that would easily get you in trouble.

Iveco Daily at the jump up
A big Iveco at the Jump Up

The 4WD tracks start off at Whitnell cove, and a lot of people launch their boats not far from here.

Hearsons Cove
Hearsons Cove is a popular beach

Dampier Archipelago

Just off Dampier is a collection of around 42 islands, known as the Dampier archipelago. They look absolutely stunning, with the red rock and blue/green water providing the ultimate contrast.

The fishing is next level, and this is made very clear by the abundance of boats that head out at every single opportunity.

Dampier Archipelago
The islands around Dampier are magic, and can be toured on a number of boats

Be prepared for noise

Dampier Caravan Park is noisy. There’s no other way of saying it. You have an iron ore ship loading facility right out the front, and the trains roll in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ll hear them shunting, along with sirens and other noises throughout the day, and all through the night too. Its not so bad that you cant sleep, but it’s a far cry from the usual bush camping that many are used to.

Industry at Dampier
The industry in Dampier is huge, and doesn’t stop
Trains in Dampier
The trains run all day, and all night
Iron ore ships
The iron ore being loaded into the ship is interesting

What’s at the Caravan Park?

Dampier Caravan Park is quite small, but has all of the amenities you need. There’s a grey water dump point, toilet dump point, washing machines and lines, a place to fill water tanks and then lots of sites to camp at.

Amenities at Dampier Caravan Park
The amenities are nothing fancy, but they are clean and work well

What did we think of Dampier Caravan Park?

As a town, we really enjoyed Dampier. 3 nights was probably too long for us, especially after declining the opportunity to drive the jump up and not being able to get to the top of the Burrup Peninsula.

The caravan park is reasonable, with no major complaints asides from the annoying noise. Its got good shade, decent amenities and the caretakers were awesome when we stayed.

Burrup Peninsula
The Burrup Peninsula is a truly beautiful place
Ship at Dampier
A big iron ore ship being loaded at night

If you want to see everything we got up to in Dampier, check this out:

YouTube video

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